New York Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

New York colleges offering postgraduate psychology degree programs are below. There are 38 schools with 118 programs. Program study may be in the following areas: community psychology, forensic mental health, school psychology, education in school psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, experimental psychology, forensic psychology, neurosciences, behavior analysis, quantitative methods, applied psychological methods, clinical research methods, counseling psychology, school counseling, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, social-personality psychology; social and health psychology; cognitive sciences, school-community psychology, applied organizational psychology, quantitative methods, applied developmental psychology, psychometrics; cognition, brain and behavior; applied education psychology; psychology and social intervention; and cognitive social and developmental psychology. Bordering states are Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

New York Masters in Psychology

New York Master’s in Psychology Programs

Sage Colleges (MPCAC) The Sage Master of Arts in Community Psychology focuses on the systems, practices and tools needed to effectively address mental health and community welfare issues. The program consists of a community psychology core, a research methods sequence, general psychology electives, a required Health Services Administration elective, and the capstone experience. Sage also offers a MS in Forensic Mental Health.
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Roberts Wesleyan College (NASP) The RWC Master of Science in School Psychology prepares students to evaluate, diagnose, and treat children and adolescents, in consultation with parents and teachers. Taught with an emphasis on Christian values, the program has a relative expertise in data-based decision making, mental health and clinical issues. Graduates will be eligible for permanent certification in the State of New York following two years of full-time employment within the public education system.
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Niagara University (NASP) The NU Master's in School Psychology training emphasizes skills in consultation, psychoeducational assessment, intervention, prevention and individual and group counseling. The program is founded on a commitment to developing school psychologists who, in the Vincentian tradition, individually and systemically foster human growth and development, and spiritual and emotional well-being within a culturally diverse context.
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Marist College (NASP,NCATE) The Marist MA in School Psychology leads to New York State Education Department (NYSED) certification as a school psychologist. Small classes enhance student/faculty interaction. Core School Psychology faculty are experienced, certified, school psychologists. Marist also offers a MA in Educational Psychology with two tracks: Childhood Education (grades 1-6), and Adolescent Education (grades 7-12).
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College of Saint Rose (NASP) The CSR MS in Education in School Psychology curriculum integrates courses in school psychology, educational psychology, counseling, and special education. Our program combines a strong interdisciplinary focus with an emphasis on clinical experience. All candidates must complete a 240 hour practicum and a 1200 hour internship.
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Touro College The Touro Master's in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology will increase your professional value, and equip you with the practical tools and psychological methods to help businesses become more productive and profitable. Students gain skills in training and development, selection and promotion, talent spotting and individual assessment, understanding and changing the organizational culture, and more.
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Mercy College (NASP) The MC MS in School Psychology offers 2 tracks to your Career as a School Psychologist: School Psychologist and School Psychologist w/a bilingual extension. Graduates work in public or private elementary, secondary schools and colleges to resolve student learning and behavioral problems, and promote a positive school climate.
$#TD #532 #119
Mercy College The MC Master of Science in Psychology program provides graduate education in psychology through coursework, research, supervised clinical internships, and professional colloquia. Students will be trained to critically evaluate psychological research, design and conduct their own research studies with faculty mentors, and have the opportunity to share their research at professional conferences.
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St. Francis College The SFC MA in Psychology program includes foundation courses such as assessment and intervention, professional and ethical procedures, experimental design, diversity and cognitive neuroscience. Graduates will be prepared for mid-level management careers as behavior management specialists and to work within human service agencies, human resources, government programs, health programs, and more.
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St. Johns University The SJU Master of Arts in Psychology provides students with a broad background of psychological knowledge and tools as preparation for more advanced work in the field. The program will prepare you to plan and carry out empirical research, and to report your research findings.
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St. Johns University (NASP) The SJU MS in School Psychology qualifies students for a provisional New York State certificate that authorizes practice as a school psychologist. This certificate is valid for five years from the date it is issued. After two years of experience, a school psychologist receives a permanent certificate in the field of pupil personnel services.
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Hunter College CUNY The Master's Program in General Psychology at Hunter exposes students to the various aspects of psychology, but may focus their courses, independent study and thesis research in one of the three content areas: Evaluative and Applied Psychology, Social, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, and Biopsychology and Comparative Psychology.
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City College of New York CUNY The CCNY General Psychology Master's Program provides a solid broad-based graduate education in general psychology. Our Master's Program is designed for students who need to enhance their background and credentials in psychology either for the job market, or to advantage themselves in applying to doctoral programs.
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Baruch College CUNY The Master's of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Baruch prepares students to pursue practitioner or research careers focused on human behavior in the workplace. The program emphasizes the theoretical principles of the field as well as the application of these principles in the business world.
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Brooklyn College CUNY (NASP) The BC MA in School Psychology comprises an MSED and an Advanced Certificate in school psychology and consists of a curriculum in theory, research, and evidence-based practice. Students collaborate with faculty, and build professional portfolios that include publications and presentations at local and national conferences.
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John Jay College of Criminal Justice The JJAY Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology is designed to train practitioners to provide psychology services to, and within, the criminal and civil justice systems, as well as to prepare students for doctoral study in psychology. Students acquire an advanced understanding of psychological development and psychopathology, personality assessment, psychotherapeutic techniques, and research methods.
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Queens College CUNY (BACB) Queens College offers a Master's in General Psychology program that has a mission intended to give broad training at a graduate level in a variety of areas of Psychology beyond that received in an undergraduate program. Queens also offers a Master's in Behavioral Neuroscience Psychology, and Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis.
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Iona College IC offers a MA in Psychology General-Experimental. Students learn experimental research designs and survey methodologies, and become proficient in conducting statistical analyses. The IC MA in Psychology Industrial-Organizational Specialization follows a scientist-practitioner model.
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Iona College (NASP) The IC MA in School Psychology is designed to prepare students to function as school psychologists with a high level of professional competence and integrity. The program includes a solid foundation in the fundamentals of psychology as well as specialization courses geared to providing students with the necessary skills to function as competent school psychologists.
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City University of New York Graduate Center The CUNY Graduate Center MS in Cognitive Neuroscience positions you to meet the increasing demands of today’s fast-growing careers in health, technology, business, and education. Students will explore the biology behind the way we make decisions, use language, form memories, pay attention, and perceive the world around us.
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Long Island University Brooklyn The LIU Brooklyn M.S.ED. in School Psychologyy provides students with core knowledge and skills necessary to work in today’s schools. In addition to the requirements for the general School Psychology degree, students may elect to take one or both of two specializations: Early Childhood Education or Bilingual specialization. Students may also elect to undergo the School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis (SPABA) coursework sequence.
$$#TD #532 #081 #119
Long Island University Hudson The LIU Hudson MSED in School Psychology leads to a Provisional New York State Certificate as a School Psychologist and culminates in the degree of Master of Science in Education. The program trains school psychologists as practitioners and teaches the knowledge and skills necessary for today's practice of school psychology in diverse environments.
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Long Island University Post The LIU Post MA in Behavior Analysis focuses on the experimental, theoretical, and methodological aspects of the analysis of behaviors of individuals and how these behaviors denote different types of learning processes or problems.
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College at Brockport SUNY The Brockport Master's in Psychology launches you towards doctoral study or careers in psychology. Tracks include: Clinical with Applied Emphasis, Clinical with Research Emphasis, and Experimental with Research Emphasis. Learn cutting-edge clinical practice approaches to assessment and treatment of mental illness and developmental disabilities.
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Oswego SUNY (NASP) The Oswego Master of Science in School Psychology prepares graduates to work with children in schools to provide comprehensive behavioral and mental health services, including diagnostic assessment, academic and behavioral interventions, consultation to promote both individual and school-wide learning, and school-based counseling.
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State University of New York New Paltz The SUNY New Paltz Master of Arts in Psychology offers general graduate training in psychology and provides students with the opportunity to select courses in a variety of fields including social, cognitive, developmental, organizational, and experimental psychology. Students in our program have the opportunity to work in one of our many research labs, present at conferences, and coauthor scholarly work for publication.
$$#TD #532 #101 #106
State University of New York Plattsburgh (NASP) The SUNY Plattsburgh MA in School Psychology prepares competent scientist practitioners to provide a full range of school psychological services. Graduates will be prepared to work with diverse clients in the provision of these services to schools, communities, families and individual children. After successful completion of our program, you are eligible to apply for New York State certification in school psychology.
$$#TD #532 #119
University at Albany SUNY The UAlbany Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology follows a scientist-practitioner model with the goal of preparing students to be active contributors to profession of I-O psychology. The training in I-O prepares students for careers in academia, business, and consulting.
$$#TD #532 #106
Stony Brook University The SBU Master of Arts in General Psychology provides an advanced education preparing students for a career in psychology or related fields directly after graduation or to further graduate education in psychology or related fields such as business, law, medicine, and social work.
$$#TD #532 #103
Hofstra University The HU Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology prepares students for careers in such areas as human resources, training, management and organization development, in which they can apply psychological principles to problems that arise in a wide variety of organization settings. The program is designed to serve students and organizations in the Long Island, New York area.
$$$#TD #532 #106
University at Buffalo SUNY The UB MA in General Psychology prepares students to enter the workforce directly after graduation or for further graduate education in a variety of fields, such as law, business, economics, health sciences, social work, public health, geography and psychology. The program is a mentor-based program designed to provide students the opportunity to become fully immersed in laboratory activities and obtain hands-on research experience.
$$$#TD #532 #103
University at Buffalo SUNY The UB MA in Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods focuses on preparing you, as a researcher, to address problems in diverse educational settings, with the ultimate goal of improving teaching and learning, classroom and school organization, inequities in opportunities to learn, the assessment of educational outcomes, and a range of other pressing educational issues.
$$$#TD #532 #097 #106
University at Buffalo SUNY (NASP) The UB MA and Advanced Certificate in School Psychology focuses on the practitioner-scientist model of training and offers experiences in four areas: educational/psychological foundations, assessment, direct/indirect interventions and consultation. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be eligible for New York State initial certification as a school psychologist.
$$$#TD #532 #119
Cornell University The Cornell MA in Developmental Psychology prepares students for careers in academic life, primarily in psychology, sociology, or human development; ; in research programs of governmental agencies at various levels; and in a range of programs in community agencies and private enterprise.
$$$#TD #532 #095
Pace University The Pace Psychology MA will prepare you to develop your expertise in this area and then use it to accelerate your career in a variety of professional settings, including: human resources and organizational management, forensic psychology, hospitals, and jobs in caring fields such as vocational agencies.
$$$#TD #532 #102 #106
Pace University (NASP) The Pace MSED in School Psychology graduates will be ready to provide psychoeducational services at schools, providing assistance to students, teachers, and other education professionals and parents. Graduates typically provide assessment, consultation, and intervention services in school settings.
$$$#TD #532 #119
Fordham University The FU Master of Science in Applied Psychological Methods will prepare you to help businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and policy makers create more efficient decisions in line with their long-term goals. Two tracks include: Program Evaluation and Tests and Measures. The FU MS in Clinical Research Methods provides an intensive research experience and a deep understanding of the core elements of graduate-level psychology.
$$$#TD #532
Fordham University The FU MS in Clinical Research Methods two-year program will provide you with an intensive research experience and a deep understanding of the core elements of graduate-level psychology. This is a highly selective program that accepts only a handful of strong applicants every year. Opportunity to conduct research with a Fordham faculty member or with one of our prestigious partner institutions, including Mount Sinai Medical Center, Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
$$$#TD #532 #102
Alfred University (NASP) The Alfred MA/CAS in School Psychology offers both in-depth coursework and extensive practical experience. You will be placed in a school each semester completing practicum and course assignments.
$$$$#TD #532 #119
Teachers College at Columbia University (ABAI) The CU Master of Arts in Psychology in Education is for students interested in the field of Clinical Psychology and the mental health professions. The program provides foundational knowledge of psychopathology, treatment, theory, and research methods, with a range of courses in areas such as trauma, forensics, and mindfulness practice. CU also offers a MA in Applied Behavior Analysis.
$$$$#TD #532 #081 #085 #102
Teachers College at Columbia University (MPCAC) The CU EdM in Counseling Psychology offers two tracks for students to gain professional education and work toward professional licensure and/or certification. The EdM. in Mental Health Counseling prepares students to practice mental health counseling and the Ed.M. in School Counseling provides students with the necessary coursework and training to obtain the school counselor certification in New York State.
$$$$#TD #532 #091
Teachers College at Columbia University (MPCAC) The CU Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology students acquire familiarity with basic theoretical and research orientations as well as exposure to substantive knowledge in the areas of cognitive, language, personality, and social functioning and development. Opportunity exists for the study of deviant as well as normal psychological functioning within a developmental framework.
$$$$#TD #532 #095
Adelphi University The Adelphi Master of Arts in Psychology program promotes a strong foundation in the science and practice of psychology. Courses include Psychopathology, Developmental Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics and an option to study Cognition or Contemporary Theory and Thesis Seminar. Also offered is a MA in School Psychology.
$$$$#TD #532 #095 #119
Adelphi University (NASP) The AU MA in School Psychology provides a unique integration of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches for working with students across diverse settings. Adelphi provides an ecological framework that promotes an appreciation of diversity and an understanding of the many factors affecting the academic and social-emotional development of children and adolescents.
$$$$#TD #532 #119
New York University The NYU MA in Psychology offers optional focus areas in: Social Psychology, Cognition/Perception & Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuroscience, and Social & Consumer Psychology. NYU also offers a MA in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology.
$$$$$#TD #532 #085 #106 #121
Rochester Institute of Technology (NASP) The RIC MS in Experimental Psychology comprises two tracks, one specific to Engineering Psychology and the other a general graduate degree. The RIC MS in School Psychology program is certified by the National Association of School Psychologists, and comprises 2 years of coursework followed by a year of required internship.
$$$$$#TD #532 #101 #119
New School for Social Research The NSSR MA in General Psychology provides students with a basic education in psychology and is a prerequisite for more specialized work leading to the PhD degree. Students take courses covering a wide range of the literature, including cognitive, social, developmental, and abnormal psychology, neuroscience, research methods, and statistics.
$$$$$#TD #532 #103

New York Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Roberts Wesleyan College (APA) The RWC PsyD in Clinical/School Psychology innovative curriculum blends the professional areas of clinical and school psychology in a programmatic sequence of courses, culminating in the completion of a dissertation that addresses an issue relevant for the professional practice of clinical/school psychology.
$#NTD #532 #119
St. Johns University (APA) The SJU PhD in Clinical Psychology offers two tracks of study: a general course of study in clinical psychology and a subspecialty track in clinical child psychology. The program prepares broadly trained, competent, psychological professionals in a variety of psychodiagnostic and intervention procedures as well as in research.
$$#NTD #532 #085
St. Johns University (APA,NASP) The SJU PsyD in School Psychology offers both a general track and a bilingual track of study.
$$#NTD #532 #119
City College of New York CUNY (APA) The CCNY PhD in Clinical Psychology trains clinical psychologists who are competent to work with mental health problems on all levels, from the individual to the community. The program is based on a scholar practitioner model. Our program has a strong commitment to psychodynamic thinking and social justice, although many other theoretical points of view are represented and studied carefully.
$$#NTD #532 #085
Brooklyn College CUNY The BC PhD in Psychology has many training areas specializing in different aspects of psychology. Each training area is composed of faculty from across the CUNY campuses and includes: Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology; Basic and Applied Social Psychology; Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience; Cognition, Language, and Development; Developmental Psychology and Health Psychology and Clinical Science.
$$#NTD #532 #086 #082 #121 #115 #095 #105
John Jay College of Criminal Justice (APA) The JJAY PhD in Clinical Psychology in conjunction with the CUNY Graduate Center prepares students to become scholars, experts and leaders. The program provides an array of psychological services in various professional clinical settings including those that crosscut with forensic psychology.
$$#NTD #532 #085 #102
John Jay College of Criminal Justice The JJAY PhD in Psychology and Law emphasizes research training across the breadth of domains in which psychology and law intersect. We prepare students as academicians and applied researchers who can provide professional psychological expertise to and within the criminal and civil justice systems, and offer training in applied work such as evaluation research and policy development. Issues include: impact of pretrial publicity, expert testimony, legal instructions, juror characteristics, evidence presentation styles and technologies, more.
$$#NTD #532
Queens College CUNY (APA) The Queens College PhD in Clinical Psychology prepares graduates for careers as scientist-practitioners in Clinical Psychology that is enhanced with additional expertise in the role of neural dysfunction in behavioral functioning and psychopathology.
$$#NTD #532 #085
City University of New York Graduate Center (APA) The CUNY Graduate Center PhD in Psychology prepares students for research, teaching, and practice in the various fields of psychology. Students may specialize in areas including: Basic and Applied Social Psychology; Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience; Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Comparative Psychology; Critical Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Health Psychology; Industrial Organizational Psychology; Neuropsychology, and Psychology and Law.
$$#NTD #532 #085 #095 #105 #106 #114 #121
Long Island University Brooklyn (APA) The LIU Brooklyn PhD in Clinical Psychology students atmosphere is born of common goals, collaborative work, and nurturance, as students and faculty alike push themselves towards excellence as scholars and clinicians. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of psychopathology from a psychodynamic perspective, psychological assessment, clinical interviewing and psychotherapy interventions techniques from both cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic perspectives.
$$#NTD #532 #085
Long Island University Post (APA) The LIU Post PhD in Clinical Psychology trains students who want to practice as clinical psychologists with a strong interest in working with traditionally underserved populations. Students choose two courses from our four concentration areas: Serious Mental Illnesses, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Interventions with High-Risk Families, and Assessment & Treatment of Substance Use Disorders.
$$#NTD #532 #085
University at Albany SUNY (APA) The UAlbany PhD in Counseling Psychology provides integrated scientist-practitioner training in psychology as a scientific discipline, and in counseling psychology as an area of professional specialization.
$$#NTD #532 #091
University at Albany SUNY (APA,NASP) The UAlbany PsyD in School Psychology prepares life-long learners who engage in the reflective practice of school psychology by integrating psychological theory, research, and practice to contribute to the development of human potential in children and families while respecting issues of cultural and individual diversity. We are committed to a practitioner-scientist model of training.
$$#NTD #532 #119
University at Albany SUNY UAlbany offers a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, and a PhD in Social-Personality Psychology. For these areas the Master of Arts degree is only available to those who have entered the PhD program.
$$#NTD #532 #087 #106 #116
University at Albany SUNY (APA) The UAlbany PhD in Clinical Psychology is steeped in tradition as one of the best cognitive-behavioral training programs in the country. Our program integrates scientific and professional training in a series of didactic, practicum, and research experiences. It focuses primarily on a social learning approach to behavior, with cognitive and more strictly behavioral approaches also represented.
$$#NTD #532 #085
Stony Brook University (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The SBU PhD in Clinical Psychology was among the first in the country to espouse the behavioral tradition in clinical psychology. Our goal is to graduate clinical scientists who approach psychological problems from an evidence-based perspective and who are also skilled clinicians. As such, students receive research and clinical training in a broad range of approaches.
$$#NTD #532 #085
Stony Brook University The SBU PhD in Cognitive Science Psychology maintains active laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment for research and graduate training. Students in the program produce both first- and second-year research papers. During their graduate training, they are encouraged to work with more than one faculty mentor, which broadens their professional opportunities.
$$#NTD #532
Stony Brook University The SBU PhD in Integrative Neuroscience (Biological Psychology) focus is identification of biological mechanisms that underlie behavior and behavioral disorders. For example, we care about identifying the neural circuits involved in particular behaviors, cognition, traits, or emotions. Integrative Neuroscience offers an equilibrium point between the reductionist approaches in the cellular sciences and the global focus on behavior within the psychological sciences.
$$#NTD #532
Stony Brook University The SBU PhD in Social and Health Psychology is a good choice for students who are interested in a research career in social psychology, health psychology, or the interface between these two disciplines. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a departmental close relationships concentration that includes faculty members and students in other areas.
$$#NTD #532 #105 #121
Binghamton University SUNY The Binghamton PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience offers a combined Master of Arts and PhD and is supported by 10 faculty who are highly active in path-breaking neuroscience research. The program of study includes a classic blend of intensive coursework, program-oriented activities to support career and professional development, and individualized research training within the mentor’s laboratory, culminating in a highly-individualized experience tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of the student.
$$#NTD #532
Binghamton University SUNY (APA,APCS) The Binghamton PhD in Clinical Psychology goal is to train sensitive and caring psychologists who are scientists, prepared to provide new knowledge and objective answers to the complex questions surrounding the assessment and treatment of human mental-health needs. Our teaching philosophy is clearly representative of the Boulder model of the scientist-practitioner.
$$#NTD #532 #085
Binghamton University SUNY The Binghamton PhD in Cognitive and Brain Sciences offers intense research experience throughout the student's graduate training. The program prepares students for employment in academic settings, research institutes and positions in the private sector. Our program has a strong research emphasis with a primary goal to educate scientists via the development of critical thinking, research competence and theory construction and evaluation.
$$#NTD #532
Hofstra University The HU PhD in Applied Organizational Psychology prepares students for careers in academics, business, industry, government, and other private and public domains. Graduates are able to apply scientific methods to the solution of problems related to individuals and groups at work. Students academic training is composed of an advanced methodological and content based curriculum in Industrial/Organizational psychology.
$$$#NTD #532 #106
Hofstra University (APA) The HU PhD in Clinical Psychology is consistent with the tradition of the scientist-practitioner model. Our program provides thorough training in state-of-the-art evidence-based assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment approaches. Students in our program also receive education and direct experience in generating original scientific knowledge as well as integrating science into their professional practice activities .
$$$#NTD #532 #085
Hofstra University (APA,NASP) The HU PsyD in School-Community Psychology prepares students to become skilled psychology practitioners in school and community health settings. It is responsive to, and welcomes diversity in both its students and faculty. Emphasis is placed on training psychologists to coordinate these services between school and community settings.
$$$#NTD #532 #088
University at Buffalo SUNY UB offers a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and a PhD in Social-Personality Psychology. Graduate training in our department emphasizes both extensive academic training in general psychology and intensive research training in the student's area of concentration. The department expects students to become creative independent scientists and to exhibit an early and sustained commitment to research and scholarship.
$$$#NTD #532 #087 #103 #116
University at Buffalo SUNY (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UB PhD in Clinical Psychology follows a?"clinical-science" training model. Clinical science is a psychological science focused on using scientific methods and evidence to inform the assessment, understanding, treatment and prevention of human problems in behavior, affect, cognition or health. Students are involved in clinical research continuously from their first semester, and the program is best suited for students who desire academic or research-oriented careers in clinical psychology.
$$$#NTD #532 #085
University at Buffalo SUNY (APA,NASP) The UB PhD in Counseling Psychology and School Psychology focuses on preparing psychologists who can evaluate, provide and enhance human services through scientific inquiry and practice. Our program adheres to the scientist-practitioner model of training that provides you with an opportunity to receive specialized training in either counseling psychology or school psychology.
$$$#NTD #532 #091 #119
University at Buffalo SUNY The UB PhD in Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods focuses on preparing you to research problems in diverse educational settings. The goal of the program is to improve teaching and learning, classroom and school organization, inequities in opportunities to learn, the assessment of educational outcomes, and a wide array of other pressing educational issues.
$$$#NTD #532 #097 #106
Cornell University The Cornell PhD in Developmental Psychology has two semesters of graduate-level training in statistics and some teaching experience are required. The field also requires that candidates complete a predoctoral research project before taking the Admission to Candidacy examination. The Ph.D. program ordinarily takes four years to complete.
$$$#NTD #532 #095
Cornell University The Cornell PhD in Psychology - Behavioral and Evolutionary Neuroscience seek to understand the brain mechanisms of behavior and cognition, including sensation and perception, communication, social behavior, and learning and memory. We emphasize comparative, developmental and evolutionary approaches to understanding animal behavior and its construction by neural systems.
$$$#NTD #532
Cornell University The Cornell PhD in Psychology - Perception, Cognition and Development focuses on human perception, language, and memory, as well as the development of various cognitive functions in infants. The methods used are diverse, and range from human behavioral experiments in development, perception, and psycholinguistics, through computational modeling and simulation of auditory, visual, and language processes, to human electrophysiology by means of event-related potential (ERP) analysis.
$$$#NTD #532
Cornell University The Cornell PhD in Psychology - Social and Personality is interested in understanding how people think, feel, and act in real-world social situations. There is a particular interest in how people make sense of the social world around them, as represented by research programs on judgment and decision making, attribution, self-knowledge, affect and emotion, and stereotyping/prejudice.
$$$#NTD #532
Pace University (APA) The Pace PsyD in School-Clinical Child Psychology goal is to prepare professional psychologists as health service providers with expertise in school and clinical psychology. They will be uniquely prepared to provide clinical and educational expertise and consultation within school and clinical settings in order to best serve children and families across a variety of systems of service delivery.
$$$#NTD #532 #085
Fordham University The FU PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology focuses on human development across the life span with a strong commitment to social justice. Students will gain hands-on experience and work closely with our renowned faculty, who have won prestigious awards and secured millions in grant funding.
$$$#NTD #532 #095
Fordham University (APA) The FU PhD in Clinical Psychology prepares students broadly for multiple careers in psychology. The program seeks to educate generalists while providing students with opportunities to develop major areas of study in particular areas and approaches in clinical psychology, including Child and Adolescent, Clinical Neuropsychology, Forensic Psychology, and Health specialties.
$$$#NTD #532 #085 #102 #114
Fordham University The FU PhD in Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology offers the opportunity to acquire a variety of advanced and sophisticated measurement, evaluation, and statistical skills, preparing our graduates for careers in industry, research, or teaching. Our program also provides a strong foundation in general psychology.
$$$#NTD #532 #103
Fordham University (APA) The FU PhD in Counseling Psychology is guided by a reflective, scientist-practitioner model, which means that students receive significant professional preparation in the areas of research and counseling practice so that they are competent in these areas upon graduation. Furthermore, our program emphasizes multicultural counseling competencies, professional ethics, and social justice advocacy.
$$$#NTD #532 #091
Fordham University (APA,NASP) The FU PhD in School Psychology emphasizes training that applies a scientist-practitioner model to maximize the educational and social-emotional development of children in urban settings, especially children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
$$$#NTD #532 #119
Yeshiva University (APA) The YU PsyD in Clinical Psychology mission is to provide students with doctoral-level training in the conceptual and empirical foundations of clinical psychology, to enable them to become knowledgeable and thoughtful academic scholars, and to train them intensively in a variety of assessment, research, and therapeutic approaches.
$$$$#NTD #532 #085
Yeshiva University (APA) The YU PhD in Clinical Psychology Health Emphasis program training philosophy is aimed at training psychologists who are both clinically and academically prepared to work as clinicians and researchers in diverse settings. The foundations of psychology represent the primary base, with in-depth training in general clinical psychology. This training base is complemented by training in health psychology, physiological bases of behavior, and public health systems.
$$$$#NTD #532 #085 #105
Yeshiva University (APA,NASP) The YU PsyD in School-Clinical Child Psychology mission is to provide doctoral-level training that integrates school and clinical psychology. While this training focuses primarily on children, adolescents, and families, students also work with adults in individual, parenting or couples treatments. Graduates are competent to deliver psychological and psychoeducational services in schools, medical centers, mental health settings, early childhood centers and other related environments.
$$$$#NTD #532 #085
Alfred University (APA,NASP) The Alfred PsyD in School Psychology follows a practitioner-scientist model. It is designed to prepare psychologists to practice advanced skills in schools and other child and family settings, and to prepare graduates for positions in applied research, administration and supervision, mental health agencies, hospitals, higher education, and private practice.
$$$$#NTD #532 #119
Syracuse University (APA) The SU PhD in Clinical Psychology is dedicated to training outstanding students to become responsible, innovative, and scholarly clinical psychologists. Our program embraces the scientist-practitioner model, providing balanced training in the science and practice of clinical psychology.
$$$$#NTD #532 #085
Syracuse University The SU PhD in Cognition, Brain, & Behavior (CBB) program offers graduate training leading to a PhD in Experimental Psychology with the possibility to include a "Neuroscience Concentration" as an area of specialization. Research in the area is centered on using rigorous methods and theory to understand fundamental mechanisms underlying cognitive and neural processing.
$$$$#NTD #532 #101
Syracuse University (APA,NASP) The SU PhD in School Psychology prepares students to engage in research and practice in order to meet the needs of children in schools and other child-related settings. The program offers broad and general doctoral education and training that includes preparation in health service psychology (HSP). The program adheres to the scientist-practitioner training model.
$$$$#NTD #532 #119
Syracuse University The SU PhD in Social Psychology embraces research as a central focus for the training of social psychologists and is the oldest of its kind in the world.
$$$$#NTD #532 #121
Teachers College at Columbia University (APA) The CU PhD in Clinical Psychology operates according to a scientist-practitioner model. The program is a mentor-matched program that prepares students to become knowledgeable researchers and effective practitioners. Our graduates tend to seek positions in academia, research institutes, hospitals, and community agencies.
$$$$#NTD #532 #085
Teachers College at Columbia University (APA) The CU PhD in Counseling Psychology is dedicated to the preparation of counseling psychologists who facilitate the optimal development of individuals, groups, and organizations that is culturally relevant and psychologically appropriate across the lifespan.
$$$$#NTD #532 #091 #106
Teachers College at Columbia University (APA,NASP) The CU PhD in Applied Educational Psychology: School Psychology focuses on the application of psychological science to the promotion of learning and mental health in schools and other educational and mental health contexts. Our goal is to train beginning level doctoral school psychologists to work in schools, universities, research centers, testing companies and clinics that serve the educational and mental health needs of children, youth, and their families.
$$$$#NTD #532 #097 #119
Teachers College at Columbia University (MPCAC) The CU Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental Psychology focuses on the development of individuals across their lifespan; at Teachers College, our focus is on the infant, preschool, school, and early adulthood life phases/years. Development occurs within contexts; at Teachers College, our focus is on the family, the preschool and school, the neighborhood, and the media.
$$$$#NTD #532 #095
University of Rochester (APA,APCS) UR offers a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a PhD in Developmental Psychology, and a PhD in Social-Personality Psychology. The primary goal of our graduate program is to provide highly qualified applicants a broad range of coursework, research experience, and practical training that will equip them to make independent contributions to psychology. We also have a program in human motivation that cuts across the clinical and social areas.
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Adelphi University (NASP) The Adelphi PsyD in School Psychology provides students with exemplary training in clinical, diagnostic and consultative skills. Committed to community engagement and social justice, our program’s ecological approach addresses school-based inequities and the challenges of delivering effective services to children and adolescents within a multicultural context.
$$$$#NTD #532 #119
New York University (APA) The NYU PhD in Counseling Psychology prepares students for a career as a psychologist, working in colleges, community agencies, clinics, hospitals, or private practice. Students will develop skills as a scientist, researcher, and practitioner, completing a dissertation and one year of full-time fieldwork.
$$$$$#NTD #532 #091
New York University The NYU PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention (PSI) mission is to train action scientists prepared to work in a variety of settings in order to understand, transform, and improve the contexts and systems in which humans develop across the lifespan. Ours is a research-intensive program with a strong quantitative training component.
$$$$$#NTD #532
New York University The NYU PhD in Developmental Psychology provides students with a strong foundation in developmental theories and the research skills required to advance science on development in context. The program emphasizes intersections among biology, culture, and context in developmental processes across areas of social, cognitive, language and emotional development.
$$$$$#NTD #532 #095
New School for Social Research (APA) The NSSR PhD in Clinical Psychology is one of the few clinical programs that combine a psychoanalytic emphasis with adherence to the scientist-practitioner model. It also recognizes the importance of understanding the roles of culture and context in mediating healthy psychological development, psychopathology, and psychotherapeutic change.
$$$$$#NTD #532 #085
New School for Social Research The NSSR PhD in Cognitive Social and Developmental Psychology emphasizes the role context plays in shaping cognition and behavior, focusing on social factors, culture, the body, and the situation. This contextual approach provides a framework for understanding psychological theories and other biologically based perspectives on mental and emotional activity. Students concentrate in either cognitive, social, or developmental psychology.
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New York Psychology Licensing and Resources

New York Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in New York
New York State Office of Mental Health The Mission of the New York State OMH is to promote the mental health of all New Yorkers, with a particular focus on providing hope and recovery for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbances. It operates psychiatric centers across the State and regulates, certifies and oversees more than 4,500 programs, operated by local governments and nonprofit agencies.
New York State Office of Professions: Psychologist Licensing and Information for New York State Psychologists
New York County Psychiatric Society The mission of the NYCPS is to advance the field of psychiatry, advocating for access to treatment and excellence in patient care, promoting research and education, and serving the professional needs of our members. NYCPS represents psychiatrists from Manhattan and Staten Island and is the largest district branch of the APA.
New York State Psychiatric Institute The NYSPI, established in 1895, was one of the first institutions in the United States to integrate teaching, research and therapeutic approaches to the care of patients with mental illnesses. Since its inception, NYSPI has been at the forefront of psychiatry, making major contributions to the clinical care and understanding of the mentally ill.
William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Psychology Founded in 1943, and one of the world's most prominent and respected psychoanalytic training and treatment centers, the institute is committed to innovation in the theory and practice of Interpersonal Psychoanalysis. Our focus is on the person as a social being within the surrounding culture. We train professionals to apply these principles in a broad array of clinical settings with diverse populations.
New York State Psychological Association The mission of NYSPA is to advance the science and practice of psychology as a means of promoting human welfare; the organization has 16 divisions, and twelve regional affiliates, with representation from various practice areas such as addiction psychology, clinical psychology, adult development and aging, and school psychology.
#532 #085 #119
National Alliance on Mental Illness New York State NAMI-NYS is the New York state organization of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots organization for people with mental illness and their families. We provide support to family and friends of individuals with mental illness and persons living with mental illnesses through more than 50 affiliates statewide.
C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology in New York City Dedicated to helping men and women grow in conscious awareness of the psychological realities in themselves and society, find healing and meaning in their lives, reach greater depth in their relationships, and live in response to their discovered sense of purpose.
New York Association of School Psychologists NYASP mission is to serve children, their families and the school community by promoting psychological well-being, excellence in education, and sensitivity to diversity through best practices in school psychology.
#532 #119
New York State Psychiatric Association The NYSPA is the professional medical specialty organization of psychiatrists practicing in New York. NYSPA's goal is to promote quality mental health care in New York State.
New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute NYPSI mission is to promote excellence in the teaching, research, and provision of psychoanalytic treatment and the application of psychoanalytic principles in advisory, consultative, educational, and therapeutic services to the New York metropolitan community.
New York State Association for Behavioral Analysis The NYSABA mission is to promote and protect the integrity of the science and professional practice of behavior analysis within the State of New York. We are the state chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), an international organization devoted to the study of the experimental analysis of behavior.
#532 #081 #101
Suffolk County Psychological Association SCPA's mission is to promote the profession of psychology in Suffolk County through fellowship, education and advocacy. Our members provide a wide variety of psychological services including psychotherapy, counseling and evaluations in their private practices, schools, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and universities. SCPA is approved by the APA and the New York State Education Department to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.
#532 #091
Psychiatric Society of Westchester The Society is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association and represents 500+ member psychiatrists in New York. The objectives of the Society shall be to foster the science and progress of psychiatry and to serve as an influence to the maintenance of high professional and administrative standards.
New York Association for Analytical Psychology The NYAAP is a professional society of graduate Jungian analysts practicing primarily in the greater New York metropolitan area and throughout the United States and Canada. Our mission is the dissemination of Jung’s theory and its ongoing development through teaching, lecturing, and local and international publishing. At the core of our work is the integration of Jung’s archetypal and mythological thinking with current psychological understanding in all aspects of developmental and clinical theory.
Women in Cognitive Science WICS creates an environment that encourages young women to join the field of cognitive psychology/science, particularly in cognitive neuroscience and computational modeling areas.
#532 #087 #115
Hudson Valley Psychological Association All HVPA Members are trained at the doctoral level and members enjoy opportunites for professional development including networking, presenting to colleagues, sharing resources, supporting each other, advocating for the profession, and more.
Psychological Association of Western New York PAWNY is an educational, scientific and professional organization whose purpose is to advance the science and profession of psychology. PAWNY provides information, networking opportunities, and educational events to psychologists involved in clinical work, research, and education. Our website directory links community members with psychological services in the Western New York area. We bring together psychologists from all aspects of our profession.
Manhattan Psychological Association Founded in 1992, the MPA is a Manhattan-based professional organization covering “all things psychological” and a regional affiliate of the New York State Psychological Association. We present programs, workshops and discussions that will add to our membership’s understanding of the latest scientific, research and practice issues in Psychology. The Association also educates and informs the general public about pertinent and emerging psychological issues and psychological health.
#532 #103
Nassau County Psychological Association NCPA is dedicated to serving psychologists, school psychologists, and the residents of Long Island, New York. As a member and a licensed psychologist in private practice, your name will be listed on NCPA's referral service by specialty type and location of practice and you may choose to become active in the School Psychology Committee.
#532 #119
New York State Association of Neuropsychology NYSAN was established in 2006 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of clinical neuropsychologists and promoting best practices and education in clinical neuropsychology. Our activities may include but are not limited to professional advocacy and lobbying; education by means of meetings, conferences and workshops; and collaboration with other professional groups with similar goals and interests.
#532 #114
New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology METRO is dedicated to serving the needs of applied psychologists and related professions in the greater New York area. The key to our success is involvement of a wide range of people, from new students at one of many local Industrial Organizational Psychology programs to seasoned veterans with years of wisdom.
#532 #082 #106
Central New York Psychological Association CNYPA is a professional association for psychologists in the central New York area including the greater Syracuse area. We provide support and information to local professional psychologists about changes and challenges to clinical practice in a rapidly shifting health care environment. We regularly discuss topics such as telepsychology, licensing requirements across state lines, and current legislation affecting our profession.
Westchester County Psychological Association WCPA is a professional organization of psychologists whose purpose is to further the development of psychology as a science and to provide a basis for professional growth and association among psychologists in Westchester County.
Genesee Valley Psychological Association GVPA is a professional association for psychologists in the Rochester, New York region. We are a great venue for networking with psychologists in the Rochester area with a broad range of interests, keeping informed about issues pertinent to the profession, and furthering your professional development. Our members also practice psychology in many realms, including private practice, academia, community, and research.
Brooklyn Psychological Association BPA is the regional association of psychology in the borough of Brooklyn and the purpose is to facilitate Brooklyn psychologists networking, educating each other, promoting better services, and just relaxing together.
Queens Psychological Association The purpose of the QPA is to provide a collaborative and supportive context for advancing the educational, professional and social networking needs of psychologists working, living in or otherwise interested in Queens County, New York.
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