Nebraska Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Featured below is a comprehensive list, sorted by affordability, of Nebraska schools that offer both terminal (master’s in psychology only) and non-terminal (master’s in psychology with doctorate) degree programs. Nebraska currently has four universities offering twelve postgraduate higher education programs in psychology. The postgraduate degree types include the following areas: school psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience and behavior, counseling, doctorate of psychology, and both master’s and doctorate in applied behavioral analysis. The “Nebraska Psychology Resources” table at the bottom of the page highlights useful local psychology websites. Neighboring states offering graduate psychology programs include South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming.

Nebraska Masters in Psychology

Nebraska Master’s in Psychology Programs

Doane University (CACREP) The DU Master of Arts in Counseling is designed to develop highly competent mental health counselors who are skilled in the delivery of direct service, knowledgeable about current empirical and theoretical developments, and capable of critically evaluating clinical research. The Doane MAC program is designed to train students in the specialty area of Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
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University of Nebraska Omaha (BACB) The UNO MA in Psychology has the following concentrations: Applied Behavior Analysis, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior, and Social/Personality Psychology. The UNO "Master of Science" in Psychology has two concentrations: Industrial/Organizational Psychology and School Psychology.
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University of Nebraska Lincoln The UNL Master of Arts in Educational Psychology students choose a specialization from developmental and learning sciences; counseling psychology; quantitative, qualitative, and psychometric methods (QQPM). The Counseling Psychology program strives for an equal balance between science and professional psychological practice in the general context of a life span model of human development oriented toward community agencies, schools and college settings.
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University of Nebraska Medical Center The UNMC MS in Applied Behavior Analysis coursework addresses content areas required for licensure as a mental health practitioner and national certification as a behavior analyst. Upon completion of the program, students will have obtained necessary prerequisites for Provisional Licensure as a Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP).
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Nebraska Doctorate in Psychology Programs

University of Nebraska Kearney (NASP) The UNK School Psychology Specialist Degree in Education prepares graduates to become uniquely qualified members of school teams that support students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to teach.
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University of Nebraska Omaha The UNO PhD in Developmental Psychology focus is broad based, emphasizing theoretical, methodological, and statistical approaches to studying human development. Students have the opportunity to integrate theoretical and methodological training in the study of human development with direct experience in basic research, as well as applied developmental psychology, within the context of a mentoring relationship.
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University of Nebraska Omaha The UNO PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology students are mentored by both faculty and senior students. Consistent with the researcher-practitioner model, we provide opportunities for a variety of research and field experiences in addition to relevant course work.
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University of Nebraska Omaha The UNO PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior mission is to provide graduate students with intensive education and training in neuroscience and behavior, along with an opportunity to discover and disseminate knowledge through research presentations and publications.
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University of Nebraska Omaha (NASP) The UNO EdS in School Psychology embraces a scientist-practitioner model of school psychology training. The program emphasizes a problem-solving approach to service delivery including direct intervention and consultation at the individual, family, and system levels with a strong foundation in evidence-based practice.
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University of Nebraska Lincoln (APA) The UNL PhD in Counseling Psychology (CoPsych) emphasizes the scientist-practitioner model of training. Course work in core areas of psychological and behavioral science provides you with foundational concepts necessary for the effective practice of psychology and the ability to conduct psychological research.
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University of Nebraska Lincoln (APA,NASP) The UNL PhD in School Psychology prepares graduates for practice in universities, schools, hospitals, developmental centers, mental health centers, clinics, and private practice. Our graduates are employed as school psychologists, licensed psychologists, and in academic positions.
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University of Nebraska Lincoln (APA,NASP) The UNL EdS in School Psychology is a three-year training program that will ensure all graduates meet the criteria needed to become a National Certified School Psychologist (NCSP). Our Ed.S. students have found internship positions in a school district. Our EdS graduates who have sought employment as a school psychologist have obtained jobs as school psychologists.
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University of Nebraska Lincoln (APA) The UNL PhD in Psychology has five concentration areas: APA accredited Clinical Psychology program, Developmental Psychology, Law Psychology (psycholegal studies), Neuroscience and Behavior, and Social and Cognitive. We feature award-winning faculty and compelling, groundbreaking research opportunities for graduate students. Our students go on to excel in professional careers in fields such as psychology, social work, medicine, law, business and public administration, as well as in graduate or professional school.
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University of Nebraska Lincoln UNL offers three Psychology and Law Degrees: JD/PhD in Psychology, Master of Legal Studies/PhD in Psychology, and JD/MA in Psychology. Law-Psychology students may focus their studies in psycholegal areas such as jury behavior, eyewitness identification, children's decision making, domestic violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, forensic assessment, threat assessment, criminal responsibility, juvenile justice, the admissibility of scientific evidence in litigation, etc.
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University of Nebraska Medical Center (ABAI) The UNMC PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis prepares students for prominent leadership positions in academic, clinical and research arenas. The program focuses on Applied Behavior Analysis for children, adolescents, and families. Our program’s training model is unique in that didactic instruction is intimately conjoined with supervised research and clinical practice so that our students immediately practice the principles and concepts introduced in the classroom in our clinical programs and research labs.
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Nebraska Psychology Licensing and Resources

Nebraska Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Nebraska
Nebraska Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology The NICPP comprises seven cooperating agencies that together offer a broad range of professional experiences for qualified doctoral students in psychology. The mission is to provide psychology interns with intensive professional training experiences within the context of a scientist-practitioner model. NICPP specializes in training professional psychologists with child, adolescent, college student, and family interests.
Nebraska Board of Examiners of Psychologists Licensing and types of credentials issued in the State of Nebraska include Psychologists with a Doctorate degree in psychology, Psychological Assistants with a master's degree in psychology, Provisional License as a Psychologist who needs to obtain the required 1-year of supervised postdoctoral experience in psychology, and a 30-day Practice Authorization for those in another jurisdiction.
Nebraska School Psychologists Association The purpose of the NSPA is to serve the mental health and educational needs of children and youth and encourage and provide opportunities for the professional growth of Association members and Nebraska school psychologists.
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National Alliance on Mental Illness Nebraska NAMI Nebraska is a nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to education, support and advocacy for anyone whose life has been touched by mental illness. We provide statewide support to families and friends of individuals with mental illness.
Nebraska Psychological Association The NPA is the only statewide organization dedicated solely to represent the interests of psychologists and psychology across Nebraska and currently has 40% of the licensed psychologists across Nebraska as members. The NPA holds scientific and professional meetings, conducts continuing education workshops, publishes an online newsletter and advocates on behalf of psychology in the Nebraska Legislature.
Nebraska Psychiatric Society The NPS is dedicated to the education and scientific values of psychiatry and has a mission to promote the highest quality care for individuals and their families with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.
Nebraska Association for Behavior Analysis The NEABA promotes the science and practice of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the State of Nebraska.
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