Mississippi Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

The Mississippi colleges categorized below by affordability offer terminal (master’s in psychology only) and non-terminal (master’s in psychology with doctorate) degree programs. There are five universities offering twelve postgraduate degree programs in Mississippi. The degree programs areas of study include counseling psychology, clinical psychology, school psychology, brain and behavior, cognitive science, and experimental psychology. The “Mississippi Psychology Resources” section at the bottom of the page lists helpful websites with local information about psychology. The states that neighbor Mississippi and offer graduate psychology degree programs are Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Mississippi Masters in Psychology

Mississippi Master’s in Psychology Programs

William Carey University The WCU Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology is designed to prepare individuals for ministry and employment in a variety of fields: school guidance programs, community mental health centers, religious counseling centers, private practice, mental health institutions community based facilities, and pastoral care. Concentrations include: school counseling, Christian counseling, counseling, gerontology, child and adolescent counseling, and school psychometry.
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University of Southern Mississippi (MPCAC) The USM M.S. in Counseling Psychology provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become licensed professional counselors and to pursue doctoral education in psychology, if desired. Our program is modeled after the licensure requirements in the State of Mississippi. Utilizing a scientist-practitioner training model, our goal is to train counselors who are informed consumers of research.
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Mississippi Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Jackson State University (APA) The JSU PhD in Clinical Psychology students are immersed into a curriculum anchored in the cumulative body of psychological knowledge, with a firm bsis in statistics, research design, and experimental methodology. The program develops a comprehensive knowledge base and teaches skills to improve the students' ability to effectively function as an emphirically-oriented clinical psychologist in diverse settings.
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University of Southern Mississippi (APA) The USM PhD in Clinical Psychology graduates are prepared to pursue careers in academia, research, mental health care delivery, or practice in public and private settings. We prepare our students first as scientists in psychology and then as practicing clinical psychologists. We strongly subscribe to a generalist approach to training but include concentrations in clinical child and adult psychology.
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University of Southern Mississippi (APA,MPCAC) The USM PhD in Counseling Psychology teaches the scientist-practitioner model. Students complete coursework which informs their research projects as well as prepares them for work in the in-house training clinic. The goals of the Counseling Psychology program are to produce psychologists who are insightful, emotionally mature, and display a high degree of professionalism.
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University of Southern Mississippi The USM PhD in Brain and Behavior offers research training in experimental psychology across several areas in cognitive, social, and quantitative psychology. Cognitive psychology areas emphases include research in perception, attention, language, and memory. Social psychology areas include research in evolutionary, cultural, health, and political psychology.
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University of Southern Mississippi (APA,NASP) The USM PhD in School Psychology primary objective is to prepare behavioral scientists who can apply their skills to the solution of a broad range of problems related to the processes of schooling. Post-bachelor's degree students first complete a Master's degree, including an empirical thesis, en route to the doctorate.
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Mississippi State University (APA) The MSU PhD in Clinical Psychology trains scientist-practitioners in the Boulder model. Our program looks to produce psychological scientists who complete their training prepared for either an academic career, or for service to the community as a scientifically-informed clinical practitioner.
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Mississippi State University The MSU PhD in Cognitive Science employs techniques from several disciplines to train students to become expert scientists in the field of cognitive science. Typical research areas in this program include memory and metamemory, problem solving and decision making, working memory, visual attention and perception, learning, computational modeling, and language acquisition, comprehension, and production.
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Mississippi State University (APA,NASP) MSU offers an EdS and PhD in School Psychology. A non-terminal Master of Science (M.S.) in psychometry is obtained along the way to both the Ed.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Both degrees have a course sequence approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board allowing for graduates’ course work to count toward the Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) credential.
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University of Mississippi (APA) The Ole Miss PhD in Clinical Psychology ordinarily requires 5-6 years beyond the bachelor’s degree to complete. This time is devoted to a combination of course work, research and clinical training, clinical practicum experiences, and completion of a full-time clinical internship at an APA-approved training site. A Master's Degree is awarded but not a terminal degree.
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University of Mississippi (APA) The Old Miss PhD in Experimental Psychology provides the rigorous and supportive scientific training that prepares graduates for outstanding careers in a broad spectrum of established and emerging fields from careers in health sciences, research/medical administration, or drug development and more. Specific programs of study leading to the doctoral degree include behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and social psychology.
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Mississippi Psychology Licensing and Resources

Mississippi Board of Psychology The board regulates the practice of psychology to “safeguard life, health, property, and the public welfare” of the citizens of Mississippi. The Board strives to prevent the “unauthorized, unqualified, and improper applications of psychology” by examining education and training credentials, administering examinations for minimal competency to practice, requiring continuing professional education, investigating practice complaints, and enacting penalties for violations of practice standards or ethical principles.
Mississippi Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Mississippi
Mississippi Association for Psychology in the Schools MAPS is a non-profit organization that is focused on supporting and advocating for the professions of school psychology and psychometry within the state of Mississippi. Our membership includes school psychologist, psychometrists, professors of school psychology, related service providers, and graduate students from across the state.
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National Alliance on Mental Illness Mississippi NAMI Mississippi is made up of family members, peers, behavioral health professionals and friends working to accomplish our mission through mutual support, education, advocacy, and research. In our service areas of Meridian, Vicksburg, Hattiesburg, the Gulf Coast, Tupelo, Oxford, McComb, Yazoo City and metro Jackson, there are more than 20,000 people whose lives are touched by mental illness.
Mississippi Psychiatric Association MPA is a membership organization of psychiatric physicians, who diagnose and treat brain disorders and substance use disorders throughout the state of Mississippi.
Mental Health Association of South Mississippi MHASM is a champion of positive mental health and wellness and provides resources and support services for those seeking mental wellness and recovery within the State of Mississippi. This includes mental health, intellectual disability disorder, substance abuse and homelessness issues.
Mississippi Psychological Association MPA serves as the organized voice of psychology in Mississippi and endeavors to advance psychology as a science and profession as well as to promote equitable and responsible treatment for mental health conditions and concerns in our state.
Behavior Analysis Association of Mississippi BAAMS mission is to promote and support the practice, research, education, and dissemination of behavior analysis throughout the state of Mississippi. Additionally, we hope to connect providers across our state by providing opportunities for continuing education, social networking, and collaboration.
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