Scholarship Guide for Native American Students

Native American Scholarships Guide

Education is an integral part of self-sufficiency, both individual and relational well being, and overall quality of life. Higher education for Native Americans is also a critical part of addressing long-term challenges for reservations. Poverty is a concern that keeps some Native Americans from even trying to pursue graduate or postgraduate degrees.

  • The National Congress of American Indians recently highlighted a statistic that states: The percentage of American Indian and Alaska Natives living in poverty in 2017 was estimated to be 26.8%. This compares to 14.6% for the nation as a whole.

  • According to the American Indian Education Fund (AIEF), up to 70 percent of Native American students drop out of high school and only 13 percent of Native American students earn college degrees.

  • Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) shares a striking statistic declaring that only 17% of Native American Students start college and only 13% finish college.

Higher education support for Native Americans is available. PWNA offers higher education services to help native students pursue college degrees and support retention during college. AIEF is a program created by PWNA that offers scholarships, literacy programs, and school supplies. These are just two of the many national and local organizations that offer scholarships, grants and helpful resources to native students who would like to pursue further education. The United States government also provides helpful resources and financial aid opportunities for native students. Our Native American Scholarship and College Resource Guide highlights U.S. scholarships, fellowships, grants, internships, professional organizations, and tribal college and university information for native students.

Some scholarships listed below require a free application submission for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

National Native Scholarships

Regional Native Scholarships

Native Fellowships

Native Grants

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Professional Organizations

Tribal Colleges and Universities

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