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Educational psychologists career paths all use theory, practice and research to help individuals or groups succeed in learning. The career outlook for educational psychologists has grown, and one out of every four psychologists is employed in an education environment. Student preparation within an educational psychology degree program may include research of the cognitive and social learning aspects of human development; consulting in creating educational curriculum (classroom or online); and school psychology services such as school counseling, teacher consultation and intervention of academics, behaviors or crisis. Educational psychologists may be employed as researchers, school practitioners, digital learning designers, academic faculty members, health care workers, educators, or trainers. U.S colleges offering graduate degree programs in educational psychology are ranked by affordability in the tables below.

Masters in Educational Psychology

Most Affordable Educational Psychology Master’s Programs

Walden University The WU online MS in Psychology program provides a solid foundation in basic scientific methods and psychological principles. Specializations to choose from include: Applied Psychology, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology. Walden also offers a MA in Forensic Psychology. Career options include: project coordinator, family services worker, social service manager, intervention advocate, and more.
$#TD #MN
Texas A&M University Central Texas The TAMUCT MS in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Experimental Psychology will develop psychology-specific knowledge, critical thinking abilities, scientific writing abilities, and statistical analysis skills. This program is research-based, and students are required to complete a quantitative thesis research project with faculty mentorship.
$#TD #TX
Webster University The WU Master's Degree in Applied Educational Psychology prepares scientist-practitioners who collaborate with teachers, parents, school personnel, and community members to promote educationally and psychologically healthy environments for all children and youth. Candidates for these programs should possess a keen interest in collaboration, a strong work ethic, and a compassionate, empathic disposition.
$#TD #MO
Marist College (NASP,NCATE) The Marist MA in School Psychology leads to New York State Education Department (NYSED) certification as a school psychologist. Small classes enhance student/faculty interaction. Core School Psychology faculty are experienced, certified, school psychologists. Marist also offers a MA in Educational Psychology with two tracks: Childhood Education (grades 1-6), and Adolescent Education (grades 7-12).
$#TD #NY
Wichita State University The WSU Master's in Educational Psychology includes customizable concentrations with online, face-to-face, and hybrid options. The program is intended to either enhance existing careers or start new careers such as: Educators, Health Care Workers, Higher Education, Researchers, Trainers, Digital Learning Designers, and more.
$#TD #KS
College of Saint Rose (NASP) The CSR MS in Education in School Psychology curriculum integrates courses in school psychology, educational psychology, counseling, and special education. Our program combines a strong interdisciplinary focus with an emphasis on clinical experience. All candidates must complete a 240 hour practicum and a 1200 hour internship.
$#TD #NY
John Carroll University (NCATE) The JCU Master's in Education degree in Educational Psychology focuses on learning theories, human development, research methods, assessment, and measurement, which could be utilized in a variety of settings and fields. The program includes a core set of courses, as well as electives to allow for specialization.
$#TD #OH
Northcentral University NCU offers a MA in Psychology, MS in Educational Psychology, MS in Health Psychology, MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, MS in Child and Adolescent Psychology, and a MS in Forensic Psychology. The MA in Psychology has two specializations: Gender Diversity Studies and General Psychology.
$#TD #AZ
University of New Mexico The UNM Educational Psychology MA is designed to give students a broad and critical perspective on the psychological factors affecting individuals in schools, other educational settings, and other learning situations throughout the life span. The program also emphasizes critical evaluation and application of research and theory based on a firm grounding in measurement, assessment, research methodology and quantitative methods.
$$#TD #NM
University of Nebraska Lincoln The UNL Master of Arts in Educational Psychology students choose a specialization from developmental and learning sciences; counseling psychology; quantitative, qualitative, and psychometric methods (QQPM). The Counseling Psychology program strives for an equal balance between science and professional psychological practice in the general context of a life span model of human development oriented toward community agencies, schools and college settings.
$$#TD #NE
Carlow University The CU MA in Psychology (MAP) has a focus on the development of research skills, and four distinct coursework concentrations. You can choose a concentration in: Forensic Psychology, Educational Psychology, Assessment Psychology or Exploration Psychology.
$$#TD #PA
University of Nevada Las Vegas The UNLV Master of Science in Educational Psychology program is appropriate for elementary, secondary, and special education teachers who wish to enhance classroom skills; students interested in pursuing advanced studies in educational psychology. Also for students interested in obtaining a specialist degree in school psychology.
$$#TD #NV
New Jersey City University The NJCU MA in Educational Psychology offers a broad education in psychology. The program of courses and field experiences serve as preparation for entry into doctoral or certification programs (such as school psychology certification).
$$#TD #NJ
Texas A&M University The TAMU Master's in Educational Psychology areas of concentration include: Bilingual Education, School Counseling, Creativity & Cognition, Educational Technology, Research, Measurement & Statistics, Special Education, and Developmental Sciences.
$$#TD #TX
University of Northern Colorado The UNC MA in Educational Psychology is designed to be flexible and authentic. Courses are offered on campus, at off-campus extension sites in Denver and other locations, and online.
$$#TD #CO
Emporia State University ESU offers a MS in Psychology with the following concentrations: The Clinical Psychology concentration will give you the training and experience you need to help others. The Educational Psychology concentration focuses on the psychology of learning, including topics such as instructional methods, disabilities, and gifted students. The Industrial/Organizational Psychology concentration. The School Psychology concentration is for those interested in working with children with diverse characteristics and backgrounds, and in providing them preventative as well as remedial services to help them achieve success.
$$#TD #KS
Ball State University (APA) The BSU Department of Educational Psychology offers a MA in Educational Psychology Online, a MS in Educational Psychology, and a Master's in Quantitative Psychology.
$$#TD #IN
Edinboro University The EU Online Master of Education in Educational Psychology offers students a broad theoretical and practical background in both education and psychology. The program provides educators with an understanding of procedures for progress monitoring and using research supported practices without losing focus on the importance of having a broad understanding of the psychological development of all children.
$$#TD #PA
Oklahoma State University The OSU Online Master's in Educational Psychology prepares graduates to perform effectively as professionals in schools or educational settings by developing competencies focused on the human learner. Our program can advance your career or prepare you for doctoral studies. OSU also offers a MS in Forensic Psychology.
$$#TD #OK
University of Texas San Antonio The UTSA MA in Educational Psychology aims to prepare culturally competent scientist-practitioners and researchers to effectively contribute to the psychological development and well-being of children and adolescents. This program has the following concentrations: General Educational Psychology, Behavior Assessment and Intervention (Behavior Analysis focus), Program Evaluation, and Applied Educational Psychology.
$$#TD #TX
Georgia State University (BACB) The GSU Master of Science in Educational Psychology helps students understand the science of learning and behavioral change with emphasis on the application of the principles of psychology to the systematic study of education. GSU also offers a MS in Applied Behavior Analysis which gives students the opportunity to work in a clinical and community environment to help people with disabilities.
$$#TD #GA
University at Buffalo SUNY The UB MA in Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods focuses on preparing you, as a researcher, to address problems in diverse educational settings, with the ultimate goal of improving teaching and learning, classroom and school organization, inequities in opportunities to learn, the assessment of educational outcomes, and a range of other pressing educational issues.
$$$#TD #NY
University of Wisconsin Madison The UWM Master of Science for Professional Educators (MSPE) in Educational Psychology is a convenient, fully online education program, enhanced with web-based conferencing. MSPE integrates courses from three School of Education departments - Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, and Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis.
$$$#TD #WI
University of Wisconsin Madison The UWM MS in Educational Psychology provides comprehensive knowledge of the field and intensive specialization in one of four areas of study and research: human development, learning sciences, quantitative methods, and school psychology.
$$$#TD #WI
University of Missouri Columbia The UMC MA or MEd in Educational Psychology is committed to disseminating and developing knowledge and skills in human learning and cognition, development and motivation. We use quantitative and qualitative methods to study how thinking, motivation and behavior change across time.
$$$#TD #MO
University of Toledo The UT Master's in Educational Psychology has been recognized at the national and international level for its expertise in: Bullying and targeted violence; Culture, identity, and development; Urban and international education; Equality and social justice; Personal epistemology; and Motivation. Graduates go on to careers in teaching, academic and applied research, and professional development.
$$$#TD #OH
West Virginia University WVU offers a MA in Educational Psychology. The general major in educational psychology offers a focus on the disciplines of teaching and learning, educational environments, and educational organizations studies. The major in child development and family studies immerses students into child developmental environments, providing holistic disciplines in child learning as well as family and community involvement. WVU also offers a major in program evaluation and research.
$$$#TD #WV
Tennessee Tech University The TTU MA in Educational Psychology program is a general non-licensure concentration that allows for considerable flexibility in your program of study. The TTN MA in School Psychology prepares you to assess and intervene in a wide range of school-based situations. TTN also offers a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
$$$#TD #TN
Florida State University FSU offers a Master's or PhD in Educational Psychology - Learning and Cognition. The program is designed for students and professionals interested in the application of cognition, learning, and developmental theories. The Master's program is either online or on-campus. The Doctoral program is on-campus.
$$$#TD #FL
Washington State University The WSU Master of Arts in Educational Psychology develops strong methodological skills and a deep understanding of learning theory to work on challenging educational problems. Recipients in this program are well prepared to continue doctoral level training if so desired. However, this degree also enables the recipient access to entry-level positions in this intriguing field that presents an ever-changing, challenging, and rewarding work environment.
$$$#TD #WA
University of Georgia UGA offers a MEd, a MA, a EdS or a PhD in Educational Psychology - Applied Cognition and Development. In these programs educational psychologists explore the effect of human cognitive and developmental processes on education. They also determine how that knowledge can be applied to teaching and learning. Our programs prepare graduates to improve education through research, to implement projects in schools, and to apply research and methods to various settings.
$$$#TD #GA
University of Georgia UGA offers a MEd, a MA, a EdS or a PhD in Educational Psychology - Gifted and Creative Education. Students become grounded in the idea that giftedness and creativity are expressed in diverse ways among diverse people; that creativity is a universal potential to be nurtured and enhanced; and that the best education is tailored to students' specific needs.
$$$#TD #GA
University of Georgia UGA offers a MEd, a MA, or a PhD in Educational Psychology - Quantitative Methodology. The M.A. and Ph.D. in Quantitative Methodology are research-oriented degrees. The M.Ed. program focuses on applications of advanced quantitative methodology.
$$$#TD #GA
Andrews University The AU MA in Educational Psychology has and emphasis in either educational or developmental psychology. The Instructional Psychology Emphasis is specifically designed for teachers who wish to expand their understanding of the teaching and learning process. The Research emphasis is designed for those interested in applying research and statistical principles for solving problems in educational, psychological and social settings.
$$$#TD #MI
University of Minnesota UofM offers Master's Degrees Educational Psychology with the following concentrations: Counseling and Student personnel psychology, Learning and Cognition/Educational Technology, Social Psychological and Developmental Processes, and a Quantitative methods in education.
$$$#TD #MN
University of California Riverside The UCR MA in Educational Psychology is designed to develop your understanding of student learning and development, measurement and assessment, and program evaluation in educational environments. The curriculum and research opportunities aim to prepare students for a career in educational research, a position of leadership in a school district, or to further pursue their doctoral studies.
$$$#TD #CA
Purdue University The PU MSEd in Educational Psychology and Research Methodology prepares students to be leaders in research that addresses significant educational and psychological problems. Our internationally-recognized faculty members offer students strong, individualized mentoring.
$$$#TD #IN
University of Alabama (NCATE) The UA Master of Arts in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning and Assessment Online provides training in cognition and the learning sciences coupled with educational research and program evaluation skills. This program does not lead to certification.
$$$#TD #AL
University of Iowa The UI Master of Arts in Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences emphasizes the ways theory and research inform our understanding of learners, learning, instruction, and the technology and environments in which learning and instruction occur. Elective opportunities allow students to develop a multidisciplinary specialization, including technology and media, human development and motivation, and measurement and evaluation.
$$$#TD #IA
University of Tennessee Knoxville The UTK MS in Educational Psychology is designed for professionals working in school settings, colleges and universities, and business and government, as well as those preparing for work in these and related areas. We offer two concentrations, Adult Education and Applied Educational Psychology, and courses for this degree are offered online through distance education.
$$$#TD #TN
Miami University The MU Master's in Educational Psychology integrates other branches of psychology (e.g., developmental psychology, behavioral & cognitive psychology) to provide a comprehensive conceptual map of human information processing and life span development.
$$$#TD #OH
Indiana University Bloomington The IUB MSEd in Learning and Developmental Sciences with the Educational Psychology track examines how teachers, classroom environments, and schools can enhance or diminish student motivation and performance. You will gain insight into cognitive and emotional changes in children, adolescents, and adults and develop a solid foundation in the theoretical frameworks that guide different styles of teaching.
$$$#TD #IN
University of Arizona The UA Master of Arts in Educational Psychology program exposes students to emerging psychological research and theory, preparing them for a wide range of professional positions in education, government, and industry. Courses include the areas of the psychology of teaching and learning, human development, and measurement, statistics and research methodology.
$$$#TD #AZ
Baylor University The BU Master of Arts in Educational Psychology offers students the opportunity to pursue a general program or to three different specializations: Applied Behavior Analysis, Gifted & Talented, and Quantitative Methods. Baylor also offers a MSEd in Educational Psychology which is ideally suited for students who will work with children or adults in an educational setting.
$$$#TD #TX
Wayne State University The WSU MEd in Educational Psychology provide students with a breadth of knowledge regarding the application of psychology to education, which can be used in a variety of settings such as schools and businesses. This program is particularly well suited for teachers who wish to enhance their teaching skills by expanding their knowledge of how psychology concepts apply within educational contexts.
$$$$#TD #MI

Most Affordable Educational Psychology Doctorate Programs

Wichita State University The WSU Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership - Educational Psychology gives practicing professionals a depth of knowledge in how people think, learn and lead with opportunities for research contributions and other types of professional applications. Rather than the typical lecture classroom, all courses are offered as hybrid or online.
Azusa Pacific University (NASP) The APU dual degree program pairs the Master of Arts in Education: Educational Psychology degree and the Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S.) in School Psychology with the School Psychology Credential. Candidates to become Nationally Certified School Psychologists (NCSP) upon graduating.
Loyola Marymount University (NASP) The LMU EdS in School Psychology is designed to prepare you to work in California’s elementary and secondary schools. By the end of the program you will earn you MA in Educational Psychology, EdS in School Psychology, PPS credential in School Psychology, be eligible as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and after 3 years of practice, for licensing as a Licensed Educational Psychology (LEP).
$$#NTD #CA
Loyola University Chicago (NASP,ISBE) The Loyola MEd/EdS dual-degree program in School Psychology prepares students to become an integral part of educating children and supporting parents and staff in schools as school psychologists. An MEd degree in Educational Psychology is earned after the first year of study, leading to entrance to the EdS portion of the program.
$$#NTD #IL
Texas A&M University The TAMU PhD in Educational Psychology offers additional concentrations including: Bilingual Education, Developmental Sciences, Learning Design & Technology, Research, Measurement & Statistics, and Special Education.
$$#NTD #TX
Ball State University (APA,NASP) The BSU PhD in Educational Psychology is the perfect step to career advancement if you have a degree in education, psychology, social work, or other fields involving human development and learning. The BSU PhD in School Psychology prepares students for entry to practice in health service psychology. The PhD Program in School Psychology is a pathway toward eligibility to pursue a career as a licensed psychologist.
$$#NTD #IN
University of Texas at Austin The UTAUS Master's or PhD in Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences (HDCLS) represents the scientific and theoretical bases for research and practice within the field of Educational Psychology. We train students in theories of: human cognition, culture, development, language, learning, motivation, social psychology, and personality psychology.
$$#NTD #TX
Alliant International University The AIU PsyD in Educational Psychology includes coursework in leadership and supervision, psychopharmacology, developmental psychopathology, and more help fine-tune your understanding of how you can help each child reach their fullest potential, regardless of their circumstance.
$$#NTD #CA
University at Buffalo SUNY The UB PhD in Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods focuses on preparing you to research problems in diverse educational settings. The goal of the program is to improve teaching and learning, classroom and school organization, inequities in opportunities to learn, the assessment of educational outcomes, and a wide array of other pressing educational issues.
$$$#NTD #NY
University of Wisconsin Madison (APA,NASP) The UWM PhD in Educational Psychology provides graduates comprehensive knowledge of the field and research specialization. Specializations include: Human Development, Learning Sciences, Quantitative Methods, or School Psychology.
$$$#NTD #WI
University of Missouri Columbia The UMC PhD in Educational Psychology focuses on generating original research and consists of a minimum of 72 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the bachelor’s degree.
$$$#NTD #MO
University of Georgia (APA,NASP) The UGA PhD in educational Psychology - School Psychology will develop principles of theory, science, and practice in four major content areas: Child and adolescent development and systems, Abnormal psychology, Appraisal, and Intervention and consultation.
$$$#NTD #GA
Andrews University The AU PhD in Educational Psychology prepares students to assess and consult program planning and intervention services in preschool, child-development centers or other public and private school systems. Students will also be prepared for educational psychology positions as college and university instructors.
$$$#NTD #MI
University of Minnesota (NASP) The UofM PhD in Educational Psychology has several program areas: Learning and Cognition/Educational Technology, Social Psychological and Developmental processes, Quantitative methods in education, and School Psychology.
$$$#NTD #MN
University of California Riverside (APA) The UCR PhD in Educational Psychology graduates become educational researchers and university teachers. We offer students an integrative research and training program with strengths in cognitive development, quantitative, and qualitative methods.
$$$#NTD #CA
Purdue University The PU PhD in Educational Psychology & Research Methodology requires a dissertation and entails 60 hours of graduate credit beyond a completed master’s degree. Areas of specialization include: Cognition and Learning, Motivation, Self-Regulated Learning, Educational Measurement, Quantitative Research Methods, and Personal-Social Development and Schooling.
$$$#NTD #IN
University of Alabama The UA PhD in Educational Psychology prepares students for careers as faculty members within academic settings, researchers in agencies or businesses and school practitioners. The mission of the program is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the theory and research related to learners, learning and developmental processes.
$$$#NTD #AL
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine The PCOM PhD in Educational Psychology is designed to be completed in three years of full-time study. The goal of the program is to provide advanced training for school psychologists, educators, social workers and other individuals who have completed a master’s degree and are seeking additional skills and expanded career opportunities.
$$$#NTD #PA
Boston College The BC PhD in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology prepares graduate students to serve diverse populations in a variety of professional roles. Areas of program expertise within the study of child development and child functioning include cognitive and socioemotional development from the preschool years through adolescence. We also have expertise on adult functioning in community settings.
$$$#NTD #MA
University of Iowa The UI PhD in Educational Psychology instructs candidates in the theories and practices in Educational Psychology and the Learning Sciences and prepares them with the depth of knowledge and sophistication of methodology necessary for original research contributions in those fields.
$$$#NTD #IA
University of Tennessee Knoxville The UTK PhD in Applied Educational Psychology is designed for students who want to excel in educational psychology as scientists, researchers, professionals, and scholars in a variety of settings such as K-12, higher education, adult training, healthcare, and government.
$$$#NTD #TN
Howard University The HU PhD in Educational Psychology emphasizes the practical application of learning and development theories to the study of human behavior. The primary objective of the program is to produce psychologists who are capable of performing scholarly research and evaluation studies and practitioners who are skillful in applying principles of psychology to the resolution of developmental and educational problems.
$$$#NTD #DC
Baylor University The BU PhD in Educational Psychology develops researchers and scholars for higher education and applied fields of psychology. Typical time to completion of coursework is three years for full-time students and five years for part-time students, with an additional year to complete the dissertation.
$$$#NTD #TX
Pennsylvania State University The Penn State MS or PhD in Educational Psychology uses an Apprentice Scholar model that enables students to develop an extensive understanding of relevant research and to produce knowledge through their own research. As students in our program develop expertise, they learn to participate as members of a research community that is concerned with the nexus of learning, teaching, assessment, and research methodology.
$$$$#NTD #PA
Teachers College at Columbia University (APA,NASP) The CU PhD in Applied Educational Psychology: School Psychology focuses on the application of psychological science to the promotion of learning and mental health in schools and other educational and mental health contexts. Our goal is to train beginning level doctoral school psychologists to work in schools, universities, research centers, testing companies and clinics that serve the educational and mental health needs of children, youth, and their families.
$$$$#NTD #NY

Educational Psychology Associations, Journals, and Resources

California Board of Behavioral Sciences The mission of the BBS is to protect and serve Californians by setting, communicating, and enforcing standards for safe and competent mental health practice. The Board of Behavioral Sciences is a California state regulatory agency, responsible for licensing, examination, and enforcement of professional standards for: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) and Associates (AMFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) Associates (ASW), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) and Associates (APCC) and Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP).
Elsevier Journals in Psychology Publishes journals covering Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology and Social Psychology and Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience.
International School Psychology Association In the early 1970s a group of school psychologists from different parts of the world, under the leadership of the late Calvin D. Catterall, came together to form an International School Psychology Committee in order to promote worldwide cooperation amongst school and educational psychologists. The number of psychologists committed to this aim grew steadily until in 1982 the International School Psychology Association. The ISPA provides training, resources, and a global community to school psychologists or those interested in the field.
Journal of Educational Psychology The main purpose is to publish original, primary psychological research pertaining to education across all ages and educational levels. A secondary purpose of the Journal is the occasional publication of exceptionally important meta-analysis articles that are pertinent to educational psychology.
Georgia Psychological Association GPA is the state association for all psychologists working or residing in Georgia. GPA has clinical psychology, academic, government, educational psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, forensic psychology and many other types of psychologists within the membership.
APA Quantitative and Qualitative Methods Div. 5 draws together specialists in the areas of quantitative and qualitative methods. Our membership includes specialists in the fields of educational psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, individual assessment, measurement, program evaluation, psychometrics, qualitative inquiry, research interviewing, research methods and statistics.
University of Northern Colorado Educational Psychology Society The official organization for Educational Psychology graduate students, though our meetings and events are open to all.
APA Educational Psychology This organization expands psychological knowledge and theory relevant to education, to extend the application of psychological knowledge and services to all aspects of education, to develop professional opportunities in educational psychology, to further the development of psychological theory through the study of educational processes, and to promote cooperation and joint action with others having similar or related purposes.

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