Ohio Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Featured below is an affordability ranked list of Ohio colleges that offer terminal and non-terminal degree programs. There are 18 schools providing 52 postgraduate psychology degree programs. Areas of study include psychology, experimental psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, educational psychology, business psychology, clinical psychology, industrial/organizational research, experimental research, school psychology, human factors and industrial/organizational psychology, applied behavior analysis in special education, education psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology, neural and cognitive sciences, community and organizational research; brain, cognitive and developmental science; social psychology; and developmental, cognitive and affective services. See the “Ohio Psychology Resources” table at the bottom of the page for local psychology information. Neighboring states with psychology graduate programs are Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Ohio Masters in Psychology

Ohio Master’s in Psychology Programs

Xavier University The Xavier MA in General Experimental Psychology is a very small program that supports the work of individual students with particular faculty with whom they share a research interest. The Xavier MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is dedicated to training students to be successful scientists-practitioners in the field of I-O psychology and help with workplace issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations.
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Tiffin University The TU Online Master of Science in Psychology offers students the opportunity to gain a broad, graduate-level education in the areas of psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuropsychology. Tiffin also offers a MS in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology.
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Marietta College The MC Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) program offers a rigorous academic curriculum in general psychology that covers the major subfields of psychology, as well as offering students the opportunity to obtain research and applied experience in psychology. The program prepares students for doctoral programs in psychology, or to seek employment at the Master’s level in a psychologically related field.
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University of Akron The UA Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology take I/O coursework on a variety of applied topics including personnel selection, performance appraisal, training, and organizational psychology topics such as leadership and motivation. Students also complete an applied internship, and must pass a Specialty Exam before graduating.
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John Carroll University (NCATE) The JCU Master's in Education degree in Educational Psychology focuses on learning theories, human development, research methods, assessment, and measurement, which could be utilized in a variety of settings and fields. The program includes a core set of courses, as well as electives to allow for specialization.
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Franklin University The FU Master of Science in Business Psychology equips you to motivate behavior, resolve demanding managerial issues and leverage the latest psychological and neuroscience research for on-the-job success. Take classes online or onsite. Learn how to apply psychological principles to improve business performance.
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University of Dayton (MPCAC) UD offers a MA in Experimental Psychology and a MA in Clinical Psychology. The programs emphasize the integration of theory and research with appropriate applied experience and competence in the development of relevant and original research. The aim of the department is to prepare the student for further graduate studies at the doctoral level, and/or work at the M.A. level in an applied/community, teaching, or research setting.
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Cleveland State University The CSU Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology offers a broad education in the fundamentals of Clinical Psychology, preparing students for further study at the doctoral level or for post-M.A. employment in settings offering psychological services or engaging in research. Two tracks include Doctoral prepartion thesis track and the practioner non-thesis track.
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Cleveland State University The CSU MA in Psychology Industrial-Organizational Research prepares students to conduct applied research in business and organizational settings. This specialization is designed to be completed in two years and culminates with a thesis or research project.
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Cleveland State University The CSU MA in Psychology Science provides students with a solid foundation in scientific research, through a combination of mentored laboratory experience and complementary coursework. Our program leaves graduates strongly prepared for further doctoral training and/or careers in academia, biomedical research, business, or clinical practice
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Cleveland State University (NASP) The CSU MA and PsyS in School Psychology views school psychologists as agents of change in children’s lives, focusing on children’s behavior and functioning within family, school, and community systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of consultative, behavior analytic, and intervention skills within urban school settings.
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Wright State University (HFES) The WSU Master of Science in Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology will teach students to gain a greater understanding of human perception and cognition, individual, group, and organizational behavior, and how to design more effective organizations. Our learning facilities include laboratories, audio-visual equipment, observation rooms, and 20,000 square feet in Fawcett Hall dedicated exclusively to psychology research.
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University of Toledo The UT Master's in Educational Psychology has been recognized at the national and international level for its expertise in: Bullying and targeted violence; Culture, identity, and development; Urban and international education; Equality and social justice; Personal epistemology; and Motivation. Graduates go on to careers in teaching, academic and applied research, and professional development.
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University of Cincinnati (ABAI) The UC Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) program has two primary areas of focus: Organizational and Community Psychology. Both areas rely on a solid foundation in psychology, including an understanding of the factors that influence behavior (social psychology) and how individuals think, process information, and make decisions (cognitive psychology). UC also offers a Master of Education in Foundations of Behavior Analysis.
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Miami University The MU Master's in Educational Psychology integrates other branches of psychology (e.g., developmental psychology, behavioral & cognitive psychology) to provide a comprehensive conceptual map of human information processing and life span development.
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Ohio State University (ABAI) The OSU MA in Applied Behavior Analysis in Special Education program is designed for experienced educators who want to advance their careers and help children with learning disabilities become successful life-long learners. The program will help lead you to a fulfilling career helping children with disabilities reach their full learning potentials.
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Ohio Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Xavier University (APA) The Xavier Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) emphasizes the importance of a scientific foundation in psychology. The program is designed to prepare students for the general practice of health service; it also provides training in three areas of interest: children and adolescents, individuals with severe and chronic psychopathology, and health care psychology in medical settings.
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Youngstown State University (NASP) The YSU EdS in School Psychology is designed with a unique emphasis in low-incidence disabilities. You'll study the current advances in the field of school psychology and education with the most current technology in the field. Your courses will provide you with mastery of skills, values, methods of inquiry and applied clinical experiences.
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University of Akron (APA) The UA PhD in Counseling Psychology is distinctive in that it uses an apprenticeship model to provide solid generalist training in counseling psychology to students of diverse backgrounds and has a strong focus on social justice. Program emphasis is strongly placed on a scientist-practitioner model of training. Beyond the basic core areas of psychology, students are expected to establish specific competencies in the areas of theory, research, and practice of counseling psychology.
$#NTD #535 #091
University of Akron The UA PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology follows the scientist-practitioner model of graduate training, emphasizing the development of research skills, knowledge of I/O theory and techniques, and applied experiences. Students attain competence in the core areas of psychology--social, cognitive, biological, and individual bases of behavior, in addition to developing competencies in I/O Psychology, research, and quantitative methods.
$#NTD #535 #106
Bowling Green State University (APA) The BGSU PhD in Clinical Psychology follows a scientist-practitioner model of training in which the development of research skills, coursework and clinical practica are integrated into a coherent program of study. Students may chose to concentrate in one of three areas within clinical psychology: Clinical Child Psychology, Health Psychology, or Clinical Community Psychology.
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Bowling Green State University The BGSU PhD in Developmental Psychology provides a challenging, yet supportive environment in which students can acquire a strong foundation in theory, research, and methodology in developmental psychology across the life span.
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Bowling Green State University The BGSU PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology goal is to prepare students for careers as active contributors to the psychology of work. Learning and developmental experiences are provided through coursework, research, and applied projects.
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Bowling Green State University The BGSU PhD in Neural and Cognitive Sciences (NCS) includes two broad foci: (i) Neuroscience, and (ii) Cognitive Science and Social Psychology. The Neuroscience curriculum and research activities are designed to advance understanding of the dynamic relationship between the nervous system, mind, and behavior. Training includes courses in Basic Neuroscience and Cognition, Neuroethology, Behavioral Ecology, and Psychopharmacology.
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University of Dayton (NASP) The UD MSE/EdS in School Psychology students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create positive environments and make a difference in the lives of children. Courses reflect the most current advances in the field of school psychology and education, with a commitment to the implementation and integration of the most current technology applications.
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Cleveland State University The CSU PhD in Development and Aging Psychology prepares students for careers as researchers and scholars in a variety of settings, including higher education, medical centers, government agencies, and research institutes.
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Cleveland State University (APA) The CSU PhD in Counseling Psychology mission is to educate counseling psychologists who are competent to work effectively with diverse urban populations, competent in assessment, intervention, research, and supervision tasks. Our program is designed to immerse students in the issues facing urban populations as well as to help students develop the competencies they need to function as professional psychologists.
$#NTD #535 #091
Ohio University (APA) The OU PhD in Clinical Psychology trains students intensively in both clinical skills and research. Major areas of study available to all students include: Clinical Psychology (Required) with choice of electives in Clinical Child Psychology, Clinical Health Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology or Quantitative Methods.
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Ohio University The OU PhD in Experimental Psychology focuses on a scientific investigation of normal psychological processes. Specializations include: Applied Quantitative Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Health Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology.
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Kent State University (APA,NASP) KSU offers both an EdS and a PhD in School Psychology. Both programs offer extensive training and fieldwork aimed at producing highly trained practitioners who possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to enhance the academic and mental health competence of all children and youth.
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Kent State University (APA,APCS) The KSU PhD in Psychology offers training in the areas of: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Development, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology. The Clinical Psychology program allows specialization in adult psychopathology, assessment, child clinical, clinical health psychology, and general clinical psychology. Students in all areas can also earn a minor in quantitative methods.
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Wright State University (APA) The WSU PsyD in Psychology gives students broad exposure to theoretical models, clinical skills, and professional roles that prepare students for the current and future practice of psychology. Students may elect to pursue added depth in the following emphasis areas: Child, health/rehabilitation/neuropsychology, or forensic psychology. Students receive the Master of Clinical Psychology (PsyM) on their way to completion of the PsyD.
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University of Toledo (APA) The UT PhD in Clinical Psychology clinical psychologists who will be able to serve in a wide range of professional contexts by emphasizing the three traditional functions of clinical research, diagnostic assessment, and psychotherapy. Students can pursue minor specializations in: Quantitative Psychology, Health Psychology, or Experimental Psychopathology.
$$$#NTD #535 #085 #105
University of Toledo The UT PhD in Experimental Psychology emphasizes training in research methodology/statistics and teaching/mentoring. Students can pursue minor specializations in: Quantitative Psychology, Health Psychology, or Experimental Psychopathology. Our program prepares experimental psychologists for careers in a variety of academic and research settings, including research universities, teaching colleges, and industrial, governmental, or medical institutions.
$$$#NTD #535 #101 #105
University of Toledo (NASP,CAEP) The UT EdS in School Psychology program is designed for three years of full-time study. Both the master of arts and the education specialist degree requirements must be completed by the student to be licensed as a school psychologist in Ohio and to be a nationally certified school psychologist.
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University of Cincinnati (APA,NASP) The UC PhD in School Psychology graduates are prepared to make significant contributions to this challenging field through the most up-to-date professional practice, research, professional leadership, supervision, and teaching.
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University of Cincinnati (APA,NASP,ABAI) The UC EdS in School Psychology is dedicated to preparing highly competent professional school psychologists according to the scientist-practitioner model. Graduates are prepared to make significant contributions to this challenging field through the most up-to-date and research-based professional practice, child and family advocacy, and leadership for best practices.
$$$#NTD #535 #119
University of Cincinnati The UC PhD in Community & Organizational Research (CORA) for Action is comprised of scholars from multiple disciplines engaged in research to promote equity and social justice. CORA faculty work in partnership with communities, private and public sector organizations, and institutions of higher education, to conduct applied field-based research that promotes positive, transformational change.
$$$#NTD #535 #106
University of Cincinnati (APA) The UC PhD in Clinical Psychology subscribes to the Scientist-Practitioner model of training, building our clinical training on a firm empirical foundation in Psychology. The aim of the clinical training program is to prepare students for the widest possible range of jobs, from academic researcher to independent clinical practitioner.
$$$#NTD #535 #085
Miami University The MU PhD in Brain, Cognitive and Developmental Science provides a sound training in experimental approaches to basic and applied research in the fields of higher-order cognition, cognitive development, neuroscience, and perception and action. The BCD faculty embrace a scholar-teacher model and philosophy.
$$$#NTD #535
Miami University (APA) The MU PhD in Clinical Psychology follows the scientist-practitioner Boulder Model of training, with a main focus to produce graduates who are “capable of functioning as an investigator and as a practitioner, and may function as either or both, consistent with the highest standards in psychology. Two primary areas of strength include: 1) adult psychopathology, trauma, and resilience and 2) children, families, schools, and communities.
$$$#NTD #535 #085
Miami University (NASP) The MU Master's/Educational Specialist Program in School Psychology offers outstanding preparation for school psychologists. Our graduate program involves continuous clinical contact with children and youth, is accredited at both state and national levels and leads to licensure as a school psychologist.
$$$#NTD #535 #119
Ohio State University (APA,NASP,CAEP) The OSU Education Specialist in School Psychology (EdS) focuses on practitioner training for the delivery of comprehensive psychological services primarily in school settings. Students are trained in a “scientist as consumer” model that emphasizes the use of research findings in clinical decision-making, both in terms of creating interventions as well as evaluating their efficacy.
$$$#NTD #535 #119
Ohio State University (APA,NASP,CAEP) The OSU PhD in School Psychology students will develop the professional knowledge, skills, and identity to be ethical practicing school psychologists
$$$#NTD #535 #119
Ohio State University (ABAI) The OSU PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis in Special Education students will use research to help improve the lives of children, youth and adults with disabilities as you prepare to become a leader in the field. Students you will develop competencies in conducting applied research, writing for publication, advanced applied behavior analysis, college teaching and service to the profession and community.
$$$#NTD #535 #081
Ohio State University The OSU PhD in Psychology areas of specialization include: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Decision Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, and Social Psychology. Students will have every opportunity to develop the research and professional skills you need to become a well-qualified psychologist in the specialty area you choose.
$$$#NTD #535 #087 #095 #121
Ohio State University (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The OSU PhD in Clinical Psychology is designed to prepare research-oriented, clinical scientist model psychologists to be tomorrow's leading investigators of clinical phenomena. The research/training foci of our program reflect the broader field, with students typically focusing on health psychology or psychopathology (including its etiology, assessment, treatment, and prevention).
$$$#NTD #535 #085 #105
Case Western Reserve University (APA) The CWRU PhD in Clinical Psychology follows a scientist-practitioner model. We prepare students to integrate the science and practice of clinical psychology, to be effective teachers, and to provide empirically-supported treatments in a variety of settings. Students conduct research projects throughout their time in the program, working closely with faculty mentors. Students may choose to study in the Child and Family or Adult Tracks.
$$$$$#NTD #535 #085
Case Western Reserve University (APA) The CWRU PhD in Developmental, Cognitive, and Affective Sciences (DCAS) prepares the student for an academic career in research and teaching. Students may choose among concentrations in developmental psychology, affective neuroscience, cognitive psychology, behavioral genetics, and developmental disorders. Students will earn a Master of Arts for completing a thesis and eventually earn a Ph.D. after completing a doctoral dissertation.
$$$$$#NTD #535 #087 #095

Ohio Psychology Licensing and Resources

Ohio State Board of Psychology Since 1972, the Ohio Board of Psychology has been providing protections to the public through examinations, licensing, education, and investigating complaints and maintaining accountability among Ohio’s psychologists, school psychologists licensed for private practice, supervised providers, and applicants for licensure. In addition, the Board became responsible for regulating the practice of Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts effective in January 2014.
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Ohio Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Ohio
Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities The OACBHA is the statewide organization that represents the interests of Ohio‘s county Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health (ADAMH) Boards. OACBHA provides provide leadership as the unifying voice promoting local Recovery Oriented Systems of Care that provide mental health and addiction prevention, treatment, and supports services for residents of Ohio.
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National Alliance on Mental Illness Ohio NAMI Ohio mission is to mprove the quality of life and ensure dignity and respect for persons with serious mental illness, and offer support to their families and close friends in Ohio.
Ohio Psychological Association The OPA mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and to improve people’s lives in Ohio.
Ohio School Psychologists Association OSPA mission is to promote constructive action in meeting the educational and mental health needs of children and youth and to provide opportunities for the professional growth of school psychologists in Ohio.
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Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center has been providing internationally recognized psychoanalytic training for the past 70 years and provides psychoanalytic training and support to students and professionals in order promote the development and use of psychoanalysis for the benefit of the Cleveland community. Its graduates have provided psychoanalytic treatment to the residents of northeast Ohio, and have been leaders within the academic and organizational worlds of psychoanalysis.
Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute CPI provides training programs in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with adults, children, and adolescents in Cincinnati, OH. Although our program remains based on the core principles of psychoanalytic thought, we are a collaborative group of psychiatrists who encourage students to develop their own style and perspective.
Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association OPPA is a statewide medical specialty organization representing more than 1,000 psychiatric physicians who treat patients with mental illness, alcoholism and addiction throughout the state of Ohio.
Ohio Association for Behavior Analysis OHABA is an organization for people interested in behavior analysis and is primarily an interest group in Ohio. OHABA is an approved provider of continuing education for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and the Ohio State Board of Psychology.
#535 #081
Central Ohio Chapter of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology OH-IO is a place for scientists and practitioners to come together for the betterment of all workers. Open to anyone in Ohio with an interest in I-O Psychology including academics and practitioners, current students at all levels of educational achievement.
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