Nevada Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Nevada colleges that offer both terminal (master’s in psychology only) and non-terminal (master’s in psychology with doctorate) degree programs are categorized according to affordability in the tables below. Two universities offer ten higher education psychology degree programs. These programs are in the following areas of study: behavior analysis psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive and brain sciences psychology, social psychology, integrative neuroscience psychology, experimental psychology and school psychology. See the “Nevada Psychology Resources” section at the bottom of the page that indexes helpful websites with Nevada psychology information. Surrounding states that provide psychology graduate degree programs include California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

Nevada Masters in Psychology

Nevada Master’s in Psychology Programs

University of Nevada Reno (ABAI) The UNR MS in Psychology - Behavior Analysis Specialization builds upon foundational undergraduate knowledge and helps prepare students for doctoral studies or careers in government and the public and private sectors. The program focuses on the philosophies of behaviorism, the theory and methodology of behavior analysis, basic and applied research in human behavior, and more.
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University of Nevada Las Vegas The UNLV Master of Science in Educational Psychology program is appropriate for elementary, secondary, and special education teachers who wish to enhance classroom skills; students interested in pursuing advanced studies in educational psychology. Also for students interested in obtaining a specialist degree in school psychology.
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Nevada Doctorate in Psychology Programs

University of Nevada Reno The UNR PhD in Integrative Neuroscience provides students with a strong foundation across key areas of brain science, as well as advanced training in specialized subdisciplines. Students receive advanced, specialized training to develop their critical thinking and research skills in preparation for a wide range of possible career avenues, either in academia or the public or private sectors.
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University of Nevada Reno The UNR PhD in Psychology - Behavior Analysis provides comprehensive training in behavior analysis, out of which more specialized basic, applied and theoretical interests can be developed. A balance of basic, applied and theoretical training is sought.
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University of Nevada Reno (APA,APCS) The UNR PhD in Clinical Psychology is a clinical science program that is cognitive-behavioral in orientation with a strong emphasis on behaviorism. A main focus of the program is the integration of science and practice in service delivery
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University of Nevada Reno The UNR PhD in Psychology - Cognitive and Brain Sciences program has collaborative links with several other departments on campus, including biology, medicine, computer science and the graduate program in electrical and biomedical engineering. Many of the program faculty also maintain close working links with colleagues and research labs at other universities.
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University of Nevada Reno The UNR PhD in interdisciplinary Social Psychology emphasizes training in theoretical foundations, as well as qualitative and quantitative methods in basic and applied research. Areas of emphasis include psychology and law (legal), personal and social relationships, social psychology and health, and organizational behavior. Gender, culture and development issues are integrated into the curriculum in each area of emphasis.
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University of Nevada Las Vegas (NASP) The UNLV EdS in School Psychology prepares professional school psychologists. The degree enables the student to practice as a school psychologist in Nevada, and provides preparation for national certification. The program integrates theory and research to applied skills for working in schools and other agencies.
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University of Nevada Las Vegas (APA) The UNLV PhD in Clinical Psychology prepares students to address psychological concerns through scholarly research and the application of psychological knowledge and skills in practice. We train students as generalists who are prepared to conduct ethically appropriate scientific research and clinical interventions with children and adults in an increasingly multicultural society
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University of Nevada Las Vegas The UNLV PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences trains students to become psychological scientists capable of conducting independent research that meets international standards of scientific excellence. Areas of research in which faculty supervise students are: cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and quantitative/experimental.
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Nevada Psychology Licensing and Resources

Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners The BPE protects consumers of psychological services by regulating the practice of psychology. The Board is empowered to establish licensing requirements, to set standards for professional behavior, and to review the professional conduct of licensed psychologists to promote competent practice and public welfare.
Nevada Psychiatric Association The NPA is a professional, non-profit corporation serving psychiatrists in Nevada. It is organized for the purpose of supporting professionalism in the practice of psychiatry and promoting top quality mental health care.
Nevada Psychological Association The NPA is a non-profit professional association representing licensed psychologists and others affiliated with the delivery of psychological services in the state of Nevada. Our mission is to advance and represent psychology as a science and a profession. Our members are psychologists, psychology students and affiliated or associated others interested in psychology and the mental health field. We are also proud to say that we have strong membership involvement from both undergraduate and graduate students in psychology.
Rocky Mountain Psychological Association RMPA was founded in 1930 for the purpose of advancing psychology as a science, as a profession and as a means of promoting human welfare in the States of Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. During April of each year a convention is held at various locations throughout the region at which scientific papers, posters and symposia are presented. RMPA remains an advocate throughout all phases of professional development by the dissemination of scientific and professional ideas.
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Nevada Psychologist License Lookup State of Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners Psychologist Licensing/Certification, Renewals, Reinstatement, License Lookup and Directory Search in the state of Nevada.
National Alliance on Mental Illness Nevada NAMI Nevada, located in Reno, is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life for persons who are affected by mental illnesses, by providing education, support, and advocacy.
Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis The continuing mission of the NABA is to promote intellectual exchange and professional development in the field of behavior analysis in all its facets to include: philosophical, theoretical, experimental, applied, and practice in the state of Nevada.
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Nevada Association of School Psychologists The NVASP embodies a unified community that advances opportunities for School Psychologists across the state of Nevada. NVASP provides professional development opportunities and resources and advocates for school psychologists through state legislation. Getting involved is a great way to socialize and network with other school psychologists.
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