Michigan Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Below is a list, ranked by affordability, of colleges in Michigan that offer postgraduate psychology degree programs. There are 13 schools offering 48 psychology degree programs.  The following are areas of study: psychology, psychological science, applied behavior analysis, experimental psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, social-personality psychology, evolutionary and comparative psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial/organizational behavior management, clinical behavior psychology, counseling psychology, sports psychology, school psychology, psychological services, applied experimental psychology, cognition and cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, community psychology; and school and community psychology. The resource table at the bottom of the page highlights websites with local psychology information. The states that border Michigan that offer graduate psychology programs include Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

Michigan Masters in Psychology

Michigan Master’s in Psychology Programs

Northern Michigan University (BACB) The MNU Master of Science Degree in Psychological Science prepares students for doctoral programs in psychology or closely related fields such as neuroscience and cognitive science. The program focuses both on the theoretical and hands-on aspects of psychological science. MNU also offers a MS in Applied Behavior Analysis program which focuses on training students to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).
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Central Michigan University The CMU Master of Science in Experimental Psychology prepares students for doctoral training in psychology and for research positions in the private and public sector. The program has produced graduates who have become successful in other endeavors including administration, health and legal professions, and business and industry. CMU also offers a terminal Master's in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology.
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University of Michigan Dearborn The UM Dearborn MS in Psychology offers two specializations: The Clinical Health Psychology trains mental health care providers to work in primary care settings, as well as more traditional clinical psychology settings. The Health Psychology concentration provides students with intensive training in one or more content areas within Health Psychology.
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Oakland University OU offers a MS in Social-Personality Psychology is a two-year terminal degree program in experimental methodology. The MS in Behavioral Health is a two-year terminal degree program in experimental methodology aimed at developing the research skills necessary to pursue doctoral training in health or applied areas. OU also offers a MS in Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology.
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Andrews University The AU MA in Educational Psychology has and emphasis in either educational or developmental psychology. The Instructional Psychology Emphasis is specifically designed for teachers who wish to expand their understanding of the teaching and learning process. The Research emphasis is designed for those interested in applying research and statistical principles for solving problems in educational, psychological and social settings.
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University of Detriot Mercy The UDM Master's in Clinical Psychology prepares students to become competent, practicing master’s level psychologists who are also prepared to pursue additional graduate study in psychology. Upon completion students are prepared for the State of Michigan’s Limited License in Psychology (LLP). UDM also offers a MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology which prepares students as master’s-level I/O psychologist practitioners.
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Western Michigan University (ABAI) The WMU MA in Counseling Psychology provides a focus on psychopathology, psychological assessment, counseling and psychotherapy theories and practices and practicum experiences. The MA in Applied Behavior Analysis prepares students for work with developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance abuse, community mental health, education, government, business and industry. WMU also offers a MA in Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management.
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Eastern Michigan University The EMU Clinical Behavioral MS in Psychology program teaches students to understand, predict and influence internal and external behavior by utilizing evolving behavioral theory and good science. The training is comprised of foundational knowledge of behavioral psychology, behavior analysis, psychological assessment, and psychotherapy.
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Eastern Michigan University The EMU General Clinical MS in Psychology program provides a multi-theoretical view of psychological disorders that emphasizes assessment, diagnosis, and treatment from various perspectives. The program trains students in the practice of current, professionally accepted methods of psychological assessment and psychotherapy based upon various theoretical perspectives of personality and psychopathology.
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Eastern Michigan University The EMU General Experimental MS in Psychology program produces master's-level psychologists with general knowledge of psychology in various content areas, research methodologies and theoretical formulations. Based on a mentor model, the program of study, training and thesis are supervised by one or more faculty members.
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Michigan School of Psychology The MSP Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology is an intensive program designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to become limited licensed psychologists. The program bridges traditional and applied programs by emphasizing psychological theories and concepts, personal experience, clinical training, and research.
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Wayne State University The WSU Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is designed for students interested in pursuing advanced training in applied workplace psychology. This program is NOT a transitional stage leading to doctoral degree candidacy. Courses include: Psychometric Theory, Organizational Staffing, Testing and Workplace, Organizational Behavior, and more.
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Wayne State University The WSU MEd in Educational Psychology provide students with a breadth of knowledge regarding the application of psychology to education, which can be used in a variety of settings such as schools and businesses. This program is particularly well suited for teachers who wish to enhance their teaching skills by expanding their knowledge of how psychology concepts apply within educational contexts.
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Wayne State University The WSU MA in Counseling Psychology emphasizes training in personal and interpersonal practice with individuals, children, couples, and families. The program prepares students to work with children and families as well as to improve personal and interpersonal functioning for individuals across the lifespan.
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University of Michigan Ann Arbor The UM Accelerated Masters Degree Program (AMDP) in Psychology is an apprentice model program where current University of Michigan, LSA college students are invited by a mentor to apply to the program. When faculty mentors identify a potential applicant, they encourage the student to take graduate level courses, upper level statistics course, and/or complete independent research during their senior year.
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Michigan Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Grand Valley State University (NASP) The GVSU MA/PsyS in School Psychology leading students to earn both a Master's of Science degree (M.S.) and a Specialist in School Psychology degree (Psy.S.), offers students extensive training through coursework, practicum, and research experiences in the assessment, prevention, and intervention of academic, social, and mental health problems that affect a wide range of students.
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Central Michigan University (APA) The CMU PhD in Clinical Psychology students are provided with feedback, modeling, and mentoring that fosters the integration current theory, research, and practice. The program follows a scientist-practitioner training model. The academic, clinical, and research experiences at CMU maintain a balance between training in science and practice. Training is sequential, graded in complexity, and designed to prepare students for further training.
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Central Michigan University (APA,NASP) The CMU PhD in School Psychology prepares school psychologists who can perform a variety of roles in the delivery of mental health services; who can assume a leadership role in the development of comprehensive and effective educational and psychological services to children, families, and schools; and who are able to supervise, coordinate, and direct the activities of others in the delivery of school psychological services.
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Central Michigan University The CMU PhD in Applied Experimental Psychology is designed to provide advanced training in psychological processes (e.g., biological, cognitive, behavioral, social, personality), quantitative methodological procedures (e.g. statistics, experimental design, computer applications), and their utilization in an applied setting. The program uses a mentor system, matching students with faculty members who have interest in closely related areas.
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Central Michigan University The CMU offers a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and students can also choose a Concentration in Occupational Health Psychology (OHP).
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Central Michigan University (APA,NASP) The CMU Specialist in Psychological Services (SPsyS) leads to the Master of Arts degree in Psychology and the Specialist in Psychological Services. Core content areas include: Psychological and Educational Foundations, Research Method, Psychological and Educational Assessment, Intervention Strategies, and Professional School Psychology.
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Andrews University (APA) The AU PhD in Counseling Psychology prepares students for the multi-faceted role of the professional psychologist, which allows them to work in a variety of settings including: academia, clinical, consultation, churches, businesses and private practice. It is the intent of the program to prepare graduates for licensure as professional psychologists in the U.S. and with eligibility to practice internationally.
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Andrews University The AU PhD in Educational Psychology prepares students to assess and consult program planning and intervention services in preschool, child-development centers or other public and private school systems. Students will also be prepared for educational psychology positions as college and university instructors.
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Andrews University (NASP) The AU EdS in School Psychology provides training for a professional career as a certified or licensed school psychologist. Training is based on a philosophy that promotes the balanced development of the mental, physical, social and spiritual nature of individuals.
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University of Detriot Mercy (APA) The UDM PhD in Clinical Psychology is a competitive course of study that trains you to provide psychological services to the community. Based on sound ethical standards and a thorough and contemporary understanding of research-tested psychological principles, your training emphasizes the inter-relationships among theory, research and clinical practice.
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University of Detriot Mercy (NASP) The UDM Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) is designed to prepare school psychologists who have a strong and broad-based knowledge of psychology and education, and enable them to apply that knowledge within the school setting. Students interested in the LLP (Limited License Psychologist, obtained via the State of Michigan Board of Psychology), or the BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) will need to have specialized supervision during their internship.
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Western Michigan University (APA) The WMU PhD in Counseling Psychology is currently based on a scientist-practitioner model. The program's philosophy holds that theory, research and practice are interdependent and complementary. The curriculum and practical experiences are designed to ensure professional competency in all three dimensions and to facilitate their integration.
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Western Michigan University (APA) The WMU PhD in Clinical Psychology is designed to provide broad clinical training utilizing a scientist-practitioner model. A master of arts degree is earned in the process of earning a PhD. Clinical and research interests in: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorders, Autism and developmental disabilities, Behavioral pediatrics, Geriatrics, Health psychology, Interpersonal violence, Mood and anxiety disorders, and Post traumatic stress disorder.
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Eastern Michigan University (APA) The EMU PhD in Clinical Psychology purpose is to graduate license-eligible clinical psychologists with state-of-the-art knowledge relating to the psychological practice of assessment, therapy, research and program development and evaluation. A primary program objective is the preparation of clinical psychologists who will be effective in supervising and managing therapists in multidisciplinary mental health care delivery systems in a diverse society.
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Michigan School of Psychology (APA) The MSP PsyD in Clinical Psychology is a post-master’s professional degree for those pursuing the highest level of practice in clinical psychology. Utilizing the practitioner-scholar model, the doctoral program provides discipline-specific knowledge and profession-wide competencies to ground curriculum, clinical training, dissertation research, and scholarship.
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Michigan State University (APA,NASP) The MSU EdS in School Psychology equip school psychologists with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to provide quality psychological services to students in school settings. The program includes a planned sequence of course work in school psychology and supporting disciplines, complemented by practica and internship experiences.
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Michigan State University (APA,NASP) The MSU PhD in School Psychology mission is to equip psychologists with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to provide quality psychological services to children, youth and families in multiple settings, as well as to conduct research in related areas. Students in the program receive the training necessary to become both a Certified School Psychologist in Michigan, as well as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP).
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Michigan State University MSU offers a PhD in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN), a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, a PhD in Community Psychology, a PhD in Organizational Psychology, and a PhD in Social/Personality Psychology. We also offer on-line graduate training in program evaluation. Many of our faculty members and students collaborate with others in the department outside of their primary program, as well as with scholars across campus and at other institutions across the world.
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Michigan State University (APA,APCS) The MSU PhD in Clinical Psychology is designed to educate and train clinical scientists who conduct clinically relevant research that will further the etiological understanding of mental health disorders and inform their treatment and prevention. The program utilizes multiple levels of analysis across disciplines (e.g., molecular genetics, family influences, cognitive neuroscience) to develop comprehensive models of developmental psychopathology.
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Wayne State University (APA) WSU offers a PhD in Psychology in the following areas: Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Science, Social-Personality Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Our graduates are prepared to function effectively as research scientists, scholar-teachers at colleges or universities, and professionals in business and industry, health care, schools, and government agencies.
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Wayne State University (APA) The WSU PhD in Counseling Psychology emphasizes a developmental approach to understanding individuals, youth, and families, and prepares students to address personal and interpersonal functioning across the lifespan. Courses emphasize the broad applications of normal and abnormal development, multicultural and ecological approaches, and family systems.
$$$$#NTD #522 #091
Wayne State University (NASP) The WSU MA in School and Community Psychology is a three year program and students earn a Master's Degree, and a graduate certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in School Psychology.
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University of Michigan Ann Arbor (APA,APCS) The UM PhD in Psychology has six areas of study: Biopsychology, Clinical Science, Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Personality & Social Contexts, and Social Psychology. In addition, there are three joint programs of study: Combined Program in Education and Psychology, Social Work and Psychology, and Women's Studies and Psychology.
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Michigan Psychology Resources

Michigan Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Michigan
Michigan Board of Psychology Our goal is to provide psychologist licensing and up-to-date information and various topics related to the practice of psychology in Michigan.
Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan BAAM has been organized to support and promote scientific research on the basic principles of behavior and the extension of those principles to create demonstrably effective and humane outcome-based therapies with the primary goal of establishing and enhancing functional independent living skills.
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Michigan Psychiatric Society Founded in 1908, MPS has served as the voice of Michigan psychiatry for more than a century. Our mission is to represent the interests and professional needs of psychiatric physicians in Michigan while striving to ensure quality care for people with mental disorders and their families through promotion of education, research, and advocacy.
National Alliance on Mental Illness Michigan NAMI Michigan is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life for persons, families and others, who are affected by mental illness. Interest and membership has extended beyond parents to include other family and friends of people suffering from mental illnesses, professionals involved in treatment and care and most importantly individuals who are diagnosed with mental illness.
Michigan Psychological Association The MPA represents the needs of our members and advocate on the State and National level for Michigan psychologists on issues involving access to care, reimbursement, and enhancing the profession of psychology. We pride ourselves on being the voice of psychology in Michigan and an organization that includes full membership for graduate students and both Master’s and Doctoral-level psychologists.
Michigan Association of School Psychologists MASP is the only state-wide organization representing the interests of school psychologists in Michigan. Regular membership is for individuals currently functioning as school psychologists and who hold a school psychologist certificate. Student membership is for individuals currently enrolled for at least 6 credit hours in a school psychology graduate program leading to certification as a school psychologist and not fully employed as a school psychologist. Retired, Trainer, Administrator, Early Career and Associate memberships also offered.
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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute MPI is a premiere training institute for psychoanalysts in the United States. The Michigan Psychoanalytic Society provides professional programs for area psychoanalysts. The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for clinicians. We have programs for every level of experience, from graduate school to training as a psychoanalyst, and also welcome academic professionals from other fields who would like to relate psychoanalysis to their work.
Michigan Association of Professional Psychologists The goal of MAPP is to represent the professional and business interests of all master-level licensed psychologists in the state of Michigan. We advocate for the professional recognition of those individuals, as well as promote parity with other mental health professionals.
Michigan Association for Industrial-Organizational Psychology MAIOP is dedicated to bringing together Industrial Organizational psychologists and other like minded professionals in Michigan and the surrounding regions. We work to improve the competence and usefulness of I-O psychologists through high standards of ethics, conduct, education and contribution to individual and organizational welfare.
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