Illinois Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Illinois colleges that offer terminal and non-terminal psychology degree programs are categorized according to affordability below. There are 25 Illinois schools that offer 71 postgraduate psychology degree programs. These areas of study include psychology, clinical psychology, clinical child and school psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, experimental psychology, applied behavior analysis, clinical counseling psychology, counseling psychology, forensics, psychological science, behavior analysis and therapy, counseling forensics, counseling sport and health, military psychology, school psychology EdS, cognitive and instructional psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience and behavior, social-industrial/organizational psychology, business psychology, and clinical community psychology. The resource section at the bottom of the page lists sites with local psychology information.  Surrounding states that offer psychology graduate programs are Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Illinois Masters in Psychology

Illinois Master’s in Psychology Programs

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville The SIUE Master of Science in Clinical Child and School Psychology anticipated many developments in both school and clinical child psychology as it emphasizes prevention, the ecological/systems approach, and the consultative role of the psychologist. Further, the program focuses on evidence based practices, such as behavioral and cognitive interventions.
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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville SIUE offers a MA Degree in Clinical Psychology includes rigorous coursework in such areas as psychotherapy, psychological assessment, psychopathology, biopsychology, and research and statistics. It is intended for students who seek master's-level training appropriate for clinical work with primarily adult clients. Many of our graduates enter doctoral programs in clinical psychology, counseling psychology or other fields, either immediately after graduation or after some time in the field.
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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville The SIUE Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology offers a rare blend of the scientist-practitioner model, requiring students to complete both a research-based thesis and several required field hours of practicum. The philosophy of our program is to provide the knowledge and skills required to analyze, understand and solve a wide variety of behavioral problems that occur in organizations.
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Western Illinois University (MPCAC) The WIU M.S. in General Experimental Psychology is designed to provide graduate education in the content areas of experimental psychology in order to prepare for doctoral work or for Master's level careers.
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National Louis University The NLU M.A. in Psychology is designed for those passionate about the study of human behavior and the many diverse career options available in helping, business and teaching professions. Choose focused areas of study by selecting from concentrations in General Psychology, Community Psychology, Psychological Assessment, or Teaching of Psychology.
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Governors State University The GSU Master of Arts in Psychology consists of two sequences: clinical and theoretical. Students will will develop proficiency in the content, theories and methodological approaches to psychology; the planning and execution of research; specialized knowledge of psychological dysfunction and treatment; psychological assessment procedures; and knowledge and observance of the ethical standards of the profession.
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Illinois State University ISU offers a Master's in Clinical Counseling Psychology and a Master's in Psychology with the following concentrations: cognitive and behavioral sciences, developmental psychology, industrial/organizational-social psychology, and quantitative psychology. Both Master of Arts and Master of Science in Psychology are available.
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Trinity Christian College The TCU Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling offers rigorous professional training in counseling, combining theory, empirical research, and practical experience as students are prepared to become Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs). Taught from a Christian perspective, the program emphasizes the formation of the whole person in the training of each student answering God’s call to bring healing and restoration.
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Benedictine University The BU Master of Science in Clinical Psychology prepares students for careers in counseling, psychotherapy, mental health services, and social services for all age groups. The program consists of academic and professional education that emphasizes “Rogerian” client-centered skill training and introduces students to a variety of theoretical orientations.
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DePaul University The DU Master of Science in General Psychology will prepare you for further doctoral training or for a range of psychology-related careers, such as statistical consulting and teaching. Students will receive a solid grounding in theory, essential training in research methods and breadth of knowledge in several areas of psychology.
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Eastern Illinois University (CAMPP) The EIU Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology is designed for students with career interests in master’s-level clinical practice or those who plan to obtain a PhD or PsyD. The clinical training component provides students with instruction in empirically-based psychotherapies, assessment, and diagnosis, culminating in a practicum and a two-semester internship.
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Roosevelt University The RU Master's in Clinical Psychology provides broad-based training in psychological assessment and intervention as well as in the theory and research that supports these practices. This program is designed for those who are currently employed in fields such as social work, counseling, nursing or business, and wish to broaden their areas of expertise.
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Roosevelt University The RU Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology students learn methodology to diagnose and solve organizational problems, and earn the statistical and critical thinking skills to succeed in the business world. Our graduates enter the workforce ready to thrive in exciting jobs in organizational consulting and human resources.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology The CSSP Chicago MS in Applied Behavior Analysis provides students with a solid foundation in the principles of behavioral psychology, equipping them with the skills to bring about socially significant behavior change through data-based decision making, and program development.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology The CSPP Chicago MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology provides students with strong foundational skills that many companies and organizations rely on when addressing assessment, engagement, retention, and productivity of workers.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology The CSSP Chicago MA in Forensic Psychology students will be broadly and generally trained to identify and address various issues commonly found in forensic counseling settings.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology The CSPP Online MA in Psychology with Applied Behavior Analysis concentration equips graduates with a broad, foundational knowledge of psychology while providing them the opportunity to learn behavior analytic theories and procedures. Students learn how to design appropriate approaches to behavior modification related to developmental disabilities, geriatric conditions, behavioral and learning difficulties, and mental illness. CSPP also offers a MA in Forensic Psychology.
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The UIUC Master of Science in Psychological Science will advance students knowledge of the field of psychology, improve their research and data analytic skills, and enhance their preparation for a doctoral education in psychology and/or for jobs in industry. Choose a focus in Data Analysis/Research or Applied/General Psychology or combine elective credit in both areas to create a customized focus.
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Elmhurst College The EC MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology students gain crucial insights into how teams work, or fail to work. Through projects and field experiences they develop the capacity to think critically and communicate effectively.
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Southern Illinois University Carbondale (ABAI) The SIU Carbondale MS in Behavior Analysis and Therapy is designed to train students to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) or advance onward towards doctoral training to eventually become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
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Adler University Adler offers a MA in Counseling Forensic Psychology, an MA in Counseling Sport and Health Psychology, an online MA in Applied Psychology, an online MA in Military Psychology, and an online MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Adler University continues the pioneering work of the first community psychologist Alfred Adler by graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities, and advancing social justice.
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Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science The RFU Master's in Psychology Clinical Counseling is designed to prepare you to deliver clinical service upon graduation. The training ensures the development of broad-based clinical skills and encourages close, cooperative work with other healthcare specialists such as physicians, other mental health professionals and allied health professionals.
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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine The NU Clinical Psychology MA is intended for students interested in pursuing a career in academic clinical psychology. Students gain educational and research exposure to major areas of study within clinical psychology, including Adult Psychopathology and Treatment, Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, and Clinical Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience.
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Illinois Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (NASP) The SIUE School Psychology EdS provides advanced academic and professional training for students pursuing a career in school psychology. The program leads to licensure as a school psychologist in the State of Illinois. The specialist degree program is designed for students who have just completed the master's degree in clinical child and school psychology.
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Western Illinois University (NASP) The WIU EdS in School Psychology focuses on training school psychologists to work in rural areas of Illinois and surrounding states; however, alumni are employed in rural, suburban, and urban school districts and special education cooperatives throughout the state and country.
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National Louis University (NASP) The NLU EdS in School Psychology prepares professionals with all credentials necessary to work as school psychologists in Illinois or other states, and to become Nationally Certified School Psychologists. Candidates will earn an Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S.) and be eligible for the Illinois Professional Education License (PEL) endorsement for school support personnel.
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Illinois State University (APA,NASP,CAEP) The ISU PhD in School Psychology strives to educate health service psychologists within the specialty of school psychology who demonstrate discipline specific knowledge pertinent to the field of psychology and professional competencies necessary to deliver high quality services in a range of settings.
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Illinois State University (NASP,CAEP) The ISU EdS in School Psychology emphasizes the scientist-practitioner model of training. The mission of the program is to develop entry-level competencies in our graduates so they can function as school psychologists in public and private schools.
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Northern Illinois University (APA) The NIU PhD in Clinical Psychology prepares students for careers in teaching, research and clinical practice. Our training philosophy is based on the scientist-practitioner model, where we encourage students to integrate research and practice in their professional development. Our training program has two areas in which you may wish to focus: Developmental Psychopathology Focus, and Trauma Psychology Focus.
$#NTD #513 #085
Northern Illinois University The NIU PhD in Cognitive and Instructional Psychology emphasizes both theoretical and applied aspects of cognition, training you to pursue teaching and research careers in either academic or non-academic settings.
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Northern Illinois University The NIU PhD in Developmental Psychology is designed to prepare you for academic careers in research and teaching as developmental psychologists, or for non-academic careers in applied fields related to developmental psychology. Through both coursework and individual mentoring, we provide you with extensive background in psychological theory and research related to cognitive and social development.
$#NTD #513 #095
Northern Illinois University The NIU PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior is designed to prepare you for careers in research and teaching in academic, industry or other settings. You receive extensive training with respect to theory and research in neuroscience, the biological bases of behavior and animal learning and motivation. A rigorous curriculum includes graduate course work in biopsychology, learning/plasticity, neuroanatomy, neuropharmacology and research methodology.
$#NTD #513
Northern Illinois University (NASP) The NIU MA/EdS in School Psychology students earn a master’s degree in psychology and continue on to complete our specialist-level certification program.
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Northern Illinois University (APA) The NIU PhD in School Psychology typically takes a total of five years (including the master’s program and internship). Our Ph.D. program offers school psychology as a field of study designed to prepare students for careers in academic and applied settings.
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Northern Illinois University NIU offers a PhD in Social-Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Social-I/O). There is considerable synergy between Social and I/O. Thus, though this combination is unusual, the program makes conceptual sense, and our experience is that this combination works.
$#NTD #513 #106
DePaul University (APA) DU offers a MA/PhD in Clinical Psychology with optional Child track or Community track, a MA/PhD in Community Psychology, and a MA/PhD in Psychological Science. The MA/PhD is a combined degree. The MA is non-terminal and, therefore, only students intending to earn the PhD are admitted.
$$#NTD #513 #085 #088
Loyola University Chicago (NASP) The Loyola EdD in School Psychology is designed for practicing school psychologists who wish to advance their careers by obtaining a doctoral degree and was developed to meet the needs of practicing school psychologists to become more informed professionals and leaders within the educational community.
$$#NTD #513 #119
Loyola University Chicago (NASP,ISBE) The Loyola MEd/EdS dual-degree program in School Psychology prepares students to become an integral part of educating children and supporting parents and staff in schools as school psychologists. An MEd degree in Educational Psychology is earned after the first year of study, leading to entrance to the EdS portion of the program.
$$#NTD #513 #097 #119
Loyola University Chicago The Loyola PhD in Counseling Psychology is designed for students who seek to engage in the professional practice of psychology. The professional practice may include conducting research, teaching and/or counseling in a variety of settings. Students graduating from this program, provided they meet other State of Illinois requirements, may sit for the Clinical Psychologist licensure examination.
$$#NTD #513 #091
Loyola University Chicago (APA,NASP) The Loyola PhD in School Psychology uses the scientist-practitioner Boulder Model of training with a focus on science to practice within a social justice framework. We expect that our graduates represent the scientist-practitioner ideal of a person who not only applies psychological knowledge within the context of their professional practice, but also a person who can generate new, applications-oriented knowledge through his/her research and scholarly activities.
$$#NTD #513 #119
Loyola University Chicago (APA) The Loyola Department of Psychology offers a PhD in Applied Social Psychology, a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology. Consistent with Loyola University’s mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution, transformative graduate education in the Department of Psychology has two foci: 1) Healthy Development in Children, Youth, and Families, and 2) Psychological Foundations of Social Justice.
$$#NTD #513 #085 #095 #121
Eastern Illinois University (NASP) The EIU EdS in School Psychology is designed to provide high quality education and training to prepare competent school psychologists for meeting the educational and personal adjustment of children and adolescents in public and private schools. Based on the scientist-practitioner model, students develop skills in research, assessment, prevention, academic and behavioral intervention, consultation with school professionals and parents, program development, and staff training.
$$#NTD #513 #119
Wheaton College (APA) The WC PsyD in Clinical Psychology will prepare you holistically into a clinician who meets the needs of others with a practice built upon an integrated, academically-rigorous, justice and service-focused, and Biblically-grounded foundation. We train clinicians to be grounded in, informed by and shaped by beliefs and practices of the Christian faith.
$$#NTD #513 #085
Roosevelt University (APA) The RU PsyD in Clinical Psychology is based on a practitioner-scholar model. The overall goal is to train clinical psychologists who are able to diagnose and treat psychological problems. Graduates work in a broad array of settings and roles, including providing psychotherapy and psychological testing services in private practice, hospitals, community mental health centers, schools, university counseling centers, and VAs.
$$#NTD #513 #085
Chicago School of Professional Psychology The CSSP Chicago PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis program provides a solid knowledge base in the experimental analysis of behavior, applied behavior analysis, and radical behaviorism, equipping graduates with the skills to bring about socially significant behavioral changes through evidence-based program development.
$$#NTD #513 #081
Chicago School of Professional Psychology The CSSP Chicago PhD in Business Psychology prepares graduates to assume high-level responsibilities in today’s global and multicultural business environment.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology (APA) The CSPP PsyD in Clinical Psychology is our flagship program and graduates are well prepared to provide assessment, intervention, and consultation to meet the needs of diverse populations. Students can take clusters of elective courses in the areas of Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology; Health Psychology; Forensic Psychology; International Psychology and Human Rights; Psychotherapy and Spirituality in Psychology, and more.
$$#NTD #513 #085 #102 #105
Chicago School of Professional Psychology (NASP) The CSPP EdS in School Psychology establishes a firm foundation for students interested in becoming licensed school psychologists. Graduates will be qualified to pursue licensure and help children and adolescents succeed academically, emotionally, and socially.
$$#NTD #513 #119
Chicago School of Professional Psychology The CSPP Chicago PsyD in School Psychology prepares students for licensure as School Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists in the State of Illinois.
$$#NTD #513 #119
University of Illinois at Chicago (APA,APCS) The UIC PhD in Psychology has five areas of focus to choose from: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Community and Prevention Research (CPR), and Social and Personality Psychology. Our training goal is to produce scholars and researchers who will contribute to the growth of knowledge in Psychology and go on to work in academic, clinical or community settings.
$$$#NTD #513 #085 #087 #116
Illinois Institute of Technology (APA) The Illinois Tech PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology offers training from the cognitive-behavioral theoretical framework. The program emphasizes an integration of clinical practice and applied clinical research and will prepare you for licensure eligibility.
$$$#NTD #513 #085
Illinois Institute of Technology The Illinois Tech PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is the oldest, most successful, and most respected program in the Chicago area. You will acquire a strong theoretical and methodological background in various areas of I-O psychology as well as experience in work settings.
$$$#NTD #513 #106
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (APA) The UIUC PhD in Counseling Psychology program is based upon a scientist-practitioner orientation to counseling psychology, viewing research and practice as interdependent and complementary. Research is considered a fundamental and integral dimension of our program and students with a strong interest in psychological research, pursuing academic careers, and combining research and practice are given priority in admissions decisions.
$$$#NTD #513 #091
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The UIUC PhD in Psychology has many specialty areas including: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, General Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Social-Personality Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and Attention & Perception. Graduate students in the department belong to one program area, and the different areas can have different curricula and requirements.
$$$#NTD #513 #087 #095 #103 #106 #116
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UIUC PhD in Clinical Community Psychology is designed to train scholarly and scientifically oriented researchers and professionals with a variety of interests. Our educational philosophy emphasizes a creative, scholarly, and socially responsible approach to clinical and community psychology. Our mission is to produce graduates who assume leadership roles and contribute to the discipline and to society.
$$$#NTD #513 #088
Southern Illinois University Carbondale (APA) The SIU Carbondale Department of Psychology offers four main specializations within the Doctor in Psychology Program: Applied Psychology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Clinical Psychology, and Counseling Psychology.
$$$#NTD #513 #082 #085 #091
Adler University (APA) The Adler PsyD in Clinical Psychology is the nation's only Psy.D. program centered on social justice. The program prepares students to be socially responsible clinicians who empower individuals and strengthen communities around the globe and trains students to promote health among society’s most vulnerable and marginalized populations. Our scholar-practitioner model trains clinicians in a collaborative environment with world-class faculty committed to students’ professional success.
$$$#NTD #513 #085
Adler University The Adler PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology Online trains students to be forward-thinking organizational experts who draw on scientific research and deep understanding of motivation to maximize human potential. Our innovative doctoral curriculum puts our social justice mission and the core concepts learned in an I/O master’s program into real-world practice, preparing students to work with organizations addressing some of today’s most pressing issues.
$$$#NTD #513 #106
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (APA) The RFU PhD in Clinical Psychology students learn from intensive instruction in the theoretical framework of psychology and broad experience in the methods of practice of clinical psychology. The core curriculum is organized as integrated theory-research-practice units with a problem-solving emphasis leading to a doctorate.
$$$$#NTD #513 #085
Midwestern University (APA) The MU PsyD in Clinical Psychology prepares you to work as part of the healthcare team providing compassionate care to diverse individuals and groups. Our evidence-based program centers on your development as a competent, thoughtful clinical psychologist.
$$$$$#NTD #513 #085
Northwestern University The NU PhD in Psychology has five main areas of research and instruction: Brain, Behavior and Cognition; Clinical; Cognitive; Personality, Development and Health; and Social Psychology. Requirements differ across programs, but all students take both general breadth courses in Psychology, as well as courses more focused on their specific areas of interest.
$$$$$#NTD #513 #121
Northwestern University (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The NU PhD in Clinical Psychology students receive training in the diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of emotional disorders. However, the major emphasis of the program is clinical research and research methods and prepares students for primary careers in research and teaching in clinical psychology.
$$$$$#NTD #513 #085
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (APA) The NU Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences PhD in Clinical Psychology is a unique program. Founded on a scientist-practitioner model, the overall goal of the program is to graduate academic psychologists who are competent, ethical, and productive in the science and practice of clinical psychology. Our program emphasizes the integration of science and clinical practice.
$$$$$#NTD #513 #085

Illinois Psychology Licensing and Resources

Illinois Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Illinois
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology The ABPN is dedicated to serving the public interest and the professions of psychiatry and neurology by promoting excellence in practice through certification and maintenance of certification processes. These processes are designed to identify qualified specialists through rigorous credential and training requirements and successful completion of board examinations for psychiatry, neurology, or neurology with special qualification in child neurology.
Illinois Psychiatric Society The IPS is the Illinois state branch of the American Psychiatric Association. Representing over 1000 Illinois psychiatrists, our mission is to advocate for the highest quality care for patients with psychiatric and substance use disorders, to represent the profession of psychiatry, and to serve the professional needs of its membership. As medical doctors, psychiatrists attend four years of medical school followed by four years of residency training to obtain the highest level of clinical expertise available to diagnose and treat mental disorders.
Illinois Association for Behavior Analysis The ILABA serves Illinois behavior analysts and their consumers through education and advocacy for the science and practice of behavior analysis.
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The American College of Psychiatrists The ACP comprises more than 750 psychiatrists who have demonstrated excellence in the field of psychiatry, and achieved national recognition in clinical practice, research, academic leadership, or teaching. Membership in The College is limited to psychiatrists who have demonstrated outstanding competence in the field of psychiatry, and who have achieved national recognition in one of the following fields: clinical practice, research, academic leadership, and teaching.
Illinois Psychological Assocation The IPA is the largest professional association of psychologists in Illinois and was organized to advance psychology as a science and a profession and as a means of promoting human welfare.
National Alliance on Mental Illness Illinois NAMI Illinois has nearly 2,700 members made up of individuals living with mental illness, family members, friends, and professionals. Its purpose is to help improve the lives of people affected by mental illness through education, support, and advocacy.
Illinois School Psychologists Association The ISPA is a not-for-profit professional association representing school psychologists in the state of Illinois since 1979. The mission is to serve the educational and mental health interests of all children by promoting the advancement of the profession of school psychology.
#513 #119
Chicago Industrial Organizational Psychologists CIOP is the organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Industrial Organizational Psychologist profession in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. We strive to be your source of insight, information, and resources in psychology applied to the workplace.
#513 #106
Chicago Psychoanalytic Society CPS is a professional organization offering educational events, a forum for discussing psychoanalytic ideas, and resources for mental health professionals and the community at large.
Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology CAPP provides professionals and students a place to widen and enrich their current knowledge of, and experience with psychoanalytic ideas including psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theory, research, and practice.
Chicago Open Chapter for the Study of Psychoanalysis Our mission is to provide a forum for the discussion of various trends in psychoanalysis, and to promote the application of psychoanalytic theory to a wide variety of areas (including, but not limited to, anthropology, history, literature, and religion).

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