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The Master’s in Psychology Blog focuses on helping graduate psychology students by sharing important news and resources, providing answers to questions, and contributing to existing conversations within the psychological community. We hope this will improve your knowledge of psychology in general and provide the information needed when selecting the right psychology career or graduate program. Though our main goal is focused on helping those interested in graduate psychology programs, we also want to help those in the larger psychology community such as teachers, professors, researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, consultants, volunteers, etc. We welcome your ideas and thoughts to help make this website a valuable resource for those in the psychological field.

Psychology Graduate Program Questions

Questions to Consider when Choosing a Psychology Graduate Program

Every year, prospective graduate students will begin the process of submitting applications for psychology graduate programs. In fact, some estimate more than 100,000 applications will be submitted (Stamm et al., 2016). So, you’ve decided to search for a graduate program in psychology, but where do you start? And how do you decide which one is […]

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