Master’s in Social Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Social psychologists study how human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the presence of other people. Due to the malleability of human influence, the “presence” of others can be actual, imagined or implied. Social psychology studies all aspects of interpersonal relationships and how positive or negative interactions affect behavior. Graduate degree programs in social psychology emphasize training in theory as well as various methods in basic and applied research. Social psychologists work in an array of different environments including research laboratories (private or public sector), government agencies, advertising agencies, and academic universities (research or teaching). The tables below list schools, indexed according to affordability, offering graduate degree programs in the area of social psychology. Several degree programs are different branches of psychology, but offer concentrations in social psychology.

Masters in Social Psychology

Most Affordable Social Psychology Master’s Programs

Walden University The WU online MS in Psychology program provides a solid foundation in basic scientific methods and psychological principles. Specializations to choose from include: Applied Psychology, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology. Walden also offers a MA in Forensic Psychology. Career options include: project coordinator, family services worker, social service manager, intervention advocate, and more.
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Tiffin University The TU Online Master of Science in Psychology offers students the opportunity to gain a broad, graduate-level education in the areas of psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuropsychology. Tiffin also offers a MS in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology.
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University of Hartford UHart offers a MS in Organizational Psychology and a MA in Clinical Psychology. The faculty represent a diversity of interests and specializations, including clinical, developmental, experimental, health, industrial/organizational, school, and social psychology. The program is strongly student-centered and committed to engaging students in the understanding of behavior, cognition, emotion, and social interaction.
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Illinois State University ISU offers a Master's in Clinical Counseling Psychology and a Master's in Psychology with the following concentrations: cognitive and behavioral sciences, developmental psychology, industrial/organizational-social psychology, and quantitative psychology. Both Master of Arts and Master of Science in Psychology are available.
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Indiana State University The ISU Master's in Experimental Psychology is designed to give students in-depth instruction and hands-on experience in the research process. Some graduates have gone on to doctoral programs in social psychology, quantitative psychology, and cognitive neurosciences. Some graduates are working in positions where they can use the research skills they acquired in our program.
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Texas Tech University The TTU Master's in Social Psychology program functions on an apprenticeship model in which students conduct research under faculty supervision. The program aims to educate individuals for research positions in a variety of settings.
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University of South Alabama The USA Master of Science in Behavioral and Brain Sciences includes a core curriculum designed to provide students with knowledge of current theories, principles, and methods of experimental psychology. There are two routes to enter the BBS program: The traditional M.S. Program and the Accelerated Bachelors to Masters (ABM) Program. Students will take courses that are designed to provide more extensive information in research design as well as theoretical background. Sub-specialties may include, but are not limited to, personality and individual differences, animal cognition, developmental, memory, psycholinguistics, psychophysiology, and scholarship of teaching and learning.
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New Mexico State University The NMSU MA in General Experimental Psychology offers emphases in engineering psychology, cognitive psychology, or social psychology. The program is designed to provide graduates with the tools and knowledge necessary for further training at the doctoral level or for employment in industry or government.
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Texas State University San Marcos The TSU Master of Arts in Psychological Research fosters competence in the methodological foundations and conduct of psychological research across a wide variety of settings. Faculty areas of expertise include clinical, neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, health psychology, quantitative psychology, developmental psychology and social psychology, among others.
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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh The UWO Master's of Science in Psychology is designed to train students to conduct research across ALL disciplines of psychology including but not limited to research in: clinical psychology, social psychology, biopsychology, neuroscience, quantitative psychology, cognitive psychology, comparative psychology, health psychology, and organizational psychology. This program has a Cognitive and Affective emphasis.
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Towson University (NASP,MPCAC) The TU MA in Psychology equips you with the knowledge and research experience to pursue careers in human services, education, or in a variety of professional settings. Four concentrations include: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Experimental Psychology and School Psychology. The program's diverse and experienced faculty demonstrate strengths in biological, cognitive and social psychology.
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San Francisco State University SFSU offers a Master of Arts in Psychology with concentrations in Developmental Psychology; Mind, Brain, Behavior; and Social Psychology. Also offered is a Master of Science in Psychology with concentrations in Clinical Psychology, School Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
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San Diego State University The SDSU MA in Psychology is a research-oriented program designed to prepare students so they are competitive for Ph.D. programs. Students take classes in one of the following areas: Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Physical and/or Mental Health, and Social Psychology. SDSU also offers a MS Program in Applied Psychology with tracks in: Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Quantitative Methods.
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Marshall University MU offers a Master's in General Psychology or with a clinical emphasis that prepares graduates for master's-degree level clinical roles within professional psychology. Core courses include: Cognitive Psychology, Applied Social Psychology, Psychometrics, Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychology, and more. Additional classes include: Abnormal Psychology, Child Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Health Psychology, and more.
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University of Northern Iowa The UNI Master of Arts degree in Psychology is designed to provide advanced training in the major applied and basic areas of psychology. The clinical science emphasis combines empirically supported, scientifically based clinical training with a solid foundation in clinical research methodology. The Social emphasis is designed for students who are interested in social psychology and would like to complete a master's degree before seeking admission to Ph.D.
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Appalachian State University The ASU Master of Arts in Psychology offers advanced study for students interested in the field of psychology, with concentration options in Experimental Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Experimental psychology coursework includes: biological, cognitive, developmental, learning and social psychology. The Clinical Psychology program prepares students for doctoral programs or licensure as a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) in North Carolina.
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University of North Carolina Greensboro UNCG offers a Master of Arts in General Experimental Psychology. Students will work with a faculty member from one of our experimental areas, although clinical faculty may also supervise students’ research programs. Research areas include developmental, cognitive and social psychology, as well as psychopathology and developmental psychopathology.
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Ball State University The BSU Master's in Social Psychology mission is to expand social justice, better understand human behavior, and help people in practical ways. As a student in our program, you will gain experiences and training that will prepare you for employment in applied social psychology or to pursue doctoral training in social psychology or a related field. BSU also offers a Dual Major in Social Psychology and Clinical Mental Health.
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University of Louisiana Lafayette The UL Lafayette Master of Science degree in General Psychology provides foundational training in core areas of psychology. Coursework helps students become competitive for admission to doctoral-level programs in both applied and experimental fields of psychology. Faculty members have expertise in Clinical, Cognitive, Counseling, Developmental, Educational, Physiological, and Social Psychology, as well as specialties in Behavior Analysis and Health.
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Arizona State University The ASU Terminal MS in Psychology is designed to give our students a strong, research-based foundation in the modern field of psychology. Our program emphasizes quantitative methodology, statistical analysis, professional development, and independent research. A unique feature of our program is our research clusters which include: Cognition, Behavior, and Information, Psychology and Law, and Resilience in Social Environments (RISE). The majority of our students' goals involve moving on to doctoral programs in psychology and related fields, and we have had great success with them attaining those goals. We have been able to fund many of our incoming students with either a full or half fellowship appointment.
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University of Cincinnati (ABAI) The UC Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) program has two primary areas of focus: Organizational and Community Psychology. Both areas rely on a solid foundation in psychology, including an understanding of the factors that influence behavior (social psychology) and how individuals think, process information, and make decisions (cognitive psychology). UC also offers a Master of Education in Foundations of Behavior Analysis.
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University of Maine UM offers an M.A. in Psychological Sciences. The concentration in Social Psychology aims to foster a solid understanding of theory and research in social psychology, including implications of how research may be applied to solve practical problems. The cognitive and biological concentration offers training in several areas of cognitive and biological psychology, including perception, creativity, decision making, aging, and behavioral neuroscience.
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Lehigh University The LU Master or Science degree in Psychology is offered every year to a few well-qualified students. The program is a selective, research-intensive program that focuses on Cognitive, Developmental and Social Psychology and students define an area of specialization through their research experiences and selection of graduate seminars.
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Texas Christian University The TCU MA in Psychology is available by special permission only. The TCU MS in Experimental Psychology is recommended for students who plan to pursue doctoral-level graduate study. Courses include: Advanced Neuroscience, Evolutionary Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Regression Analysis, and more.
$$$#TD #500 #095 #101 #121
American University The AU Master's in Psychology will prepare you for a career in specialized research and applied fields within psychology or to enter a clinical, experimental, or neuroscience doctoral program. The specialization tracks include: general psychology, personality/social psychology, or biological/experimental psychology. With our small and intensive classes, you will receive one-on-one guidance from our faculty of innovative researchers and scholars.
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Claremont Graduate University CGU offers a MA in Psychology with the following concentrations: Applied Cognitive Psychology: User Experience, Applied Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Evaluation, Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation, Positive Health Psychology, and Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation. Also offered is a dual degree MA in Applied Psychology/Master in Public Health.
$$$$#TD #500 #082 #087 #095 #105 #106 #121
New York University The NYU MA in Psychology offers optional focus areas in: Social Psychology, Cognition/Perception & Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuroscience, and Social & Consumer Psychology. NYU also offers a MA in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology.
$$$$$#TD #500 #085 #106 #121
Catholic University of America The CUA Master of Arts in Psychological Science is a thesis-optional terminal degree awarded after 31 hours of coursework. Required courses are designed to provide training in statistics and research methodology and a breadth of coverage in several content areas including clinical, cognitive, developmental, experimental, neuroscience, and social psychology.
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Most Affordable Social Psychology Doctorate Programs

Brigham Young University The BYU PhD in Psychology is for those who want more focused training in research, sometimes referred to as our “Non-Clinical” program. During the last two years of the program, students pursue specialized coursework and training in one of three emphasis areas: Applied Social Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences, and Developmental Psychology. The program also offers a cross-area emphasis program to provide training in health psychology.
$#NTD #500 #095 #105 #121
University of Southern Mississippi The USM PhD in Brain and Behavior offers research training in experimental psychology across several areas in cognitive, social, and quantitative psychology. Cognitive psychology areas emphases include research in perception, attention, language, and memory. Social psychology areas include research in evolutionary, cultural, health, and political psychology.
$#NTD #500 #087 #101 #121
North Dakota State University The NDSU PhD in Health/Social Psychology has objectives including: Foundation and Core courses in Health and Social psychology that provide in-depth training in these topics; Extensive training and courses in quantitative and research methods; Course experiences in breadth areas of experimental psychology; and more.
$#NTD #500 #101 #121
University of Texas at El Paso The UTEP PhD in Psychology is designed to train all students in the fundamental areas of psychology. The department extends this training with four concentrations in: Health Psychology; Legal Psychology; Social Psychology, Cognitive and Neurosciences; and Language Acquisition and Bilingualism.
$#NTD #500 #105 #121
University of Wyoming The UW PhD in Social Psychology provides students with doctoral training that promotes broad training in the theories, current knowledge, and research methods in social psychology.
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Texas Tech University The TTU PhD in Social Psychology is committed to Lewin's maxim that there is nothing so practical as a good theory. Thus, there is an emphasis on basic research and theoretical development at the same time that social psychological theories are applied to research in areas such as clinical and counseling psychology, law, public opinion, and politics.
$#NTD #500 #091 #121
Bowling Green State University The BGSU PhD in Neural and Cognitive Sciences (NCS) includes two broad foci: (i) Neuroscience, and (ii) Cognitive Science and Social Psychology. The Neuroscience curriculum and research activities are designed to advance understanding of the dynamic relationship between the nervous system, mind, and behavior. Training includes courses in Basic Neuroscience and Cognition, Neuroethology, Behavioral Ecology, and Psychopharmacology.
$#NTD #500 #121
Ohio University The OU PhD in Experimental Psychology focuses on a scientific investigation of normal psychological processes. Specializations include: Applied Quantitative Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Health Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology.
$#NTD #500 #087 #101 #105 #106 #121
Portland State University The PSU PhD in Applied Psychology areas of emphasis include: Applied Developmental Psychology; Applied Social Psychology; Community Psychology; Applied Quantitative Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
$$#NTD #500 #082 #088 #095 #106 #121
Loyola University Chicago (APA) The Loyola Department of Psychology offers a PhD in Applied Social Psychology, a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology. Consistent with Loyola University’s mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution, transformative graduate education in the Department of Psychology has two foci: 1) Healthy Development in Children, Youth, and Families, and 2) Psychological Foundations of Social Justice.
$$#NTD #500 #085 #095 #121
Montana State University The MSU Ph.D. Program in Psychological Science is a broad term for scientific research in the core academic areas of psychology including cognitive, developmental, health, learning, physiological, and social psychology. Goal is to train students to think critically about theory and evidence, gain expertise in their area of specialty, understand and use statistical procedures, and to design, conduct, and publish high-quality psychological research.
$$#NTD #500 #121
University of Nevada Reno The UNR PhD in interdisciplinary Social Psychology emphasizes training in theoretical foundations, as well as qualitative and quantitative methods in basic and applied research. Areas of emphasis include psychology and law (legal), personal and social relationships, social psychology and health, and organizational behavior. Gender, culture and development issues are integrated into the curriculum in each area of emphasis.
$$#NTD #500 #106 #121
Brooklyn College CUNY The BC PhD in Psychology has many training areas specializing in different aspects of psychology. Each training area is composed of faculty from across the CUNY campuses and includes: Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology; Basic and Applied Social Psychology; Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience; Cognition, Language, and Development; Developmental Psychology and Health Psychology and Clinical Science.
$$#NTD #500 #086 #082 #121 #115 #095 #105
Saint Louis University The SLU PhD in Experimental Psychology prepares students for academic teaching and research careers in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, developmental or social psychology.
$$#NTD #500 #101 #121
University of South Florida (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UCF PhD in Psychology is organized into three areas of concentration: Clinical Psychology; Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Psychology; and Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology. The Department is committed to furthering our understanding of behavior and mental processes by utilizing the methods of science in both basic and applied research.
$$#NTD #500 #085 #106 #121
Kent State University (APA,APCS) The KSU PhD in Psychology offers training in the areas of: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Development, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology. The Clinical Psychology program allows specialization in adult psychopathology, assessment, child clinical, clinical health psychology, and general clinical psychology. Students in all areas can also earn a minor in quantitative methods.
$$#NTD #500 #085 #105 #121
University of Arkansas The UA PhD in Experimental Psychology provides a core base of knowledge upon which students specialize in neuroscience, cognitive, developmental, or social psychology. Our program is rigorous, collegial, and student-centered and as students progress through the program, course work, research, and mentorship become individually tailored to each student’s particular interests. We strive to recruit a diverse student body, think deeply about making multiculturalism and intersectionality an intentional element in our teaching, and incorporate questions relating to diversity science into our programs of research.
$$#NTD #500 #101 #115 #087 #095 #121
University of North Carolina Greensboro The UNCG PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, or Quantitative Psychology follow a single curriculum with a uniform set of requirements, but their research programs and seminar courses focus on their unique areas of interest. Students have the opportunity to study mind, brain, and behavior at multiple levels of analysis (neural, individual, and social) with diverse techniques.
$$#NTD #500 #087 #095 #121
University of Texas at Austin The UTAUS Master's or PhD in Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences (HDCLS) represents the scientific and theoretical bases for research and practice within the field of Educational Psychology. We train students in theories of: human cognition, culture, development, language, learning, motivation, social psychology, and personality psychology.
$$#NTD #500 #097 #116 #121
City University of New York Graduate Center (APA) The CUNY Graduate Center PhD in Psychology prepares students for research, teaching, and practice in the various fields of psychology. Students may specialize in areas including: Basic and Applied Social Psychology; Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience; Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Comparative Psychology; Critical Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Health Psychology; Industrial Organizational Psychology; Neuropsychology, and Psychology and Law.
$$#NTD #500 #085 #095 #105 #106 #114 #121
University of Oklahoma The OU PhD in Psychology has four areas of specialization: cognitive psychology, social psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and quantitative psychology. The programs are designed to produce experimental psychologists who are capable of assuming positions in academia, as well as industry and government. OU graduates have been consistently placed in academic, private sector, and government positions.
$$#NTD #500 #087 #106 #121
University of North Dakota The UND PhD in General/Experimental Psychology prepares you to advance scientific knowledge in this exciting field by designing, conducting and disseminating research. In addition to your general coursework, you can choose from the following areas of specialty: Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Applied Cognition, Health and Aging, Social Psychology, or Psychology and the Law (legal).
$$#NTD #500 #101 #121
Temple University The TU PhD in Psychology has three additional areas of study: Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology. Students also have the opportunity to complete an interdisciplinary Neuroscience specialization via the Neuroscience Program in the College of Liberal Arts. Many of our graduates secure prestigious postdoctoral positions where they bring their skills and knowledge to the highest levels.
$$#NTD #500 #095 #121
University of Texas at San Antonio The UTSA PhD in Psychology is designed for students who have completed a Master’s degree and are interested in pursuing advanced doctoral training in topics related to statistics, research methods, and health (including mental health). Theories from many areas of psychology are applied in research on health issues, including social psychology, cognitive psychology, biopsychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.
$$#NTD #500 #085 #087 #095 #121
Stony Brook University The SBU PhD in Social and Health Psychology is a good choice for students who are interested in a research career in social psychology, health psychology, or the interface between these two disciplines. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a departmental close relationships concentration that includes faculty members and students in other areas.
$$#NTD #500 #105 #121
University of Mississippi (APA) The Old Miss PhD in Experimental Psychology provides the rigorous and supportive scientific training that prepares graduates for outstanding careers in a broad spectrum of established and emerging fields from careers in health sciences, research/medical administration, or drug development and more. Specific programs of study leading to the doctoral degree include behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and social psychology.
$$#NTD #500 #087 #101 #121
Iowa State University (APA) The ISU PhD in Social Psychology is grounded in basic and applied research. Students in the program learn the theoretical and conceptual bases of social psychology, acquire strong methodological and statistical competencies, and develop critical skills in the areas of teaching and writing through course work, empirical research, and interactions with their major professors.
$$#NTD #500 #121
Idaho State University The ISU PhD in Experimental Psychology provides students with an education and research training in core areas of psychological science (e.g., behavioral neuroscience, behavioral pharmacology, cognition, developmental psychology, learning, personality, sensation and perception, social psychology, research methodology, and statistics). Our faculty's areas of expertise include clinical, cognitive, social, developmental, personality, learning, physiological, comparative, and behavioral pharmacology.
$$#NTD #500 #095 #101 #121
Arizona State University (APA)(PCSAS)(APCS) The ASU PhD in Psychology is designed to provide outstanding training in innovative research, methodology and the application of psychological principles to a wide variety of human conditions. The program offers collaborative and interdisciplinary training in innovative, mentored research across six major areas of study: cognitive science, behavioral neuroscience and comparative psychology, developmental, social, clinical, and quantitative psychology. Students pick one of those six areas but there is, however, substantial opportunity to integrate courses of study across areas in the department. The unique strength of the department is the wealth of outstanding faculty members whose specialization is quantitative methods.
$$$#NTD #500 #085 #095 #121 #109 #086 #115
East Tennessee State University (APA) The ETSU PhD in Clinical Psychology mission is to provide doctoral training in Clinical Psychology for rural behavioral health and practice in the context of integrated primary health care. The ETSU PhD in Experimental Psychology mission is to provide students with broad and general training in translational research in the psychological sciences, including the areas of developmental, cognitive, and social psychology, personality, affective behavior, and behavioral neuroscience.
$$$#NTD #500 #085 #101 #121
University of Utah The UU PhD in Social Psychology mission is to provide graduate students with strong, foundational grounding in social psychology, where they learn to conduct theoretically-guided research and how to extend such theory to real-world problems. Faculty themes include: Close Relationships and Interpersonal Processes, Health and Well-being, and Diversity and Culture. An important feature of our program is that we do not consider these themes to be distinct areas, but rather as critically linked.
$$$#NTD #500 #121
Florida State University The FSU PhD in Social Psychology involves the scientific examination of how people think about, influence, and interact with each other. The broad areas of research interest and expertise of the Social Psychology program's faculty provide several possible directions for interested graduate students to pursue including: Close Relationships, Evolutionary Psychology, Morality, Prejudice and Stereotyping, and Motivation and Social Cognition.
$$$#NTD #500 #121
University of Massachusetts Lowell The Umass Lowell PhD in Applied Psychology and Prevention Science is designed to train students and current practitioners who seek advanced education in the application of psychological theories and methods to address real-world problems, as well as to promote optimal quality of life outcomes. Three areas of study include: Applied Cognitive Psychology, Community and Applied Social Psychology and Applied Developmental Psychology.
$$$#NTD #500 #082 #087 #095 #121
University of Maine The UM PhD in Psychological Sciences with concentrations including: Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, or Biological Psychology. A high faculty-to-student ratio and small class size characterize our graduate programs. In addition, each student works with at least one faculty member as a means of gaining valuable teaching, research and professional experience.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #121
Virginia Commonwealth University The VCU PhD in Social Psychology is designed as a four to five-year, research-intensive doctoral program to prepare students for scholarly careers in academic and other research settings. A wide variety of courses are offered, with opportunities to customize a set of courses to best suit each student’s training goals.
$$$#NTD #500 #121
Colorado State University (HLC) The CSU MS-PhD in Applied Social and Health Psychology (ASHP) students develop a strong methodological background and learn to use multiple research techniques to investigate social issues that have major impacts on people, organizations, and communities. Research foci of the faculty and students in the department include Environmental Psychology, Occupational Health, Prevention Science, or Relationship and Family Health. Graduates from the program go on to careers in academia, the private sector, and government agencies.
$$$#NTD #500 #121 #105 #099
University of Minnesota (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UofM PhD in Psychology students earn a Master's Degree on their way to their doctorate. Areas of specialization include: Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research Program (CSPR), Cognitive and Brain Science (CAB), Counseling Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O), Personality, Individual Differences and Behavior Genetics (PIB), Quantitative/Psychometric Methods (QPM), and Social Psychology.
$$$#NTD #500 #091 #106 #121
University of California Los Angeles (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UCLA PhD in Psychology with specializations in: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Learning and Behavior, Quantitative Psychology, Social Psychology, and Computational Cognition. There is no separate M.A. program or Psy.D. program offered.
$$$#NTD #500 #085 #087 #095 #105 #121
University of California Irvine The UCI PhD in Psychological Science provides students with a strong foundation in theory, research methods and advanced statistics, as well as in the classic and contemporary issues. Students select one of four primary specializations: Affective Science, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, or Social Psychology and Personality Psychology. You may also pair a specialization with a concentration in Psychology & Law (includes legal courses).
$$$#NTD #500 #095 #105 #116 #121
University of California San Diego The UC San Diego PhD in Experimental Psychology offers the following emphases: Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Sensation & Perception, and Social Psychology. After being accepted Interdisciplinary programs include: Anthropogeny, Critical Gender Studies and Cognitive Science. Conducting experimental research is the primary activity of graduate students in our program.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #095 #101 #121
University of California Davis The UCDavis PhD in Psychology program is oriented toward training qualified students to pursue careers in the areas of research and teaching. The five areas of specialization include: Biological Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Perception, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience; Quantitative Psychology and Social Psychology/Personality Psychology.
$$$#NTD #500 #095 #116 #121
University of California Santa Barbara The UCSB PhD in Psychological and Brain Studies is a top ranked experimental psychology program consisting of four graduate research training areas: Cognition, Perception, and Cognitive Neuroscience; Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology; Neuroscience and Behavior; and Social Psychology. The program is designed to be completed in five to six years.
$$$#NTD #500 #101 #121
Purdue University (APA,APCS) The PU PhD in Psychological Sciences offers six distinct majors: Clinical Psychological Sciences, Cognitive Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Mathematical and Computational Cognitive Science, Neuroscience and Behavior, and Social Psychology. Our graduates have positions in academia, the government, the military, and industry.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #106 #121
University of Alabama The UA PhD in Psychology offers three concentrations: Cognitive, Developmental, and Social Psychology. The department trains psychologists who are scientists and scientist-practitioners and, in so doing, provides broad research training, substantive academic areas of study, and opportunities for teaching and applied experience. Cooperative relationships with health, mental health, educational, legal, and research agencies, both public and private, enrich the student experience. Annual grant funding approaches $3 million.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #101 #121
University of Florida (APA) The UF Department of Psychology offers a PhD in Psychology and a PhD in Counseling Psychology. Areas of specialization include: Behavior Analysis, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Counseling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology. The Department of Psychology does not offer a terminal master's degree, nor do we offer a distance-learning (i.e. online) doctoral program.
$$$#NTD #500 #081 #091 #095 #121
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill UNC offers a PhD in Behavioral and Integrative Neuroscience, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, a PhD in Developmental Psychology, a PhD in Quantitative Psychology and a PhD in Social Psychology. The programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and judgement needed to become active contributors at the highest-level to research, teach, and provide public and professional service in the community.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #095 #121
University of Virginia The UVA PhD in Psychology offers additional degrees in: Cognitive Psychology, Community Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Social Psychology, and Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience. Each area of specialization may have distinct application and graduation requirements. You may also choose the quantitative psychology concentration add-on.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #088 #095 #121
University of Iowa (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UI PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences is designed for students seeking a doctorate in psychology. We currently have three broad graduate training areas in the department: Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical Science, and Cognition. We also offer specialized training in Developmental Psychopathology, Developmental Science, Health Psychology, Social Psychology, and Visual Perception.
$$$#NTD #500 #105 #121
George Washington University (APA) GWU offers three doctoral degree programs: PhD in Applied Social Psychology, the PhD in Clinical Psychology and the PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. While earning their degree, many students conduct a practicum or externship with a hospital or community health clinic. Some students also pursue teaching assistant positions and grant writing opportunities.
$$$#NTD #500 #085 #121
University of Kentucky (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UK PhD in Psychology has five training program emphases, one in Clinical Psychology and four in Experimental Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology, Clinical Psychology, Cognition, Learning and Performance, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology. Doctoral training takes place in the context of research and training clusters that reflect prominent themes, levels of analysis, and methodologies within psychology.
$$$#NTD #500 #085 #095 #101 #121
Howard University (APA) The following PhD Programs are offered by Howard University: Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology, Personality Psychology, and Social Psychology. Minors are also offered in the areas above as well as quantitative and cognitive psychology. However, we do not accept students who only seek the master's degree.
$$$#NTD #500 #085 #087 #095 #114 #116 #121
Indiana University Bloomington (APA,PCSAS,APCS) IUB offers seven PhD Majors in Psychology: Clinical Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Mechanisms of Behavior, Molecular and Systems Neuroscience, and Social Psychology. We view these as interconnected areas rather than silos.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #095 #121
University of Arizona The UA PhD in Social Psychology is a research-intensive doctoral program with the goal of training the next generation of social scientists. The program focuses their experimental and correlational research on topics related to health, coping, well-being, attitudes, the self-concept, self-esteem, social perception, prejudice, stereotyping, culture, personality. With six core faculty and a group of around 10-15 graduate students and a few post-docs, the social program is relatively small by national standards, however, this allows for faculty and graduate students to develop deeply collaborative and productive working relationships.
$$$#NTD #500 #121
University of Delaware The UDEL PhD in Social Psychology focuses on interpersonal, intergroup and organizational processes. Our research explores a variety of topics including psychoneuroendocrinology, social attachment and health, cross-cultural differences, prejudice reduction and racism, social value orientation, and personality.
$$$#NTD #500 #106 #121
Baylor University The BU PhD in Psychology is predicated on the assumption that the study of Psychology is basic to an understanding of the human condition. The program has three training tracks; Behavioral Neuroscience, Social Psychology and General Experimental Psychology.
$$$#NTD #500 #101 #121
Clark University (APA) The Clark U PhD in Psychology offers various sub-specialties including Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology but the department finds way to integrate them. Our faculty and graduates have always demonstrated the capacity to understand broad issues and to avoid pitfalls of temporary technical fads in psychology. It is often the case that prospective employers turn to us to find young scholars who can think beyond their specialty areas.
$$$#NTD #500 #085 #095 #121
Ohio State University The OSU PhD in Psychology areas of specialization include: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Decision Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, and Social Psychology. Students will have every opportunity to develop the research and professional skills you need to become a well-qualified psychologist in the specialty area you choose.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #095 #121
University of Hawaii Manoa (APA,APCS) The UHM PhD in Psychology has seven areas of concentration to choose from: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Community and Culture Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychopathology, and Social psychology. Graduate training in each of these areas is based on a mentorship model in which students develop research skills through close collaboration with faculty.
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Rutgers University The RU PhD in Psychology offers four main areas of study: Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology and Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience. The program prepares students for careers as researchers in both academic and nonacademic settings. Students work closely with faculty members on research projects of mutual interest. Graduate training in Intradisciplinary Health Psychology is also offered.
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Syracuse University The SU PhD in Social Psychology embraces research as a central focus for the training of social psychologists and is the oldest of its kind in the world.
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University of Connecticut (APA) PhD programs at Uconn are offered in the following areas: Behavioral Sciences, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Ecological Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Language and Cognition, Neurosciences, and Social Psychology. The Psychological Sciences Department admits students for PhD degree study only; terminal master’s degree programs are not offered.
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University of Pittsburgh The UP PhD in Psychology has four additional core programs of study: Biological and Health Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology. We prepare students for scientific and academic careers emphasizing research and teaching. We offer a rich and dynamic intellectual community with outstanding opportunities to study behavior at multiple ages, using state-of-the-art methods and varying levels of analysis.
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University of Southern California (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The USC PhD in Psychology is organized in five areas of study: Brain and Cognitive Science, Clinical Science, Developmental Psychology, Quantitative Methods, and Social Psychology. The USC Department of Psychology has among its faculty internationally recognized scholars and one of the most diverse student populations in the United States.
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University of Michigan Ann Arbor (APA,APCS) The UM PhD in Psychology has six areas of study: Biopsychology, Clinical Science, Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Personality & Social Contexts, and Social Psychology. In addition, there are three joint programs of study: Combined Program in Education and Psychology, Social Work and Psychology, and Women's Studies and Psychology.
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Harvard University (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The Harvard PhD in Psychology has two tracks. The first is the Common Curriculum track, which embraces Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Perception. The second track is Clinical Science. Research themes include: Evolutionary Psychology, Health Psychology, Animal Learning and Cognition, Consciousness, Emotional Disorders, Psychophysiology, Visual Cognition, and many more.
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Princeton University The PU PhD in Psychology offers specialization in diverse areas, including behavioral economics, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, language, learning and memory, perception and cognition, the psychology of inequality, social neuroscience, social psychology, and systems neuroscience. Interdisciplinary programs leading to joint degrees in psychology and neuroscience or psychology and social policy are offered.
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Northwestern University The NU PhD in Psychology has five main areas of research and instruction: Brain, Behavior and Cognition; Clinical; Cognitive; Personality, Development and Health; and Social Psychology. Requirements differ across programs, but all students take both general breadth courses in Psychology, as well as courses more focused on their specific areas of interest.
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Duke University (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The Duke Department of Psychology and Neuroscience has five graduate training areas leading to a PhD in Psychology: Clinical Psychology, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Systems and Integrative Neuroscience. Depending on one's field, training may include neuroimaging, optigenetics, laboratory experiments, clinical approaches, and/or field interviews.
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Tulane University The TU PhD in Psychological Science provides training in basic research areas of psychology. Current areas of research interest include developmental psychology, cognitive/behavioral neuroscience, and social psychology. Students may also elect to focus on health psychology through a graduate certificate program.
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Social Psychology Associations, Journals and Resources

Social Psychology Network SPN was founded by Scott Plous in 1996 is one of the largest internet sites devoted to psychological research and teaching. It's mission is to promote peace, social justice, and sustainable living through public education, research, and the advancement of psychology.
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Society for Personality and Social Psychology The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, founded in 1974, is the world’s largest organization of social and personality psychologists. With over 7,500 members, SPSP strives to advance the science, teaching, and application of social and personality psychology. The core focus of SPSP is to serve its members through educational events, networking opportunities, resources, science funding, publication and promotion of research, and mentoring the next generation of social and personality psychologists.
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Elsevier Journals in Psychology Publishes journals covering Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology and Social Psychology and Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience.
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Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Founded in 1936, SPSSI is a group of over 3000 scientists from psychology and related fields and others who share a common interest in research on the psychological aspects of important social and policy issues. SPSSI affords social and behavioral scientists opportunities to apply their knowledge and insights to the critical problems of today's world. An independent society, SPSSI is also Division 9 of the American Psychological Association (APA).
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Society of Experimental Social Psychology SESP is an international scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of social psychological research. Our typical members have a PhD in social psychology or a related field, and work in academic or other research settings. SESP’s mission is to provide opportunities for direct and personal scientific exchange and collaboration among social and personality psychological scientists through its annual meeting.
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Asian Association of Social Psychology The AASP promotes research on Asian traditions, philosophies, and ideas that have scientific merit and practical applications, and expands the boundary, substance, and direction of social psychology by supplementing and integrating Western psychology’s focus on intra-individual processes with a broader and more holistic view from culture and society.
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Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology A quarterly peer-reviewed journal that emphasizes the publication of original research offering new knowledge to the fields of applied psychology, social psychology, work and organizational psychology, and personality psychology.
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