Wyoming Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

The University of Wyoming is currently the only college in Wyoming that offers non-terminal (master’s in psychology with doctorate) postgraduate psychology degree programs. They do not accept students for a terminal master’s in psychology. Students who do not have a master’s degree can still earn one within the doctorate program. The programs the University of Wyoming provide include: PhD in Clinical Psychology; PhD in Psychology and Law; PhD in Social Psychology; and PhD in Cognition/Cognitive Development. There is a resource section under “Wyoming Psychology Resources” at the bottom of the page that itemizes sites with useful, local psychology information. Neighboring states offering graduate psychology degree programs are Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Wyoming Masters in Psychology

Wyoming Doctorate in Psychology Degree Programs (MPsych may be included)

University of Wyoming (APA) The UW PhD in Clinical Psychology follows the scientist-practitioner model. We emphasize training students as psychological scientists who critically evaluate research literature and approach therapy and assessment from a scientifically valid framework. Students will learn to apply theory and technique from in the classroom research and clinical work conducted under faculty supervision.
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University of Wyoming The UW PhD in Cognition/Cognitive Development students engage in doctoral training that promotes expertise in the theories, current knowledge, and research paradigms in these areas. Cognition topics include memory, spatial cognition, information processing and decision-making in applied tasks, and cognitive aging. Cognitive Development topics include children's developing theory of mind, social cognition, meta cognition, moral development, adults' optimal development, world views and well being.
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University of Wyoming The UW PhD in Psychology and Law trains students to take basic social, developmental, and cognitive principles and apply them to issues in the legal system. Students in this program typically have interests in such topics as the role of race/ethnicity in legal decisions, eyewitness memory, jury decision-making, police interrogations and confession, and/or forensic interviewing.
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University of Wyoming The UW PhD in Social Psychology provides students with doctoral training that promotes broad training in the theories, current knowledge, and research methods in social psychology.
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Wyoming Psychology Resources

Wyoming Board of Psychology Mandated to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Wyoming by ensuring that those individuals licensed or certified to provide these psychology services in this state are appropriately qualified. The Board does not advocate on behalf of the licensee, but on behalf of the public consumer.
Wyoming Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Wyoming. The site is a primary source for verification of license credentials and is updated bi-monthly.
National Alliance on Mental Illness Wyoming NAMI Wyoming provides a variety of services to educate and support individuals, family and caregivers whose lives are affected with mental illness. We are a grassroots organization composed of nine local affiliates and more than 300 members and have grown to become the largest organization representing adults with severe mental illnesses and their families in the State of Wyoming. Local Affiliates include: Casper, Laramie, Sheridan, Cheyenne, Torrington and several counties.
Rocky Mountain Psychological Association RMPA was founded in 1930 for the purpose of advancing psychology as a science, as a profession and as a means of promoting human welfare in the States of Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. During April of each year a convention is held at various locations throughout the region at which scientific papers, posters and symposia are presented. RMPA remains an advocate throughout all phases of professional development by the dissemination of scientific and professional ideas.
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Wyoming Psychological Association In the frontier State of Wyoming, the WPA recognizes the need to pursue a mutually supportive, strong community of psychologists and other healthcare providers who work together to enhance the quality of life for all people living in the State.
Wyoming School Psychology Association The WSPA is dedicated to providing professional growth opportunities for our members, advancing the ethics and standards of our profession, informing the public about school psychology, and serving the mental health and educational needs of all students.
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Montana Association of Pediatric Psychiatrists (MAPP) MAPP is the additional name of the Big Sky Regional Council of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. The purpose of MAPP is to assist its members in pursuing professional development, utilizing evidenced-based practices, organizing mentorship opportunities and developing regional standards of care.
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