Rhode Island Master’s in Psychology Programs and Resources

Below is an affordability ranked list of Rhode Island colleges that provide terminal and non-terminal postgraduate psychology degree programs. There are eight programs offered by four schools in Rhode Island. These higher education degree programs are in the study areas of psychology, applied behavior analysis, forensic and legal psychology, school psychology, clinical psychology, and behavioral science. The “Rhode Island Psychology Resources” table at the bottom of the page is a list of websites that feature helpful, local information on psychology. The states that border Rhode Island that offer graduate psychology degree programs include Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Rhode Island Masters in Psychology

Rhode Island Master’s in Psychology Programs

Salve Regina University (BACB) The SRU MS in Applied Behavior Analysis incorporates the six master’s-level courses and practicum experience required by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) to qualify to sit for the national certification exam. Coursework such as ethics and professional conduct, measurement and data analysis, behavior change techniques, assessment and systems management prepares students for the national certification exam.
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Rhode Island College The RIC Master of Arts in Psychology helps to prepare students to integrate psychological principles and methods of inquiry in applied and/or research settings. Students will attain an understanding of psychological theory and principles, an understanding of the scientific method of inquiry and data analysis, the ability to be critical consumers of psychological literature, and the ability to conduct independent research.
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Rhode Island Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Rhode Island College (NASP,RIDE) The RIC MA/CAGS in School Psychology is a 3-year, integrated, sequential program that prepares future school psychologists to provide a range of psychological and educational services with specialized focus on the developmental processes of children and youth within their schools, families, and other social systems.
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University of Rhode Island The URI PhD in Behavioral Science is a research-intensive program with a strong focus on topics in health psychology and methodology. There are few programs nationwide in which you can study both of these topics simultaneously. In addition to our leading strengths in these two areas, we offer robust coverage of social, cognitive, and developmental perspectives in our training, while attending to individual and group differences and diverse social, familial and community settings.
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University of Rhode Island (APA) The URI PhD in Clinical Psychology is designed for students who are committed to a career involving both practice and research. The program has adopted the Scientist-Practitioner model, and provides you with generalist training in intervention, assessment, methodology, and the core areas of psychology. As a student in this program you can select a focus area in: Health psychology, Multicultural psychology, Neuropsychology, Child/family/developmental psychology, or Research methodology.
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Rhode Island Psychology Licensing and Resources

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry AAAP are psychiatrists, faculty, medical students, residents and fellows and related health professionals committed to evidence-based clinical practices and research in the prevention, identification and treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental disorders.
Rhode Island Department of Health Psychology Licensing Verify a Psychology License, Find Licensed Psychologists, Download Psychology Lists, File a Complaint, Find Disciplinary actions and more in the State of Rhode Island.
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Rhode Island School Psychologists Association RISPA is the professional organization of school psychologists whose purposes are to promote the professional development of its members, and to advocate for optimal educational experiences and mental health for all children in collaboration with schools, families, and communities.
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National Alliance on Mental Illness Rhode Island The mission of NAMI Rhode Island is to educate the public about mental illness; to offer resources and support to all whose lives are touched by mental illness; to advocate at every level to ensure the rights and dignity of those with mental illness; and to promote research in the science and treatment of mental illness.
Rhode Island Psychological Association The mission of the Early Career Psychologists Committee of RIPA is to assist with career development of newly licensed psychologists in Rhode Island. RIPA’s fundamental mission is the promotion of psychological principles and practices to support the well-being of individuals, families, groups, and the local Rhode Island community as a whole.
Rhode Island Association for Psychoanalytic Psychologies RIAPP has provided a forum for scholarly and clinical exchange for 25 years. To that end, our primary focus has been psychoanalytic continuing education for local mental health professionals through our yearly lecture series and spring and fall conferences.
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