Texas Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Texas colleges that offer both terminal and non-terminal degree programs are affordability ranked and listed below. There are 113 postgraduate psychology degree programs offered by 42 Texas schools. The degree programs include, but are not limited to these areas: psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, clinical community psychology, school psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, applied psychology, experimental psychology, applied behavior analysis, forensic psychology, human factors, social psychology, psychological research, clinical science, psychological sciences, neurosciences, human-computer interaction, health service psychology; human development, culture and learning sciences; and quantitative methods. The resource section at the bottom of the page lists Texas psychology sites. Surrounding states that offer graduate programs in psychology are Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Texas Masters in Psychology

Texas Master’s in Psychology Programs

University of Texas Permian Basin The UTPB Master of Arts in Psychology has two concentrations: Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychology. The Clinical Psychology concentration offers training in child, adolescent, and adult disorders. The Experimental Psychology concentration focuses on advanced psychological theory, research methods, statistics, and manuscript preparation. UTPB offers small class sizes, individualized mentorship, and hands on experience in the field.
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Midwestern State University (MPCAC) The MSU Texas Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology/Counseling Psychology (MACCP) graduates are eligible to sit for licensure as either professional counselors, psychological associates, or both. Students can expect to become knowledgeable in a variety of theories of personality, principles of assessment, and methods of therapy.
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Southwestern Assemblies of God University The SAGU Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology will prepare you as a highly competent Christian mental health professional. Students will develop a solid foundation in the clinical practice of assessment and counseling of children, adolescents and adults. Courses include: behavioral sciences, theories of counseling and psychotherapy, cognitive assessment, and statistics for the behavioral sciences.
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Houston Christian University The HCU Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) contains three separate options: General, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, and LSSP Respecialization. Graduates may obtain employment in a range of settings including community college teaching, law enforcement agencies and private industry. The courses are taught by doctoral-level professors and professionals in the field of psychology with a low student/professor ratio.
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Texas A&M University Kingsville The TAMUK MA in Counseling Psychology is appropriate for those who wish to become counselors in a range of federal and state applied mental health agencies, such as community mental health centers, rehabilitation offices, addiction treatment clinics, Operation Head start, and family service organizations. TAMUK also offers a MA or MS in General Psychology where graduates find careers in teaching and often pursue doctorate degrees.
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Texas A&M University Central Texas The TAMUCT MS in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Experimental Psychology will develop psychology-specific knowledge, critical thinking abilities, scientific writing abilities, and statistical analysis skills. This program is research-based, and students are required to complete a quantitative thesis research project with faculty mentorship.
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Texas A&M International University (MPCAC) The TAMIU MA in Counseling Psychology mission is to prepare students to sensitively serve the counseling needs of clients from diverse cultures and multicultural communities. The program aims to train students in prevention, and community education processes as well as in individual, and group counseling. Our curricular model is based on the scientist-practitioner model.
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Texas A&M International University The TAMIU Master of Science in Psychology prepares you to apply the science of psychology to a wide variety of professional settings. The program focuses on a broad background in research-based psychology, from social, experimental, and cognitive, to developmental psychology, as well as providing a background in research methods and design.
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Texas A&M University Commerce (MPCAC) The TAMUC Master of Science degree in Psychology focuses on courses in human cognition and research methodology, i.e. educational and experimental psychology. This program prepares students for further graduate work. TAMUC also offers a MS in Applied/Clinical psychology. Graduates can be found in clinical, organizational, and teaching settings all over Texas, the nation and around the world.
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Texas Southern University The TSU MA in Clinical Community Psychology is designed for the development of students who wish to study the empirical and theoretical foundations of psychology with application to a variety of urban settings broadly conceived to include community, clinical, and educational institutions. The TSU MA in School Psychology is designed for students interested in the theory and practice of school psychology.
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Texas A&M University Texarkana The TAMUT Master's degree in Psychology offers advanced training in psychology and is specifically geared toward the student who is interested in the research and teaching of psychology. The faculty research areas include: emotional intelligence, domestic violence, grief, substance abuse, correctional counseling, intergroup relations, and others.
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Angelo State University The ASU MS in Counseling Psychology have the academic background required for licensure as licensed psychological associates or licensed professional counselors. The MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology emphasizes research and consulting skills and prepares students to work effectively in organizational settings. ASU also offers a MS in Applied Psychology and a MS in Experimental Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience emphasis.
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Stephen F. Austin State University The SFA Master's Degree in Psychology is designed to augment the credentials of individuals who are interested in applying for admission to doctoral programs in psychology. Electives to choose from include: Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Advanced Psychopathology, Advanced Developmental Psychology, Advanced Applied Psychology, Human Factors Engineering, and more.
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Stephen F. Austin State University (NASP) The SFA Master's in School Psychology program embraces a practitioner-scientist/scholar model of training in which practice, research, and theory are considered integrated components. The emphasis is on developing applied knowledge in research methods, human growth and development, learning principles, psychopathology, and biological basis of behavior necessary for functioning in the public schools.
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University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (BACB) The UTRGV MA in Clinical Psychology is designed for those who want to enter a career of mental health service delivery. The UTRGV MS in Experimental Psychology prepares students to pursue a doctorate in one of the areas of experimental psychology or provide research support to ongoing public or private projects. Students in both the experimental and clinical program who elect the optional BCBA concentration.
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Tarleton State University The TSU MS in Applied Psychology was designed to prepare students to pursue doctoral level study or prepare students for entry into a variety of professions including: Teaching at the college/university level, Psychological Researcher, Research Project Manager, Human Resources, and more. Three degree options include: Thesis option, Applied Project option, and Teaching Track option.
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Texas Woman's University The TWU MS in Psychological Science will provide you with exceptional, student-focused research training in a variety of areas of psychological science. Students will develop a deep understanding of the scientific basis of human psychology and highly marketable research skills. The TWU MA in Counseling Psychology provides a uniquely feminist perspective while preparing students for careers primarily in psychological counseling.
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University of North Texas (ABAI) The UNT Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis will teach you about both the experimental analysis of behavior and applied behavior analysis, which will prepare you for either further study in a doctoral program or a career in a variety of settings. Our coursework will give you a broad understanding of behavior principles, but also will allow you to specialize in certain areas.
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University of Texas at El Paso The UTEP MA in Clinical Psychology is designed to prepare students either to work in applied settings as psychological associates or professional counselors, or to continue on to clinical Ph.D. programs. The UTEP MA in Experimental Psychology emphasizes a theoretical and empirical approach to research including training in research methodology, experimental design, and statistical analysis.
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University of Texas at Tyler The UT Tyler MS in Clinical Psychology provides the opportunity for the student to understand, evaluate, and counsel persons with psychological problems, and to draw upon community resources for assistance in working with these persons. A specialization in Neuropsychology is also available with courses that include: brain functioning and neuroanatomy, psychopharmacology, organic mental diseases, diagnosis and neuropsychological assessment.
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University of Houston Victoria The UHV MA in Counseling Psychology will prepare you to assess and to provide psychotherapy or counseling to people in need. It has a strong clinical component and meets the academic requirements for the Texas Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential. The UVA MA in Forensic Psychology prepares students to become licensed mental health workers in the field of forensics.
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Sam Houston State University SHSU offers a MA in Clinical Psychology and a MA in General Psychology. The MACP is designed to prepare graduate students for careers in the mental health field or to continue to Clinical Ph.D. programs. The MAGP is focused on the scientific sub-disciplines of psychology and involves several electives that allow students to pursue personal academic and research interests.
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Texas Tech University (HFES) The TTU Master's in Human Factors Psychology requirements are an abbreviated form of the doctoral program. Generally, master's students take 10 courses, 6 hours of research, and complete the prequalifying examination.
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Texas Tech University The TTU Master's in Social Psychology program functions on an apprenticeship model in which students conduct research under faculty supervision. The program aims to educate individuals for research positions in a variety of settings.
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Lamar University The LU Master of Science in Applied Psychology prepares professionals for employment in business, industry, or community mental health agencies. Two degree tracks offer specialized study in either Industrial/Organizational Psychology or in Clinical Psychology. Both degrees provide a well-balanced blend of academics and practical experience.
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Texas A&M University Corpus Christi The TAMUCC Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology is designed to develop mastery of the scientific principles and methods of psychology and their application to clinical issues. The primary mission is to provide a program of study with an applied clinical emphasis to prepare students for the practice of psychology or counseling at the master’s level of licensure. Students receive supervised clinical practicum experience as part of their training.
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Texas State University San Marcos The TSU Master of Arts in Psychological Research fosters competence in the methodological foundations and conduct of psychological research across a wide variety of settings. Faculty areas of expertise include clinical, neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, health psychology, quantitative psychology, developmental psychology and social psychology, among others.
$#TD #543 #095 #105 #114 #121
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center The UTSW MS in Clinical Science is intended for individuals who desire a career in clinical/translational research and have the necessary departmental support to be successful.
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Our Lady of the Lake University The OLLU MS in School Psychology prepares practitioners to provide a variety of services including assessment, counseling, crisis management and intervention to children and adolescents. The program meets the academic requirements for licensure as a Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) or Psychological Associate (LPA) through the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.
$#TD #543 #119
St. Mary's University The SMU Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology prepares students to develop and use tests for selection of employees, conduct job analysis and evaluation, identify training and development needs of organizations and groups, evaluate the effectiveness of organizational interventions, facilitate organizational change and development, and maximize the effectiveness and quality of work life for individuals and work groups in organizational settings.
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University of Houston Clear Lake The UHCL MA in Clinical Psychology learn psychological assessment and intervention. Students can pursue specialized study in behavioral medicine, anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies, and behavioral parent training for childhood externalizing behaviors.
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University of Houston Clear Lake The UHCL MA in industrial/Organizational Psychology students will learn to apply the principles of behavioral science to understanding and solving problems people encounter at work. I/O psychologists work with a variety of issues ranging from change management, motivation, diversity, employee selection, training and development, leadership, performance appraisals, and organizational development.
$$#TD #543 #106
University of Houston Clear Lake (ABAI,HFES) The UHCL Master of Arts in Psychology provides broad training across the major areas of psychology including social, cognitive, developmental and neuroscience, as well as research design and analysis. The program offers concentrations in human factors, behavioral neuroscience and applied social issues. UHCL also offers a MA in Behavior Analysis.
$$#TD #543 #081
University of Texas at Arlington The UTA Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is for students who wish to pursue careers as I/O professionals. Our program focuses on developing applied skills, offering professional training to those not wishing to pursue doctoral studies. Our program provides course work in experimental design, quantitative methods, applied psychological topics, and management theory. Requirements are demanding and admission is extremely competitive.
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Texas A&M University The TAMU Master's in Educational Psychology areas of concentration include: Bilingual Education, School Counseling, Creativity & Cognition, Educational Technology, Research, Measurement & Statistics, Special Education, and Developmental Sciences.
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Texas A&M University The TAMU Master's in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology emphasizes the application of psychological principles to human resource decisions and organizational behavior challenges. Students will benefit from training by faculty who are nationally recognized leaders in the field.
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Abilene Christian University The ACU MS in Clinical Psychology program combines professional counseling training, research skills and experience, and a distinctive Christian perspective in integrating faith, learning and practice. The MS in Counseling Psychology provides classroom and clinical training for individual and group counseling, interviewing, crisis intervention, psychological testing, and professional issues and ethics. ACU also offers a Master of Science in General Psychology.
$$#TD #543 #085 #091 #103
University of Texas San Antonio (NASP) The UTSA MA in School Psychology is designed for students who want to work with children and adolescents experiencing a wide range of academic, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. The program is designed to provide students the academic and practical training necessary to become licensed as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.
$$#TD #543 #119
University of Texas San Antonio The UTSA MA in Educational Psychology aims to prepare culturally competent scientist-practitioners and researchers to effectively contribute to the psychological development and well-being of children and adolescents. This program has the following concentrations: General Educational Psychology, Behavior Assessment and Intervention (Behavior Analysis focus), Program Evaluation, and Applied Educational Psychology.
$$#TD #543 #081 #097
University of Texas San Antonio The UTSA Master of Science in Psychology provides training relevant to many of the traditionally research oriented areas of Psychology, including social, cognitive, developmental, clinical, health, and IO but there are no separate tracks. Our program is designed to provide students with the statistical and methodological background to go on to a PhD program in traditionally research-oriented areas or to obtain MS-level jobs in applied research settings.
$$#TD #543
University of Texas at Dallas The UTD Master of Science in Psychological Sciences (PSYC) provides advanced training in psychology. A strong emphasis of this program is research training, helping serious student scholars become more competitive for nationally prominent programs in clinical and experimental psychology as well as for applied careers in areas such as program management, data analysis, and research science.
$$$#TD #543 #101
Texas Christian University The TCU MA in Psychology is available by special permission only. The TCU MS in Experimental Psychology is recommended for students who plan to pursue doctoral-level graduate study. Courses include: Advanced Neuroscience, Evolutionary Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Regression Analysis, and more.
$$$#TD #543 #095 #101 #121
University of Dallas The UD Master of Psychology offers an array of courses in personality theory, psychodiagnostics, psychotherapy and health psychology. Rooted in humanistic, psychodynamic and phenomenological traditions, we emphasize critical thinking about the theoretical and epistemological foundations of psychology.
$$$#TD #543 #105
Baylor University The BU Master of Arts in Educational Psychology offers students the opportunity to pursue a general program or to three different specializations: Applied Behavior Analysis, Gifted & Talented, and Quantitative Methods. Baylor also offers a MSEd in Educational Psychology which is ideally suited for students who will work with children or adults in an educational setting.
$$$#TD #543 #081 #097
Rice University (HFES) The Rice Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Human Factors will expand students’ knowledge of critical concepts and methods in psychology and how to apply those concepts to real-world problems. Students will learn about findings and theories in critical areas of human-computer interaction and human factors. Graduates of the program will be well positioned to lead human factors and human computer interaction efforts across a broad range of industries.
$$$$#TD #543
Trinity University (NASP) The TU Master of Arts in School Psychology prepares students for the responsibilities and duties of a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) working in public school settings, helping children and youth succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. The program provides coursework and practical training for individuals who wish to pursue licensure and/or certification as a school psychologist.
$$$$#TD #543 #119
Southern Methodist University The SMU Accelerated MS in Organizational Psychology program consists of 13 courses including internships. Bring psychological knowledge into the workplace by learning about human resources, employee training, marketing and sales, organizational development and more.
$$$$$#TD #543 #106

Texas Doctorate in Psychology Programs

West Texas A&M University (NASP) The WTAMU Specialist Program in School Psychology mission is to help children and youth of the Panhandle succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally through preparation of well-trained professional school psychologists to work within the public schools. Graduates of the program will be prepared for employment as school psychologists in public schools or other related organizations and agencies.
$#NTD #543 #106 #119
Texas A&M University Central Texas The TAMUCT Specialist Degree in School Psychology is designed to help students achieve licensure from the State of Texas as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP). Class work focuses on developing skills in assessment, intervention, and consultation by preparing students to intervene in difficult situations with a positive impact.
$#NTD #543 #119
Texas A&M University Commerce (NASP) The TAMUC Specialist in School Psychology is consistent with the requirements published by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists for the Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP). Graduates are eligible for licensure in the state of Texas as a LSSP and certification at the national level as a NCSP.
$#NTD #543 #119
Stephen F. Austin State University The SFA PhD in School Psychology mission is to apply behavioral scientific knowledge and methods to the assessment and treatment of learning, behavior, and psychosocial problems in regular and special education populations in the public schools. Our program emphasizes functional analytic, collaborative, and data-based decision making.
$#NTD #543 #119
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley The UTRGV PhD in Clinical Psychology provides students with intensive instruction in the theoretical framework of psychology and broad experience in methods of practice in clinical psychology. Our program follows the scientist-practitioner model to develop bilingual clinical psychologists with expertise in mental health assessment and treatment within Hispanic/Mexican American populations.
$#NTD #543 #085
Texas Women's University (APA) The TWU PhD in Counseling Psychology is the only program with an explicitly feminist orientation in the nation. Our dedicated faculty are committed to developing practitioners with a strong understanding of individuals within their gendered and sociocultural contexts. Social justice and advocacy are highly valued and practiced.
$#NTD #543 #091
Texas Women's University (APA,NASP) The TWU PhD in School Psychology embraces a scientist-practitioner model of training in which practice, theory and research are integrated. Graduates excel in a variety of applied practice settings, including school systems, mental health and child guidance centers, medical centers and hospitals, independent clinical practice, and in academic or research positions in institutions of higher education.
$#NTD #543 #119
University of North Texas The UNT PhD in Behavioral Science provides training for students interested in careers in behavioral research and teaching. The program offers students training in both basic and applied research. Most students who are admitted aspire to a position in academics; however, opportunities for employment in private industry or research institutes also exist.
$#NTD #543
University of North Texas (APA) The UNT PhD in Clinical Psychology promotes a student-centered culture for optimal learning. Close faculty mentorship is key to training that integrates development of expert clinical practice skills with excellence in research. The program offers elective training in three developed practice areas: Clinical Health Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, and Forensic Psychology.
$#NTD #543 #085 #102 #105 #114
University of North Texas (APA) The UNT PhD in Counseling Psychology endorses the scientist-practitioner model of training and affirms the value of integrating practice and science throughout a psychologist's training and career-long participation in the profession. The program is committed to the idea that human problems are the result of complex interactions of biological influences, environmental factors, and developmental changes in the person.
$#NTD #543 #091
University of Texas at El Paso The UTEP PhD in Psychology is designed to train all students in the fundamental areas of psychology. The department extends this training with four concentrations in: Health Psychology; Legal Psychology; Social Psychology, Cognitive and Neurosciences; and Language Acquisition and Bilingualism.
$#NTD #543 #105 #121
University of Texas at Tyler The UT Tyler PhD in Clinical Psychology is a scientist-practitioner based program which provides high quality academic, research, and clinical training with under-served populations. Our focus is on training students to work with veterans, in rural mental health settings, and in geropsychology. Training in cultural diversity issues is infused throughout the curriculum.
$#NTD #543 #085
University of Houston Victoria (NASP) The UHV Specialist in School Psychology is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive, integrated program of study delivered by qualified faculty, as well as substantial supervised field experiences necessary for the provision of school psychological services which positively impact children, youth, families, and the schools that serve them.
$#NTD #543 #119
Sam Houston State University (APA) The SHSU PhD in Clinical Psychology provides candidates with opportunities to develop attitudes, knowledge, and skills to become effective clinical psychologists as well as researchers and scholars. In addition to a broad and general clinical training, the program also trains students to become legally informed clinicians, with both knowledge and experience in providing forensic assessment and consultation to the legal system. The program has a Forensic Psychology emphasis.
$#NTD #543 #085 #102
Sam Houston State University (NASP) The SHSU Specialist Degree in School Psychology is designed to produce effective practitioners and prepares students for further graduate study and/or junior college teaching. Graduates of the program can seek licensure as Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) in Texas and as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist throughout the United States.
$#NTD #543 #119
Texas Tech University (APA) The TTU PhD in Clinical Psychology adheres to the scientist-practitioner training model. Our graduate students get training experience in research and clinical work. Our training program has an equal emphasis on the science and practitioner aspects of becoming a clinical psychologist. Our training program also uses the mentorship model.
$#NTD #543 #085
Texas Tech University The TTU PhD in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience students study a range of human behaviors and cognitive processes as well as their implementation in the brain. Topics covered include but are not limited to: Text processing, discourse analysis; Brain mechanisms of addictive behaviors; the psychology of art creation and appreciation; and more.
$#NTD #543
Texas Tech University (APA) The TTU PhD in Counseling Psychology ascribes to a scientist-practitioner training model that emphasizes training in both research and clinical skills, with a commitment to fostering an appreciation of multicultural diversity. ascribe to a scientist-practitioner training model that emphasizes training in both research and clinical skills, with a commitment to fostering an appreciation of multicultural diversity.
$#NTD #543 #091
Texas Tech University (HFES) The TTU PhD in Human Factors Psychology teaches research regarding human psychological, social, physical, and biological characteristics, maintaining the information obtained from that research, and working to apply that information with respect to the design, operation, or use of products or systems for optimizing human performance, health, safety, and/or habitability.
$#NTD #543
Texas Tech University The TTU PhD in Social Psychology is committed to Lewin's maxim that there is nothing so practical as a good theory. Thus, there is an emphasis on basic research and theoretical development at the same time that social psychological theories are applied to research in areas such as clinical and counseling psychology, law, public opinion, and politics.
$#NTD #543 #091 #121
Prairie View A&M University The PVAMU PhD in Clinical Adolescent Psychology operates according to a scientist-practitioner model based on the premise that there is synergy between the practice and science of psychology. We embrace the cognitive-behavioral orientation, and believe people must be understood within their myriad and intersecting contexts (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation, age, cultural background).
$#NTD #543
Texas State University San Marcos (NASP) The TSU Specialist in School Psychology offers comprehensive training and preparation of school psychologists. The on-campus clinic provides supervised training for assessment for autism, learning disabilities and other conditions.
$#NTD #543 #119
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (APA) The UTSW PhD in Clinical Psychology prepares skilled psychologists to serve as clinicians as well as researchers. The Program includes an exclusively affiliated, and separately APA-accredited, doctoral internship in clinical psychology. The program's basic training philosophy reflects a clinician-researcher model of training that prepares individuals for the practice of clinical psychology, broadly conceived.
$#NTD #543 #085
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center The UTSW PhD in Neuroscience offers a series of advanced graduate seminar courses designed to not only provide knowledge about a given topic, but also to confer a detailed understanding of experimental procedures and to promote clear presentation of ideas and arguments. The faculty is engaged in research focusing on cellular and molecular neurobiology, and behavioral neuroscience.
$#NTD #543
Our Lady of the Lake University (APA) The OLLU PhD in Counseling Psychology trains graduates for the independent practice of assessment and intervention with individuals, couples, families, and groups. The PsyD program differs from the traditional PhD program in that there is a larger emphasis on the application of psychology and the delivery of services and less emphasis on traditional research activities.
$#NTD #543 #091
University of Houston Clear Lake (APA) The UHCL PsyD in Health Service Psychology (Combined Clinical Psychology/School Psychology) provides students with broad practitioner-scientist training with an emphasis on clinical practice. The overarching program model is the provision of psychological health services, with emphasis on cognitive-behavioral psychology. Graduates from the program are well prepared to function as licensed professional psychologists in a variety of roles across a variety of settings.
$$#NTD #543 #085 #119
University of Houston Clear Lake (NASP) The UHCL Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) offers a firm foundation in practical knowledge and skills to provide safe, supportive learning environments. The program provides you with a wealth of experiences in assessment, intervention, and consultation to meet the diverse needs of children, families and school personnel.
$$#NTD #543 #119
University of Houston (APA) The UH PhD in Clinical Psychology offers specialty training in three major areas of study: 1) Clinical Psychology (adult), 2) Clinical Child Psychology (CCP), 3) Clinical Neuropsychology (CN). The philosophy and goals of our program are consistent with those of HSP and APA accredited programs that are also oriented to a clinical science model of training. The Program is designed to be completed in five years, including the internship
$$#NTD #543 #085 #114
University of Houston The UH PhD in Developmental, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neuroscience (DCBN) is designed to prepare scientists to teach and conduct research in a transdisciplinary context. Faculty research interests include: cognitive development, genetics and cognitive neuroscience of developmental disabilities, human classroom learning, exercise-driven neuroplasticity, addiction neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience of attention, and neural bases of bilingualism.
$$#NTD #543
University of Houston The UH PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O) is one of oldest, largest, and most respected programs in the country. The program has centered on the application of basic psychological research and theory with the goal of advancing science and practice in the field of I/O. We strive to prepare students for careers as active contributors to the psychology of work.
$$#NTD #543 #106
University of Houston (APA) The UH PhD in Counseling Psychology trains psychologists to become health service psychologists and psychological researchers. Through our challenging curriculum and supportive student environment, it is our goal to develop psychologists who are skilled in the practical practice of psychology, produce graduates who have a solid foundation of psychological science and produce graduates who display ethical behavior and professionalism.
$$#NTD #543 #091
University of Houston (APA,NASP) The UH PhD in School Psychology is committed to developing school psychologists who excel in the areas of applied research as well as ecologically and developmentally sensitive evidence-based practice. Our program’s goal is to develop professional psychologists who are competent to engage in applied research and ecologically sensitive evidence-based practice.
$$#NTD #543 #119
University of Texas at Arlington The UTA PhD in Experimental Psychology emphasis is mentor-based experimental research. As a graduate student in our department, you will receive broad training in experimental psychology and will be able to do specialized research in your area of interest in psychological sciences or health/neuroscience.
$$#NTD #543 #101
Texas A&M University The TAMU PhD in Educational Psychology offers additional concentrations including: Bilingual Education, Developmental Sciences, Learning Design & Technology, Research, Measurement & Statistics, and Special Education.
$$#NTD #543 #097
Texas A&M University (APA) The TAMU PhD in Counseling Psychology is based on the scientist-practitioner model. We strive to train outstanding counseling psychologists who can advance theoretically-based, empirically-driven services that enhancethe health and well-being of individuals and communities.
$$#NTD #543 #091
Texas A&M University (APA,NASP) The TAMU PhD in School Psychology is designed to give the candidate a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of his or her professional field and training in methods of research, as well as competencies required for practice. The final basis for granting the degree shall be the candidate’s grasp of the subject matter of a broad field of study, a demonstrated ability to do independent research, and demonstrated competencies for practice as a health service professional.
$$#NTD #543 #119
Texas A&M University The TAMU PhD in Psychology offers four additional areas including: Behavioral and Cellular Neuroscience, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Social and Personality Psychology. Additional cross-area research and training clusters include: Affective Science, Diversity Science, and Personality Processes. The student-faculty ratio is roughly 2:1, which allows individualized attention to develop research and professional skills.
$$#NTD #543 #106 #116
Texas A&M University (APA,APCS) The TAMU PhD in Clinical Psychology espouses a blend of the clinical-scientist model and the scientist-practitioner model, integrating the full range of research, teaching, and applied skills in training doctoral students. We view research and applied skills as interwoven rather than as two discrete sets of skills. Our graduates acquire the foundation for pursuing a strong clinical scientist career in an academic or research setting.
$$#NTD #543 #085
Abilene Christian University (NASP) The ACU Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) offers training in the field of psychology with an emphasis on the educational setting. Through classroom and hands-on training, you will learn to collaborate with educators, parents and other professionals to create safe, healthy and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school and the community for all students. Upon completion, you will be eligible to apply to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP).
$$#NTD #543 #119
University of Texas at Austin (APA) The UTAUS PhD in Counseling Psychology is a scientist-practitioner based program and prepares psychologists to work with both specific and general problems of human behavior in the context of a range of social processes and systems. We strive to prepare students for innovative professional and intellectual careers within the fields of social science, human service, or social and community endeavors.
$$#NTD #543 #091
University of Texas at Austin (APA and NASP) The UTAUS PhD in School Psychology prepares students to be scientist-practitioners capable of addressing the significant and complex problems and issues facing children, youth, and their caretakers in a variety of settings and contexts. UTAUS also offers a Specialist in School Psychology, MA/SSP. Education and training includes strong preparation in the academic foundations of psychology.
$$#NTD #543 #119
University of Texas at Austin The UTAUS Master's or PhD in Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences (HDCLS) represents the scientific and theoretical bases for research and practice within the field of Educational Psychology. We train students in theories of: human cognition, culture, development, language, learning, motivation, social psychology, and personality psychology.
$$#NTD #543 #097 #116 #121
University of Texas at Austin The UTAUS PhD in Quantitative Methods are prepared as professional educational researchers who understand and apply advanced quantitative research methods to address social problems and conduct sophisticated methodological research. The UTAUS MEd in Quantitative Methods is designed to provide the knowledge and technical skills that can prepare one for several professional roles.
$$#NTD #543
University of Texas at Austin (APA since 1949 and PCSAS since 2019. A member of APCS.) The UTAUS PhD in Clinical Psychology is broadly based on a clinical science training model. The scientific perspective is emphasized in both research and clinical training. Faculty interests include addictive behaviors, human sexuality, health psychology, neuropsychology, depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress and coping, multiculturalism, positive psychology, aging and cognition, behavioral genetics, and autism. The primary objective prepares students for research and teaching careers, and the secondary objective is to train students for the professional practice of clinical psychology.
$$#NTD #543 #085 #105 #114
University of Texas at Austin UTAUS offers a PhD in Psychology with areas of study including: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Developmental Psychology, Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology, Perception, Brain, and Behavior, and Social and Personality Psychology.
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University of Texas at San Antonio The UTSA PhD in Psychology is designed for students who have completed a Master’s degree and are interested in pursuing advanced doctoral training in topics related to statistics, research methods, and health (including mental health). Theories from many areas of psychology are applied in research on health issues, including social psychology, cognitive psychology, biopsychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.
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University of Texas at Dallas The UTD PhD in Cognition and Neuroscience offers advanced study and research training for students seeking to become leading scientists and scholars in the field. The program offers a distinctive blend of research initiatives and doctoral study in the neural processes underlying sensation, perception, memory, learning, language, and executive function throughout the lifespan.
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University of Texas at Dallas The UTD PhD in Psychological Sciences offers advanced study and research training for students seeking to become leading scientists and scholars in the field. Research in psychological sciences encompasses studies of mental processes and behavior across the lifespan, including investigations of cognitive and social-emotional development, relationships, and personality.
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Texas Christian University The TCU PhD in Experimental Psychology goal is to provide students with competence in psychological research. The department offers excellent research facilities and support; graduate students are expected to develop expertise in a major research area during their tenure in the graduate program, to work in close partnership with graduate faculty in empirical research, and to contribute to publications and paper presentations.
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Baylor University The BU PhD in Educational Psychology develops researchers and scholars for higher education and applied fields of psychology. Typical time to completion of coursework is three years for full-time students and five years for part-time students, with an additional year to complete the dissertation.
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Baylor University (APA) The BU PsyD in Clinical Psychology can best be described as a practitioner-scientist model of training. The curriculum is designed to develop a strong base in the theoretical underpinnings of clinical assessment and intervention. The program strives to develop psychologists that are well grounded in the science of clinical psychology and committed to life-long learning in an evolving profession.
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Baylor University The BU PhD in Psychology is predicated on the assumption that the study of Psychology is basic to an understanding of the human condition. The program has three training tracks; Behavioral Neuroscience, Social Psychology and General Experimental Psychology.
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Baylor University (NASP) The BU Education Specialist (EdS) in School Psychology trains educators to be skilled in evidence-based interventions, assessment, consultation, research and evaluation. The EdS is ideal for hardworking and ambitious students who want to learn a variety of empirically supported methods to help individuals with behavioral, academic and mental-health challenges in a school-based setting.
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Southern Methodist University (APA,APCS) The SMU PhD in Clinical Psychology follows a clinical scientist model. We expect our students to be actively engaged in research throughout their training through collaborative, lab-directed studies as well as independent mentored projects. The program has specific foci in Child/Family Psychology, Health Psychology, and Quantitative Methods.
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Texas Psychology Licensing and Resources

Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists The Board is tasked with establishing the qualifications for licensure and renewal, as well as the ethical standards for the practice of psychology by psychologists, psychological associates, and licensed specialists in school psychology in Texas. The Board’s mission is to protect and promote the welfare of the people of Texas by ensuring that the practice of psychology is provided by qualified and competent practitioners.
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Texas Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Texas
National Alliance on Mental Illness Texas NAMI Texas is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all individuals living with mental illness and their families and has nearly 2,000 members made up of individuals living with mental illness, family members, friends, and professionals. Its purpose is to help improve the lives of people affected by mental illness through education, support, and advocacy.
Texas Psychological Association The TPA is the association that connects, protects, and represents psychologists in the state of Texas. TPA’s mission is to represent and enhance the profession of psychology in Texas, while promoting human health and welfare through education, science, and practice.
Southwestern Psychological Association SWPA is an official APA affiliate for the Southwestern nine-state region of the United States and works to promote and strengthen psychology’s scientific, professional and educational facets. SWPA prides itself on serving the psychological community by providing access to scientific advances and professional development within a collegial atmosphere. Students are welcomed and treated as active and valued participants in the discipline. Additionally, SWPA strives to maintain diversity in its membership, its leadership and its program.
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Federation of Texas Psychiatry The Federation of Texas Psychiatry, established in 2004, promotes the common professional interests of psychiatrists and unites Texas’ professional psychiatric organizations representing over 50,000+ physicians in Texas for patients and quality psychiatric care.
Texas Association of School Psychologists TASP is a professional organization that supports and advocates for school psychologists having a positive impact on school systems to improve academic skills, social-emotional functioning, and mental-behavioral health for all students.
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Houston Psychological Association HPA provides psychologists opportunities for professional growth and association with other psychologists. More than 200 greater Houston Texas area psychologists trained in Counseling, Clinical, Educational, Neuro-, Industrial/Organizational, and School Psychology find this organization useful to keep abreast of current evidence based practices as well as legal and professional issues.
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Texas Association for Behavior Analysis The TxABA is a Texas-based nonprofit member organization for behavior analysts. The mission is to advance the science and application of behavior analysis to improve the world in which we live by disseminating knowledge from the science and providing resources to the behavior analytic community and the public in Texas in an ethical and high-quality manner.
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Fort Worth Area Psychological Association FWAPA provide a forum for the discussion of topics of mutual interest and concern to psychologists and to promote human welfare by the encouragement of psychology in all its branches.
Dallas Psychological Association DPA is comprised of licensed psychologists, licensed associates, graduate/postgraduate students in psychology-based programs, and affiliates with interests consonant with the purposes of the organization.
Bexar County Psychological Association BCPA is comprised of persons engaged in the practice, teaching, and/or study of psychology in the Bexar County, Texas, area. We seek to be inclusive of the wide range of areas within psychology, including but not limited to: psychotherapy, psychological assessment, consultation, program evaluation, quantitative and qualitative research, school psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, neuropsychology, and experimental psychology.
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Capital Area Psychological Association CAPA has been a vehicle for professional fellowship and networking, a forum for professional education, and a local spotlight for national and statewide professional issues in the Austin, Texas for many years. Members work in a wide variety of professional settings, including state agencies, private practice, universities and other educational settings, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.
Texas Association of Psychological Associates The TSBEP represents Licensed Psychological Associate's and provides professional development to all Masters-Degreed Psychology Professionals in Texas. LPA's have a minimum of a master's degree in psychology and have passed the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.
Houston Psychoanalytic Society HPS is dedicated to promoting psychoanalytic and psychodynamic principles through creative discussions with the greater Houston, Texas area.
San Antonio Society for Psychoanalytic Studies SASPS is a local affiliate of Division 39, Psychoanalysis, of the APA. Comprised of mental health professionals, our goal is to continue the study and share the benefits of psychoanalysis in practice in San Antonio, Texas.
Dallas Psychoanalytic Center DFP is a non-profit organization that serves as a bridge between the Center and the community and promotes a psychoanalytic understanding to help solve the emotional problems of adults, children and families in the metroplex.
Collin County Psychological Association CCPA is a Local Area Society (LAS) branch of the Texas Psychological Association. Our goal is to provide a forum for growth, development and to provide opportunities for connection and networking for psychologists in North Texas.
Austin Psychoanalytic An interdisciplinary organization of mental health professionals - psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and psychiatrists - devoted to keeping psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories and practice thriving in Central Texas.
Texas Student Psychological Association The TSPA is a social and volunteer organization open to all majors to help students interested in psychology at the University of Texas meet people in their field and other majors. We attract speakers affiliated with UT, the community and private practices to talk to us about their experience with psychology.
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