South Carolina Master’s in Psychology Programs and Resources

Featured below is a list, sorted by affordability, of South Carolina colleges that provide terminal and non-terminal psychology degree programs. Six schools offer 16 postgraduate psychology degree programs. These degree types are in the area of psychology, applied psychology clinical/counseling, applied psychology, applied clinical psychology, school psychology, school psychology, human factors psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, clinical-community psychology, experimental psychology, and quantitative psychology. The “South Carolina Psychology Resources” table under the list of schools lists sites with local information on psychology. The states that border South Carolina and offer graduate psychology programs include Georgia and North Carolina.

South Carolina Masters in Psychology

South Carolina Master’s in Psychology Programs

Citadel Military College of South Carolina (CAMPP,MPCAC) The Citadel's Master of Arts in Psychology degree program in Clinical Counseling offers graduate education for those interested in becoming professional counselors in community agencies, including college counseling centers, hospitals, mental health, and social services agencies.
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Clemson University (HFES) The CU Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology is offered with a concentration in either human factors psychology or industrial and organizational psychology. Both of these programs are designed to provide the student with the requisite theoretical foundations, skills in quantitative techniques and research design, and practical problem-solving skills necessary for either entering the workforce or continuing with his/her scholastic career.
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Francis Marion University (BACB,MPCAC) FMU offers a MS in Applied Psychology (MSAP) Clinical/Counseling option which is designed to provide training in clinical/counseling psychology leading to employment in human service agencies, hospitals, or similar settings. The MS in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (MSAP/ABA) option which is designed to provide training in Applied Behavior Analysis leading to employment in human service agencies, school districts, and private industry.
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University of South Carolina Aiken (MPCAC) The USC Aiken M.S. in Applied Clinical Psychology provides graduate study and clinical experience in preparation for careers in applied clinical and counseling settings and as a foundation for students interested in pursuing advanced doctoral studies.
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South Carolina Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Citadel Military College of South Carolina (NASP) The Citadel's EdS in School Psychology mission is to prepare students to become competent, effective, and ethical scientist practitioners. This model sees the school psychologist as a data-based problem-solver at the individual, group, and systems levels. The program emphasizes application of psychological principles, knowledge, and skills in relating to the process and problems of education.
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Clemson University (HFES) The CU PhD in Human Factors Psychology goal is to train students to design of technological systems that are safe, productive, comfortable, and error-free. Human factors psychology, also known as engineering psychology, is the study of human interaction with technological systems, ranging from simple hand tools to complex technology such as nuclear power plants, transportation systems, and consumer technology such as smartphones.
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Clemson University The CU PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology trains research scientists and teachers for academic and industrial settings. This program is designed to provide the student with the requisite theoretical foundations, skills in quantitative techniques and research design, and practical problem-solving skills to address human problems related to work. The program is based on the scientist-practitioner model.
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Francis Marion University (NASP,MPCAC) The MS in Applied Psychology plus Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) program involves training in diagnostics, assessment, intervention, consultation, and research. Courses offer a blend of classroom activities and experiential training designed to acquaint students with both theory and practical applications of psychological knowledge.
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University of South Carolina (APA) The USC PhD in Clinical-Community Psychology provides doctoral level training in psychological science and training in health service psychology. We bridge the psychology subfields of clinical and community psychology to consider health at the individual, family, and community levels.
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University of South Carolina The USC PhD in Experimental Psychology goal is to advance psychological science by promoting excellence and productivity in research and graduate training in areas broadly defined as behavioral neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, quantitative psychology, and developmental psychology. The program emphasizes integration across multiple areas of experimental psychology to further psychological science.
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University of South Carolina The USC PhD in Quantitative Psychology students develop and apply statistical methodology to a wide range of applied problems including, but not limited to, substance use, physical activity/obesity, and neuroimaging. The collaboration between quantitative research and other areas in psychology builds synergy in the department.
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University of South Carolina (APA,NASP) the USC PhD in School Psychology is built on the foundation of the scientist-practitioner model. The program is dedicated to pursuing high impact research themes including child and youth development, cultural differences in development and culturally competent approaches, families and social systems, evidence-based school mental health programs, effective school-based assessment and intervention for particular disorders, child positive well-being, and neuropsychology/neurodevelopmental assessment.
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Winthrop University (NASP) The WU Master of Science in School Psychology and Specialist in School Psychology is a three-year, full-time graduate training sequence leading to the Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) degree. Although an interim Master of Science (MS) degree is awarded at the end of the second year, students admitted to the program are expected to complete the full three-year training program.
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South Carolina Psychology Licensing and Resources

Clemson Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology CSIOP is an organization founded by Clemson’s I-O Psychology graduate students. We encourage involvement in activities of the Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology program specifically, and of Clemson University in general. Currently we coordinate many professional development and social events in South Carolina per year and publish a newsletter at each academic semester that highlights members’ interests and activities.
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South Carolina Board of Examiners in Psychology The Board regulates practitioners of psychology and accepts applications and holds exams for candidates to practice psychology. The board has adopted a code of ethics governing licensed psychologists. The board investigates complaints and disciplines practitioners when necessary.
South Carolina Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in South Carolina
National Alliance on Mental Illness South Carolina NAMI SC mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals who live with mental illnesses and for their families by promoting the availability of effective services and resources, through education, support and advocacy.
South Carolina Psychiatric Association The objectives of SCPA are to foster the science and progress of psychiatry, in cooperation with and as a constituent part of the APA. We foster learning, promote psychiatric care and provide networking.
South Carolina Association of School Psychologists SCASP is a membership organization that empowers school psychologists to advance the learning and mental health of students in South Carolina. Our members are spread throughout the state and work in both private and public settings providing evaluation, consultation, and counseling to school aged children.
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South Carolina Society of Adlerian Psychology SCSAP purpose is to promote the knowledge, training, and teaching of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler in South Carolina. Our membership includes educators, psychologists, business people, counselors, social workers, family therapists, child care teachers, and students.
South Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis The mission of SC-ABA is to promote the awareness and use of the principles and practices of applied behavior analysis for the delivery of treatment in natural environments. Currently, the organization has over 225 active members and advocates for quality ABA-related services in South Carolina.
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South Carolina Psychological Association The SCPA is the only professional organization in South Carolina representing all areas of psychology: academic, practitioner, public service, and students. We foster and maintain high standards of practice, teaching, and research in the field of psychology.
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