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We want to serve the existing psychological community and enable those who want to further their graduate education in psychology by providing the information and resources needed to help them achieve their career goals.

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Masters in Psychology Podcast About

Our site was established with the main goal of converging all of the psychology graduate programs in the United States into one convenient place to aid students in their pursuit of attaining a graduate degree in the field of psychology. We searched the internet for thousands of programs, gathered our comprehensive list, and organized them by subject and state. Later, we added an affordability ranking. The Blog and Master’s in Psychology Podcast assist students with decisions that are unique to the psychology career path.

Bradley Schumacher is the host of the Master’s in Psychology Podcast. He also authors the Masters In Psychology Blog. Bradley’s education background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication, a Master of Science in Interpersonal Communication, and participation in the Kent State University Doctoral Program in Interpersonal Communication (ABD). He taught at the University of Akron, Kent State University, Walsh University, and University of North Texas. His subject areas of expertise include interpersonal communication, public speaking, business and professional speaking, small group decision making, and organizational communication. Bradley has a personal connection to psychology as his mother is a licensed psychologist and his daughter is currently pursuing a career in psychology. He also considered becoming a licensed psychologist.

What Others Are Saying About Us

“I’ve been doing one or two podcasts a week for a very long time. Few podcast hosts have done their homework and pre-podcast preparation as professionally and thoroughly as you did. I was greatly impressed! Your questions were excellent, relevant and always aligned with your mission to help those aspiring to become psychologists make better decisions. You are a consummate professional! Thanks for all you do for psychology.”

Jim Loehr, EdD, Podcast Guest, October 2023

“I wish I knew about this podcast and website when I was looking at programs. It can be overwhelming to consider all the options and Bradley does an outstanding job of providing a wealth of information that you can access within minutes. He is inviting real and honest conversations so that those considering entering the field can be empowered by knowing all their options. I can’t wait to share this with every student I meet that is interested in psychology.”

Lauren Cook, PsyD, Podcast Guest, September 2023

“Thank you, Brad, for creating such a user-friendly website and podcast to help psychology students navigate the beginning of their careers. When parents and students ask me questions regarding schools, programs, career paths, etc., I now have one resource to provide to them – mastersinpsychology.com. I also want to thank you for your insightful questions. I have never been able to share my education and career experience like this before. Your preparation, curiosity, and enthusiasm truly help both your guests and viewers benefit from these conversations.”

Haley Perlus, PhD, Podcast Guest, August 2023

“I’m honored to be a guest on the Master’s in Psychology Podcast. In addition to providing a wealth of inspiration and guidance for anyone interested in the field, the program also provides plenty of inspiration and modeling for folks who are interested in the journey of psychologists from racialized and non-traditional backgrounds. How powerful to hear directly from those who have walked the path before us. I wish I had their words to guide me early in my career and appreciate Brad and his team for making it available for the next generation of psychologists.”

Roxy Manning, PhD, Podcast Guest, July 2023

“The Master’s in Psychology Podcast offers a fantastic resource for aspiring psychologists looking to learn more about different career paths. As a guest, it was truly a treat to reflect on my own academic journey and share lessons learned. This is a resource I’ll surely be recommending to my own students who are considering their future in psychology!”

Hannah Schacter, PhD, Podcast Guest, June 2023

“I wish that the Master’s in Psychology Podcast was available when I was contemplating graduate school! What a great opportunity for students to learn more up close and personal information about various career paths from experts in such an intimate and personal conversation with a great host, Bradley Schumacher. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and organically derived journey!”

Emily Bashah, PsyD, Podcast Guest, June 2023

“I have been on a lot of podcasts, but no one did their homework as thoroughly as Bradley. He was impressively well-prepared and gracious as he guided me through the awkward experience of talking about myself rather than just about my research. He made me feel important and interesting in spite of myself. I highly recommend the experience of being on his podcast if you get the opportunity. Thanks again for the experience.”

Frank McAndrew, PhD, Podcast Guest, May 2023

“I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bradley Schumacher on the Masters in Psychology Podcast, and it was an incredible experience. Bradley’s thoughtful questions and genuine curiosity created a lively and engaging conversation. As a guest on the show, I felt valued and heard, and I appreciated the opportunity to share my expertise with a broader audience. Bradley’s passion for psychology is evident in every episode of the podcast, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating field.”

Laura Petracek, PhD, LCSW, Podcast Guest, March 2023

“The Masters in Psychology website and podcast, beautifully organized and ably hosted by Bradley Schumacher, is an invaluable resource. The copious information about graduate programs in psychology, matched with the in-depth interviews Schumacher conducts with a wide variety of practicing psychologists, not only answers a wide variety of questions but also provides inspiration for anyone considering an advanced degree and career in psychology.”

Ben Bernstein, PhD, Podcast Guest, February 2023

“The Masters in Psychology podcast provides incredible insights into what’s needed, what to do, and how to create a career in psychology, whatever your focus. From life lessons to practical tools and tips, anyone looking for direction and guidance to advance a career in psychology should listen to this podcast.”

Soren Kaplan, PhD, Podcast Guest, February 2023

“It was an honor and a pleasure to be on Masters in Psychology with Bradley Schumacher. He is a great podcaster—he is thoughtful, asks great questions, is lovely to work with, and offers a wide range of supportive views and information for people entering the field. Nothing but high praise!!”

Phyllis Leavitt, MA, Podcast Guest, January 2023

“This podcast is so needed to help motivate people to apply to various branches of psychology while also providing honest insight about what you should consider when choosing a graduate program. You don’t know what you don’t know, and this podcast is one step in helping increase knowledge about psychology as a field and graduate school more broadly!”

Sarah Gaither, PhD, Podcast Guest, December 2022

“Bradley is the real deal. He’s professional, conscientious, and a great guy. His preparedness is inspiring and reminds us that love is in the details. Thank you, Bradley, for an engaging conversation and letting me share my academic journey with your listeners. May it help them master their mission—as you have.”

Jeffrey Froh, PsyD, Podcast Guest, October 2022

“Bradley was a pleasure to speak with and get to know. His attention to detail and thorough research is impressive. He takes his time and care to bring the best information to his audience. What he does with this podcast as a means to help grad students on their psychology journey is pretty dope. I would have loved to have had access to something like this, and I was honored to have been offered the chance to share my own personal journey and experiences.”

Jada Philips, PhD, Podcast Guest, September 2022

“What a wonderful resource for people seeking a more meaningful academic experience. Bradley has a gift for creating the right environment for an informative and entertaining journey for his audience. I’m honored to have been on the Master’s in Psychology podcast.”

Michael Pipich, LMFT, Podcast Guest, August 2022

“I really enjoyed talking with Bradley about my educational history and current career. It helped me to remember what I love about my job and I hope this will help others figure out if psychology and academia is a good career path for them.”

Tera Letzring, PhD, Podcast Guest, June 2022

“Master’s in Psychology is a great resource for all those seeking a training program in Psychology. It was a pleasure being interviewed by Bradley Schumacher as he had really done his homework and gave me a chance to tell the world about Emotion-focused therapy.”

Rhonda Goldman, PhD, Podcast Guest, February 2022

“The Master’s in Psychology podcast is MUST for students in search of academic guidance. I found the information and plethora of resources to be comprehensive. What I thought was most essential is the opportunity to hear from seasoned professionals in the field speak about their professional journeys to help students find their way, so I agreed to be interviewed. Mr. Bradley Schumacher was a warm and welcoming host making our conversation a delight. I only wish the podcast was available when I was a student! Thank you Bradley for the insights you bring to others.”

Tania Diaz, PsyD, Podcast Guest, January 2022

“This podcast series is an essential resource to students considering a graduate degree in psychology. Thank you for building awareness of the many different subfields of psychology and the various career paths someone can pursue with an advanced degree in psychology. Brad is a wonderful host and I was so impressed by his level of preparation for my interview. From start to finish, Brad and his team truly went above and beyond.”

Malissa A. Clark, PhD, Podcast Guest, January 2022

“I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast interview with Bradley. His personable demeanor coupled with his attentiveness made for an easy process. Bradley truly has a gift for interviewing and connecting with his guests. I think he was a therapist in a previous life! Thank you Bradley for making this such an enjoyable and effortless experience, and for sharing what you do in order to help your audience and thus the world!”

Damon A. Silas PsyD, Podcast Guest, January 2022

“We have been interviewed many times, but what made this interview unique and rewarding was Bradley Schumacher’s preparation for the interview. He knew our histories and interests and his perceptive questions made the interview a memorable experience.”

Robert and Elizabeth Bjork, PhD, Podcast Guest, December 2021

“Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful treatment of my book during the interview. Your questions caused me to think more deeply about my work as a psychologist and my novel. It was a wonderful experience all the way through. I even enjoyed listening to a few of your other interviews. Keep pushing the psychology ball up the field for all of us. Thanks!”

Gerald S. Drose, PhD, LP, Podcast Guest, October 2021

“Thanks for the opportunity to share about what I do and the long journey here. It was a pleasure!”

Jenny Long, PsyD, LP, Podcast Guest, September 2021

“Brad is a great interviewer and researcher, who is passionate about educating and sharing knowledge to help others grow. I greatly enjoyed our conversation and the experience of going down memory lane with him to piece together how I ended up where I am today.”

Daniel B. Peters, PhD, LP, Podcast Guest, August 2021

“I had a great time sharing my life and career experiences with Brad. He really does his research and takes a deep dive into a broad range of interesting and relevant topics. Such useful info…I wish I had had a podcast like this when I was considering grad school. A great resource and highly recommended!”

Adriana Popescu, PhD, LCP, Podcast Guest, August 2021

“Talking with Brad was a great experience. The host is great at putting guests at ease and the podcast felt like a genuine, enjoyable, conversation.”

Sebastien Hélie, PhD, Podcast Guest, June 2021

“I enjoyed my conversation with Brad; we easily could have talked for much longer. It was a great conversation that was holistic in nature and I felt that he created space for my authentic self to show up and share. Definitely a great experience!”

Jessica M. Smedley, PsyD, LCP, Podcast Guest, May 2021

“Brad and the MIP team are top-notch in every aspect, exploring the sometimes complex and challenging process of professional training in psychology to those that matter and care, at all levels with compassion, competence, and hard work.”

Justin Douglas “Doug” McDonald, PhD, LP, Podcast Guest, February 2021

“I guess the only thing I would add is, is to continue to seek that information so you know your listeners are doing that by tuning into your podcast. And it sounds like you’re providing a lot of the contacts and information that can help them, right, and help them make choices.”

Heather C. Lench, PhD, Podcast Guest, January 2021

“Nice work on your whole podcast – I hope it continues taking off successfully – I can tell how much work you put into it and your careful attention to detail is valuable.”

Tess M.S. Neal, PhD, Podcast Guest, December 2020

“Incredibly grateful for the invitation and opportunity to be interviewed by Bradley Schumacher on the Masters in Psychology podcast! It was an amazing experience from start to finish.”

Gabrielle Ferrara, LSW, Podcast Guest, November 2020

What Sets Us Apart

Our site provides links directly to each psychology program. Our program lists are continuously updated with all entries and links checked weekly for accuracy. Our lists of programs are comprehensive, including all U.S. graduate degrees in the field of psychology. We provide a short description to each program for a quick idea on what types of programs are offered at each school. All of our schools are sorted based on affordability, subject, and state. The “Instant Search Filter” can be used to further refine searches. Accreditation of each school is shown in parenthesis, if appropriate. We strive to provide quality information (accurate and unbiased) to help each student find potential programs of interest. College/University links are given for the student to contact schools directly for further information on the specifics of each program in which they are interested. We also provide a summary and important information on each of the main branches of psychology. Our site also provides top psychology resources that are important to prospective students. Our blog provides news and resources relevant to both students and the larger community of psychological professionals. The Master’s in Psychology Podcast features dynamic interviews with professors and other educators, practitioners, researchers, and graduate students. The podcast guests share valuable information to empower students to make knowledgeable choices regarding their academic careers.

Methodology on Affordability Ranking

The AFFORDABILITY ranking is shown for all psychology schools using a money symbol ranging from one $ to five $$$$$, giving students a general idea of the cost differences of each school. Data is used from the Institute of Education Sciences NCES College Navigator and is based on the average graduate student tuition and fees for the academic year. Exact numbers are not used because tuition prices sometimes fluctuate, even annually. We do not rank schools based on exam pass rates or program popularity.

Data Sources

ABAI – Association for Behavior Analysis International Accredited Program
APA – American Psychological Association Accredited Programs
APCS – Academy of Psychological Clinical Science Accredited Doctoral Programs
BACB – Behavior Analysis Certification Board
CACREP – The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs
CAEP – Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
CEPH – Council on Education for Public Health
COAMFTE – Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education
HFES – Human Factors and Ergonomics Society List of Graduate Programs
HLC – Higher Learning Commission
MPCAC – Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council Accredited Programs
NASP – National Association of School Psychologists Approved Programs
NCE – National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator
NCSPP – The National Council of Schools & Programs of Professional Psychology
PCSAS – Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System – Accredited Programs
SIOP – Graduate Training Programs in I-O Psychology and Related Fields

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Please follow us on social media using the links at the bottom of this page. Please contact us as we welcome and appreciate any comments, suggestions, or ideas to help improve our website, blog, or podcast.

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