Tennessee Master’s in Psychology Programs and Resources

Below is an affordability ranked list of schools in Tennessee that offer both terminal and non-terminal degree programs. There are 37 higher education psychology degree programs offered by 11 colleges in Tennessee. These programs are in the areas of psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, clinical psychology, experimental psychology, quantitative psychology, educational psychology, clinical mental health counseling, applied educational psychology; cognition and cognitive neuroscience; developmental science, and neuroscience. The “Tennessee Psychology Resources” section is under the college listings and catalogues sites with local information on psychology. States that border Tennessee and offer graduate psychology programs are Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.

Tennessee Masters in Psychology

Tennessee Master’s in Psychology Programs

Lipscomb University The Lipscomb Master of Science in Psychology helps to hone your research skills and build your identity as a psychological researcher. Most graduates receive acceptances into prestigious Ph.D. programs. Fisk also offers a Applied Behavior Analysis specialization within the MS in Psychology degree program.
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University of Tennessee Chattanooga The UTC MS in Psychology: Research Concentration prepares students for careers in research and teaching and is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate study of topics other than I-O or clinical psychology. UTC also offers a Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology which one of the longest-running and most well-respected terminal Master's degree programs.
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University of Memphis The UofM Master's in General Psychology (MSGP) offers general training in the psychological sciences. The majority of current students are involved in programs of study with a stronger affiliation with research areas such as cognitive psychology, health psychology, and biopsychology, however, some have developed joint programs with other departments such as business, counseling and criminal justice.
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Fisk University The Fisk Master of Art in Psychology is offered with concentrations in either of two areas, clinical or general psychology. Both are designed either to provide a foundation for advanced study or to enable the student to qualify for an appropriate master’s level professional position in the broad fields of human behavior and services. Preference will be given to students who have extensive undergraduate coursework in psychology and experience in the field.
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Austin Peay State University The APSU Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (MSIO) is an online graduate program that trains students in the application of psychological principles to the workplace, built upon a foundation of research and science. Students can develop your expertise in a variety of areas including personnel selection and assessment, training and development, performance management, motivation, team performance, and leadership.
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Tennessee State University The TSU MS in Counseling Psychology provides a solid psychological core with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, health, and educational issues across the lifespan. The Counseling Concentration offers two options: thesis or non-thesis. TSU also offers a Master's in School Counseling with a Pre-K-12 School Counseling concentration.
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Middle Tennessee State University The MTSU Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology program emphasizes a broadly based scientist-practitioner approach. The course of study offers preparation to pursue doctoral training or employment involving psychological assessment, diagnostic interviewing, and/or the application of behavior analysis principles.
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Middle Tennessee State University The MTSU MA in Experimental Psychology has the primary objective of preparing students for a Ph.D. program. However, many industries, clinical settings, and research universities are interested in students with the analytical and statistical skills of a research psychologist. Graduates with a master's degree in experimental psychology also may teach at the community college level.
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Middle Tennessee State University The MTSU MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology graduates lead careers that specialize in recruitment and selection of employees, training, job analysis, compensation, performance measurement and evaluation, leadership, workplace attitudes, organizational development, and more. The program aims to produce professionals who can apply their I/O psychology knowledge base, grounded in scientific theory and research, to organizations.
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Middle Tennessee State University The MTSU MA in Quantitative Psychology aims to prepare students for applied and research careers as statisticians, psychometricians, data analysts, and quantitative psychologists in education, business, government, and other organizations.
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Tennessee Tech University The TTU MA in Educational Psychology program is a general non-licensure concentration that allows for considerable flexibility in your program of study. The TTN MA in School Psychology prepares you to assess and intervene in a wide range of school-based situations. TTN also offers a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
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University of Tennessee Knoxville The UTK MS in Educational Psychology is designed for professionals working in school settings, colleges and universities, and business and government, as well as those preparing for work in these and related areas. We offer two concentrations, Adult Education and Applied Educational Psychology, and courses for this degree are offered online through distance education.
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University of Tennessee Knoxville The UTK Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology incorporates the following areas of research: Biological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Industrial & Applied Psychology and Social & Personality Psychology. Experimental graduate students will acquire breadth of knowledge of these areas, but are expected to identify a particular area and conduct research primarily in that area.
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Vanderbilt University The VU Combined BA/MA in Psychology is a highly selective program with an intensive research emphasis. It is primarily intended for students who are considering a PhD or MD-PhD in a research-oriented graduate program in psychology, psychiatry, cognitive science, neuroscience, learning science, and related disciplines.
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Tennessee Doctorate in Psychology Programs

University of Tennessee Chattanooga (NASP) The UTC Education Specialist (EdS) in School Psychology is designed to produce graduates who meet requirements for licensure in school psychology from the Tennessee Department of Education.
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University of Memphis (APA) The UofM PhD in Counseling Psychology is a full-time program designed to train psychologists who promote human development in the areas of mental health, emotional and social learning, career development, and decision-making in a rapidly changing environment. Training is organized around the scientist-practitioner model of critical thinking and program faculty strive for an equivalent emphasis on developing both clinical understanding and skills and facility with research.
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University of Memphis (APA,APCS) The UofM PhD in Clinical Psychology is guided by the scientist/practitioner model and places a particularly strong emphasis on research. Although diversity exists among the clinical faculty with respect to methods of inquiry and areas of study, there is unanimity in promoting scientific inquiry as the foundation of clinical psychology. Our program offers three broad areas of research focus within clinical psychology: Child and Family Studies, Clinical Health Psychology, and Psychotherapy Research.
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University of Memphis The UofM PhD in Experimental Psychology purpose is to train highly qualified students for research and/or teaching careers in university, business, industry, and community settings. Concentrations include: Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience.
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University of Memphis (APA,NASP) UofM offers both a MA/EdS and a PhD in School Psychology. The MA/EdS is School Psychology usually takes three years to complete. The PhD in School Psychology usually takes five years to complete. The psychology department is home of the Center for Applied Psychological Research, one of the most successful of the centers created under the State of Tennessee's Centers of Excellence program.
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Tennessee State University (APA) The TSU PhD in Counseling Psychology is grounded in a scientist-professional model of training. The program curriculum has been designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the study of psychology, a broad range of competencies in research methodology, and the knowledge and skills required for professional interventions in individual, group, and family therapy.
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Middle Tennessee State University (NASP) The MTSU combined MA/EdS in School Psychology is field-based with a research-based thesis required. The school psychologist must be prepared to understand and deal with the child's three major social systems: society in general, the family situation, and the school system. MTSU uses a psychosocial model and promotes a multicultural perspective.
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East Tennessee State University (APA) The ETSU PhD in Clinical Psychology mission is to provide doctoral training in Clinical Psychology for rural behavioral health and practice in the context of integrated primary health care. The ETSU PhD in Experimental Psychology mission is to provide students with broad and general training in translational research in the psychological sciences, including the areas of developmental, cognitive, and social psychology, personality, affective behavior, and behavioral neuroscience.
$$$#NTD #542 #085 #101 #121
University of Tennessee Knoxville The UTK PhD in Applied Educational Psychology is designed for students who want to excel in educational psychology as scientists, researchers, professionals, and scholars in a variety of settings such as K-12, higher education, adult training, healthcare, and government.
$$$#NTD #542 #097
University of Tennessee Knoxville (APA,NASP) The UTK PhD in School Psychology offers advanced graded, sequential, and hierarchical training in psychological and educational foundation, research, assessment, consultation, and intervention. The program prepares professionals who work collaboratively with educators, administrators, parents, and children to promote learning and development in general education students and students with special needs.
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University of Tennessee Knoxville (APA) The UTK PhD in Clinical Psychology is designed to train highly competent clinical psychologists who will make significant contributions to the profession and society as researchers, teachers, and clinicians. We follow The Tennessee Model and our students receive strong training in research, psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and teaching.
$$$#NTD #542 #085
University of Tennessee Knoxville (APA) The UTK PhD in Counseling Psychology teaches the scientist-practitioner-advocate model of training. Students are immersed in a sequence of coursework and field learning experiences designed to develop a broad base of psychological knowledge, and a high level of skills in both research and practice.
$$$#NTD #542 #091
University of Tennessee Knoxville The UTK PhD in Experimental Psychology is designed to allow students to select from a variety of specializations oriented toward careers in research, teaching, and application of psychology in academic, institutional, or industrial settings. The program is flexible, individualized, and emphasizes a professional apprenticeship model of training.
$$$#NTD #542 #101
Vanderbilt University (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The VU PhD in Clinical Psychology subscribes to the clinical scientist model of training, with the primary goal of training clinical scientists. Students can focus their training in: Psychopathology, Developmental Psychology, Adult Psychopathology, Developmental Disabilities, Clinical Neuroscience, Basic Emotional Processes, Prevention and Intervention, Health Psychology, and Quantitative Analysis.
$$$$$#NTD #542 #085 #095 #105
Vanderbilt University The VU PhD in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) examines fundamental problems in perception, attention, memory, thinking, and problem solving. Graduate students in the CCN program become active in research during their first semester in the program and are required to engage in collaborative research throughout the degree program. Course work includes introductory survey courses, specialized didactic courses, advanced seminars, and methods courses.
$$$$$#NTD #542
Vanderbilt University The VU PhD in Developmental Science mission is to understand how learning and development are supported by environmental factors and by basic social and cognitive processes across infancy and childhood. We investigate the role of basic processes in complex actions and reasoning, such as coordinating actions, attention and emotions, comprehending and producing language, understanding symbols and media, and solving math problems.
$$$$$#NTD #542
Vanderbilt University The VU PhD in Neuroscience goal is to form world-class scientists who have the broad conceptual knowledge to understand the important issues of the field, and the know-how and hands-on experience to resolve these issues. The program introduces students to current research strategies aimed at understanding how brain structure and function produces behavior and cognition.
$$$$$#NTD #542
Vanderbilt University The VU PhD in Quantitative Methods program train students in state-of-the-art statistical methods and engage in research that develops and applies such methods. Students in the program develop expertise in the principles of research design and in the theoretical foundations and application of advanced statistical models for human behavior.
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Tennessee Psychology Licensing and Resources

Tennessee Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Tennessee
Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychology The Board was created in 1953 and it's mission is to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of Tennesseans by requiring those who practice as psychologists or psychological examiners within this state be qualified. The Board is authorized to issue licenses to qualified candidates who have graduated from approved schools, completed appropriate post graduate work, and passed the examination administered by the Board.
Society of Biological Psychiatry The SBP vision is to advance understanding, investigation, and treatment of psychiatric disorders until they are eliminated as a cause of human suffering.
Southwestern Psychological Association SWPA is an official APA affiliate for the Southwestern nine-state region of the United States and works to promote and strengthen psychology’s scientific, professional and educational facets. SWPA prides itself on serving the psychological community by providing access to scientific advances and professional development within a collegial atmosphere. Students are welcomed and treated as active and valued participants in the discipline. Additionally, SWPA strives to maintain diversity in its membership, its leadership and its program.
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National Alliance on Mental Illness Tennessee NAMI Tennessee is a grassroots, non-profit, self-help organization made up of people with mental illness, their families and community members, dedicated to improving quality of life for people with mental illness and their families through support, education and advocacy.
Tennessee Psychological Association The mission of the TPA is to provide resources and community to facilitate members' efficacy as scientist practitioners of psychology as a means of promoting human welfare. We strive to provide many benefits to being part of one cohesive group of psychologists.
Tennessee Psychiatric Association The TPA is a statewide medical specialty organization with more than 300 board certified members who are dedicated to developing the highest quality of comprehensive psychiatric care for patients, families and communities. Through advocacy, education and career development, the TPA works to protect both the profession and mental health patients throughout the state of Tennessee.
Tennessee Association of School Psychologists TASP provides support and professional development for school psychologists in Tennessee and strives to stimulate interest in and a better understanding of the role of psychology in the schools among professionals and other interested groups.
#542 #119
Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis TABA mission is to advance awareness, development, and access to the practice of behavior analysis in the State of Tennessee.
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Knoxville Area Psychological Association KAPA mission is to advance psychology as a profession and a science, to promote the mental health of our community, and to further the education of its members by offering continuing education.
Memphis Industrial-Organizational Psychologists MIOP is a group of industrial-organizational psychologists and like-minded individuals located in the Greater Memphis, Tennessee area. Our goal is to provide networking and learning opportunities for individuals practicing and researching within the field of I-O psychology.
#542 #106
Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, with site locations in the surrounding East Tennessee area, the TIC offers qualified school psychology doctoral students training and a range of field experiences as they prepare to begin their professional careers.
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