West Virginia Master’s in Psychology Programs and Resources

West Virginia colleges that offer both master’s and doctorate degree programs are arranged according to affordability in the tables below. There are three universities providing ten postgraduate psychology degree programs. The degree types are psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology, school psychology, counseling psychology, clinical child psychology, behavioral neuroscience, behavior analysis, and life-span developmental psychology. The “West Virginia Psychology Resources” table at the bottom of the page lists websites that feature helpful, local psychology information. The states that border West Virginia that provide psychology graduate programs are Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

West Virginia Masters in Psychology

West Virginia Master’s in Psychology Programs

American Public University System The APU Master of Arts in Psychology blends scientific theory and principles with academic research and applicable skills that are sought by industry professionals. This online degree program emphasizes the factors related to human behavior including lifespan development, social and cultural diversity, assessment, personality, and psychopathology.
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Marshall University MU offers a Master's in General Psychology or with a clinical emphasis that prepares graduates for master's-degree level clinical roles within professional psychology. Core courses include: Cognitive Psychology, Applied Social Psychology, Psychometrics, Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychology, and more. Additional classes include: Abnormal Psychology, Child Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Health Psychology, and more.
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West Virginia University WVU offers a MA in Educational Psychology. The general major in educational psychology offers a focus on the disciplines of teaching and learning, educational environments, and educational organizations studies. The major in child development and family studies immerses students into child developmental environments, providing holistic disciplines in child learning as well as family and community involvement. WVU also offers a major in program evaluation and research.
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West Virginia Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Marshall University (APA) The MU PsyD in Clinical Psychology primary objective is to prepare doctoral-level professional psychologists to develop, provide, supervise and evaluate high quality mental health services for citizens of rural and other under-served communities. The philosophy of the program follows a practitioner-scholar model of education and training; consequently, graduates of the program are trained as practitioners of clinical psychology as an empirically informed field.
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Marshall University (NASP) The MU EdS in School Psychology focuses on practitioner training for the delivery of comprehensive school psychological services primarily in school settings. Students are trained in a “scientist practitioner” model that emphasizes the use of research findings in clinical decision-making, both in terms of creating interventions as well as evaluating their efficacy.
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West Virginia University The PhD in Psychology - Behavioral Neuroscience students work closely with highly experienced faculty to study the biological bases of behavior. Training in behavioral neuroscience prepares students for a career in research in academics, academic medicine, government and/or industry. Behavioral neuroscience students may also elect to pursue a specialization in behavior analysis.
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West Virginia University (ABAI) The PhD in Psychology - Behavior Analysis mission is to produce an individual who can function effectively in various academic or applied settings, advance our understanding of the principles of behavior, and apply those principles to socially significant problems. The program trains students in basic research, theory, and applications of behavior principles.
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West Virginia University (APA,APCS) The PhD in Clinical and Clinical Child Psychology is based on the scientist-practitioner or “Boulder” model of training in which the clinician is trained as both researcher and practitioner. The program prepares students for entering the profession of health psychology service (clinical).
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West Virginia University The PhD in Psychology - Life-Span Developmental Psychology combines breadth of training in perspectives on normal development across the life span with depth and rigor of training in an area of specialization selected by the student. The program produces disciplined researchers who are also skilled classroom instructors. Students are trained to use state-of-the-art research methods to conduct cutting-edge research.
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West Virginia University (APA) The WVU PhD in Counseling Psychology goal is to provide trainees the means to become competent Health Service Psychologists who, upon graduation, are ready for entry-level clinical and academic practice in the area of Counseling Psychology. The program requires trainees to obtain graduate-level understanding in discipline-specific foundations of psychological science to include history and systems of psychology, affective, biological, cognitive, developmental, and social bases of behavior.
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West Virginia Psychology Resources

West Virginia Board of Examiners of Psychologists The Board was originally created in 1970 and has been continuously striving in its mission to protect the public with its knowledge base of psychology and school psychology. The Board consists of 7 members which includes 4 psychologists both Master's and Doctoral, 1 school psychologist, and 2 lay members.
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West Virginia Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in West Virginia
West Virginia Psychological Association WVPA has been the principal organization for psychology in the state of West Virginia. Our mission includes: Advancement of the science and practice of psychology; Professional development and networking for members; Public education and outreach; Collaboration with other state and national psychological associations; and more.
West Virginia School Psychologists Association WVSPA is a professional organization that encourages advocacy and leadership to promote and enrich the competencies of school psychologists for the state of West Virginia.
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West Virginia Association of Professional Psychologists WVAPP was formed in January of 2012 to seek to maintain the current licensure laws and to advocate for quality and affordable psychological services to all of West Virginia.

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