Master’s in General Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Mainly, a graduate degree in general psychology is a broad-based education foundation in psychology for people who are looking to further their studies in a doctoral program, or for credential enhancement for career advancement. There are many general psychology programs that offer specializations in various psychology subfields. Students can expect to receive advanced knowledge of psychological principles, research experience, and further understanding of techniques needed for pursuing doctorate education or careers in psychology.  Careers may include research in laboratories, teaching/education, counseling, health care services, social work, business management, non-profit work, and industry organization. The tables below are ranked by affordability and list general psychology graduate degree programs, along with other psychology degree programs that have general psychology as a emphasis/specialization.

Masters in General Psychology

Most Affordable General Psychology Master’s Programs

Union College UC offers a Master of Arts in General Psychology Online and a MA in Clinical Psychology Hybrid program. The General Psychology program is designed to prepare the student for further graduate study, teaching at the college level or for personal enrichment. The Clinical Psychology program is designed to develop effective master’s-level practitioners and involve training in the delivery of psychological services.
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Grand Canyon University The GCU Master of Science in General Psychology is a non-thesis program available in online or evening classes that usually takes two to three years for students to complete and supports students as they learn to apply the Christian worldview and the principles of servant leadership to their professional lives. There is an emphasis on contemporary issues and ethical considerations. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership qualities, sharpen critical thinking skills and enhance their communication abilities as they gain insights into human behavior and thought patterns.
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New Mexico Highlands University (MPCAC) The NMHU Master of Science in Psychology trains master's level psychologists who can utilize critical thinking skills, an understanding of the scientific method, and knowledge of major disciplines of psychology to their work as teachers, researchers, or practitioners. The two tracks offered are General Psychology track and Clinical Psychology/Counseling track.
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American International College The AIC Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology offers a unique, integrated curriculum of study in one of the field’s most popular career paths and offers the widest opportunities to mental health professionals. AIC also offers a MA in Counseling Psychology, a MA in General Psychology and a MS in Forensic Psychology.
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East Central University The ECU Master of Science in Psychological Services degree is designed to develop professionals who can function as Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Behavioral Practitioners, School Psychologists, Sport Psychologists or psychological assistants. Topics include: general psychology, statistical methods, a psychology of learning and its application to behavior modification, a psychology of personality, abnormal psychology, psychological evaluation, and more.
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Purdue Global University (BACB) The PGU Online Master's Degree in Psychology offers you an opportunity to blend the rich, academic tradition of psychology with the contemporary applications of science. This program emphasizes practical application, so that you gain the tangible skills necessary to make a difference helping others, empowering people, and driving change. Concentrations include: General Psychology, Addictions, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
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Arkansas Tech University The ATU Master of Science in Psychology provides students with advanced insight into human development and behaviors. While emphasis is placed on research and psychological principles, a concentrated effort is also made to establish the foundation necessary for teaching, practice, post-graduate work, research, or any combination of these areas. This program also prepares students to continue their studies in pursuit of counseling licensure or other graduate-level programs after completion of the degree plan.
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National Louis University The NLU M.A. in Psychology is designed for those passionate about the study of human behavior and the many diverse career options available in helping, business and teaching professions. Choose focused areas of study by selecting from concentrations in General Psychology, Community Psychology, Psychological Assessment, or Teaching of Psychology.
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Walden University The WU online MS in Psychology program provides a solid foundation in basic scientific methods and psychological principles. Specializations to choose from include: Applied Psychology, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology. Walden also offers a MA in Forensic Psychology. Career options include: project coordinator, family services worker, social service manager, intervention advocate, and more.
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Texas A&M University Kingsville The TAMUK MA in Counseling Psychology is appropriate for those who wish to become counselors in a range of federal and state applied mental health agencies, such as community mental health centers, rehabilitation offices, addiction treatment clinics, Operation Head start, and family service organizations. TAMUK also offers a MA or MS in General Psychology where graduates find careers in teaching and often pursue doctorate degrees.
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Sage Colleges (MPCAC) The Sage Master of Arts in Community Psychology focuses on the systems, practices and tools needed to effectively address mental health and community welfare issues. The program consists of a community psychology core, a research methods sequence, general psychology electives, a required Health Services Administration elective, and the capstone experience. Sage also offers a MS in Forensic Mental Health.
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Marietta College The MC Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) program offers a rigorous academic curriculum in general psychology that covers the major subfields of psychology, as well as offering students the opportunity to obtain research and applied experience in psychology. The program prepares students for doctoral programs in psychology, or to seek employment at the Master’s level in a psychologically related field.
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Capella University The CU Master of Science in General Psychology focuses on psychological principles, theories, critical thinking skills, and research methodologies. Students will gain deeper understanding of how psychology relates to business, policy, and professional practice. This degree program expands your knowledge of human behavior, and enhancing your critical thinking skills. Capella also offers a MS in Clinical Psychology.
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Eastern Kentucky University EKU offers a Master in General Psychology which offers students advanced training in the core areas of psychology and the opportunity to develop and explore specialized areas of interest. The EKU Master in Industrial/Organizational Psychology includes coursework in industrial psychology, organizational psychology, research methods, and professional skill development.
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Sam Houston State University SHSU offers a MA in Clinical Psychology and a MA in General Psychology. The MACP is designed to prepare graduate students for careers in the mental health field or to continue to Clinical Ph.D. programs. The MAGP is focused on the scientific sub-disciplines of psychology and involves several electives that allow students to pursue personal academic and research interests.
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Regent University The RU MS in General Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Online presents a scientific approach to the study of human behavior in the workplace. This specialized discipline will expand your understanding of employee conduct and attitudes and equip you to make a positive difference on productivity, hiring, morale and more.
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California Southern University Cal Southern offers an online MA in Psychology and an online MS in Psychology. The Master of Arts program is for those who are drawn to helping people with emotional or relationships issues. It’s the most direct path for licensure as a marriage and family therapist in California. The MS areas of focus include: general psychology, sports psychology, pastoral counseling, advanced addiction studies, and industrial psychology.
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University of Phoenix The UOP Master of Science in Psychology is an educational degree program that provides a foundation of knowledge and focuses on the scientific study of human behavior including cognition, motivation and emotion. The program provides training in four core areas: biological bases of behavior, acquired or learned bases of behavior, social, cultural and systemic influences on behavior and individual differences in behavior.
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University of Central Oklahoma (MPCAC) The UCO Master of Arts in Psychology has been designed as a flexible, multipurpose degree program with professional psychology as its foundation. The following area of concentration include: Counseling Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Forensic Psychology, General Psychology, School Psychology, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
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National University The NCU MA in Psychology enables students to pursue advanced study in psychology that can lead to careers in the helping professions, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. The program also provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for doctoral-level study. There are two specializations within the MA program, the General Psychology specialization, and the Gender and Sexual Fluidity specialization.
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Montclair State University The MSU MA Program in Clinical Psychology is designed to provide students with a foundation in the theory, research, and practice of clinical psychology. Two concentrations include Child/Adolescent Psychology and Forensic Psychology. The MSU MA in General Psychology seeks to provide students with a solid foundation in psychological principles and research methods. MSU also offers a MA in Industrial/Organizational psychology.
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Villanova University The VU Master of Science in General Psychology is designed to provide excellent training in research skills. Laboratory courses in cognitive psychology, statistics, and physiological psychology are complemented by a rich array of electives in various other subfields of Psychology. The elective courses are designed to allow students the flexibility to tailor the program to their particular goals.
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DePaul University The DU Master of Science in General Psychology will prepare you for further doctoral training or for a range of psychology-related careers, such as statistical consulting and teaching. Students will receive a solid grounding in theory, essential training in research methods and breadth of knowledge in several areas of psychology.
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University of Memphis The UofM Master's in General Psychology (MSGP) offers general training in the psychological sciences. The majority of current students are involved in programs of study with a stronger affiliation with research areas such as cognitive psychology, health psychology, and biopsychology, however, some have developed joint programs with other departments such as business, counseling and criminal justice.
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Northern Arizona University The NAU MA in Psychological Sciences trains students to be scientific professionals, to be ethically responsible, to be committed to serving others, and to respect human diversity. The majority of students who enter the program report an interest to doctoral psychology programs and find a solid and expansive curriculum which is designed to be completed in two academic years. Foundational courses, such as those in research design and statistics, include closely-supervised theoretical and laboratory-based opportunities. Faculty expertise includes: behavioral health, neuroscience, clinical, cognitive, developmental, health, social, and industrial/organizational psychology.
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Hunter College CUNY The Master's Program in General Psychology at Hunter exposes students to the various aspects of psychology, but may focus their courses, independent study and thesis research in one of the three content areas: Evaluative and Applied Psychology, Social, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, and Biopsychology and Comparative Psychology.
$$#TD #500 #082 #095 #103
City College of New York CUNY The CCNY General Psychology Master's Program provides a solid broad-based graduate education in general psychology. Our Master's Program is designed for students who need to enhance their background and credentials in psychology either for the job market, or to advantage themselves in applying to doctoral programs.
$$#TD #500 #103
Marshall University MU offers a Master's in General Psychology or with a clinical emphasis that prepares graduates for master's-degree level clinical roles within professional psychology. Core courses include: Cognitive Psychology, Applied Social Psychology, Psychometrics, Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychology, and more. Additional classes include: Abnormal Psychology, Child Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Health Psychology, and more.
$$#TD #500 #087 #103 #105 #121
Queens College CUNY (BACB) Queens College offers a Master's in General Psychology program that has a mission intended to give broad training at a graduate level in a variety of areas of Psychology beyond that received in an undergraduate program. Queens also offers a Master's in Behavioral Neuroscience Psychology, and Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis.
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Nova Southeastern University The NSU Master's in Experimental Psychology provides students with a strong academic foundation in the theories and concepts of experimental psychology. The NSU Master's in General Psychology will prepare students to develop foundational knowledge in psychological theory and research. The MS in Forensic Psychology provides students with insight into the intersection of psychology and legal issues.
$$#TD #500 #101 #102 #103
North Carolina Central University The NCCU Master of Arts in General Psychology with concentrations in General and Clinical. The Clinical Concentration prepares students to become licensed psychological associates as defined by the North Carolina Practice Act. The General Concentration provides students with advanced knowledge of psychological principles ad research techniques needed for teaching in post-secondary institutions, working in research laboratories, or pursuing doctoral level studies.
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West Chester University The WCU MA in General Psychology is designed primarily for those students who seek to improve their knowledge, skills and research experience in psychology in order to strengthen their educational background for application to doctoral programs or professional growth. The WCU Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology is designed for students who plan careers in Human Resource areas of business, industry, government, or other organizations.
$$#TD #500 #103 #106
Abilene Christian University The ACU MS in Clinical Psychology program combines professional counseling training, research skills and experience, and a distinctive Christian perspective in integrating faith, learning and practice. The MS in Counseling Psychology provides classroom and clinical training for individual and group counseling, interviewing, crisis intervention, psychological testing, and professional issues and ethics. ACU also offers a Master of Science in General Psychology.
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Virginia State University The VSU Master of Science in Psychology with concentrations in General Psychology and Clinical Psychology. The General Psychology concentration prepares students to become college teachers, and the Clinical Psychology concentration prepares students to work in the public mental health sector including mental health agencies, prisons, and hospitals.
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Fisk University The Fisk Master of Art in Psychology is offered with concentrations in either of two areas, clinical or general psychology. Both are designed either to provide a foundation for advanced study or to enable the student to qualify for an appropriate master’s level professional position in the broad fields of human behavior and services. Preference will be given to students who have extensive undergraduate coursework in psychology and experience in the field.
$$#TD #500 #103
Shippensburg University The SU MS in Applied Psychology is a broad-based, general degree with ample opportunities to engage in research with faculty. Tracks include a General Psychology/Comprehensive track, a Research Track, and a Applied Track. SU has energetic psychology faculty with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.
$$#TD #500 #082 #103
Central Connecticut State University CCSU offers a MA in Psychology has three specializations. The Community Psychology track is designed to train students to be active practitioners in prevention and community-based research. The Health Psychology track is designed to prepare students for a career in health psychology. The General Psychology track is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of human services.
$$#TD #500 #088 #103 #105
University of Louisiana Lafayette The UL Lafayette Master of Science degree in General Psychology provides foundational training in core areas of psychology. Coursework helps students become competitive for admission to doctoral-level programs in both applied and experimental fields of psychology. Faculty members have expertise in Clinical, Cognitive, Counseling, Developmental, Educational, Physiological, and Social Psychology, as well as specialties in Behavior Analysis and Health.
$$#TD #500 #081 #103 #121
University of Alabama in Huntsville The UAH Master of Arts in Psychology emphasizes an understanding and appreciation of the scientific basis of behavior. The focus is general-experimental with coursework in applied experimental, biological, cognitive, developmental, human factors, industrial/organizational, and social psychology. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience working side by side with faculty members in their labs. Students in the program may choose to specialize in IO psychology.
$$#TD #500 #101 #103 #106
Stony Brook University The SBU Master of Arts in General Psychology provides an advanced education preparing students for a career in psychology or related fields directly after graduation or to further graduate education in psychology or related fields such as business, law, medicine, and social work.
$$#TD #500 #103
University at Buffalo SUNY The UB MA in General Psychology prepares students to enter the workforce directly after graduation or for further graduate education in a variety of fields, such as law, business, economics, health sciences, social work, public health, geography and psychology. The program is a mentor-based program designed to provide students the opportunity to become fully immersed in laboratory activities and obtain hands-on research experience.
$$$#TD #500 #103
Arizona State University The ASU Online Master of Science in Psychology is designed to give students and working professionals an understanding of psychological theory and empirical research findings as they relate to human behavior, cognition, emotion, and attitudes. Electives include: affective science, behavior analysis, psychophysiology, cognitive, developmental, health, legal, abnormal and social psychology. Tenured and tenure-track faculty oversee and lead the curriculum, resulting in a program that effectively builds advanced knowledge. You can expect to build research knowledge and develop valuable experience that can be applied to a variety of careers.
$$$#TD #500 #103
Arizona State University The ASU Terminal MS in Psychology is designed to give our students a strong, research-based foundation in the modern field of psychology. Our program emphasizes quantitative methodology, statistical analysis, professional development, and independent research. A unique feature of our program is our research clusters which include: Cognition, Behavior, and Information, Psychology and Law, and Resilience in Social Environments (RISE). The majority of our students' goals involve moving on to doctoral programs in psychology and related fields, and we have had great success with them attaining those goals. We have been able to fund many of our incoming students with either a full or half fellowship appointment.
$$$#TD #500 #103 #087 #107 #121
Old Dominion University The ODU Master's of Science in Experimental Psychology is appropriate for students wishing to develop research skills and knowledge of general psychology appropriate for pursuing study in a doctoral program in psychology or for those seeking the master's as a terminal degree. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong background in research methods and general psychology.
$$$#TD #500 #101 #103
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The UIUC Master of Science in Psychological Science will advance students knowledge of the field of psychology, improve their research and data analytic skills, and enhance their preparation for a doctoral education in psychology and/or for jobs in industry. Choose a focus in Data Analysis/Research or Applied/General Psychology or combine elective credit in both areas to create a customized focus.
$$$#TD #500 #103
American University The AU Master's in Psychology will prepare you for a career in specialized research and applied fields within psychology or to enter a clinical, experimental, or neuroscience doctoral program. The specialization tracks include: general psychology, personality/social psychology, or biological/experimental psychology. With our small and intensive classes, you will receive one-on-one guidance from our faculty of innovative researchers and scholars.
$$$#TD #500 #101 #103 #121
New School for Social Research The NSSR MA in General Psychology provides students with a basic education in psychology and is a prerequisite for more specialized work leading to the PhD degree. Students take courses covering a wide range of the literature, including cognitive, social, developmental, and abnormal psychology, neuroscience, research methods, and statistics.
$$$$$#TD #500 #103

Most Affordable General Psychology Doctorate Programs

Grand Canyon University The GCU PhD in General Psychology: Performance Psychology (Qualitative Research) is designed for learners who want to apply research about emotion, cognition and motivation to the study of peak performance. Graduates of the PhD program look to use psychology to improve and enhance all kinds of performance. GCU also offers a Quantative Research option which focuses on developing expertise in the creation of a sampling plan and in the collection of data.
$#NTD #500 #103 #122
Grand Canyon University (HLC) The GCU PhD in General Psychology: Cognition and Instruction (Qualitative Research) is designed to help students who wish to work with adult educational communities that are economically and culturally diverse. Graduates will investigate how cognitive processes can inform the best instructional method. The coursework covers topics relevant to building and analyzing desired learning outcomes. This includes studying social cognition and assessments. GCU also offers a quantitative PhD which focuses on developing expertise in the creation of a sampling plan and in the collection of data.
$#NTD #500 #103 #087
Grand Canyon University The GCU PhD in General Psychology: Industrial and Organizational (Qualitative Research) allows learners to study human behavior across a number of settings. This program focuses most on people in the workplace. Graduates will understand how relationships are formed and what makes people engaged and motivated. Studying these topics allows learners to consult and coach business professionals who wish to make improvements in relationship-building, culture and organizational performance. GCU also offers a Quantitative Research option which focuses on analyzing events by interpreting numeric data.
$#NTD #500 #103 #106
Grand Canyon University The GCU PhD in General Psychology: Integrating Technology and Learning (Qualitative Research) guides learners in understanding how psychology, technology and instruction can seamlessly integrate in learning environments. This leads to the completion of informed research that can positively impact learning outcomes in teaching and educational environments. This PhD is typically designed for people who are currently working in business, government, technology, social media or higher education who want to advance their careers. GCU also offers a Quantative Research option which focuses on examining and analyzing events by interpreting numeric data.
$#NTD #500 #103 #149
Albizu University (ABA) The AU PsyD in Clinical Psychology provides in-depth exposure to diverse populations to prepare students to offer culturally sensitive clinical psychology services to an increasingly complex world. Concentrations include: Child Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, General Psychology.
$#NTD #500 #085 #102 #103 #105 #114
University at Buffalo SUNY UB offers a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and a PhD in Social-Personality Psychology. Graduate training in our department emphasizes both extensive academic training in general psychology and intensive research training in the student's area of concentration. The department expects students to become creative independent scientists and to exhibit an early and sustained commitment to research and scholarship.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #103 #116
Georgia Institute of Technology (HFES) The Georgia Tech Phd in Psychology has five areas of specialization to choose from: Cognition and Brain Science, Cognitive Aging, Engineering Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Quantitative Psychology. All five programs share a core curriculum in general psychology and quantitative methods.
$$$#NTD #500 #103 #106
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The UIUC PhD in Psychology has many specialty areas including: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, General Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Social-Personality Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and Attention & Perception. Graduate students in the department belong to one program area, and the different areas can have different curricula and requirements.
$$$#NTD #500 #087 #095 #103 #106 #116
Fordham University The FU PhD in Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology offers the opportunity to acquire a variety of advanced and sophisticated measurement, evaluation, and statistical skills, preparing our graduates for careers in industry, research, or teaching. Our program also provides a strong foundation in general psychology.
$$$#NTD #500 #103

General Psychology Societies and Resources

Clemson Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology CSIOP is an organization founded by Clemson’s I-O Psychology graduate students. We encourage involvement in activities of the Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology program specifically, and of Clemson University in general. Currently we coordinate many professional development and social events in South Carolina per year and publish a newsletter at each academic semester that highlights members’ interests and activities.
#500 #103 #106
Oregon Board of Psychology The OBOP was created for the purpose of examining and licensing all persons in Oregon who engage in the practice of psychology. The Board is also charged with safeguarding the people of the State of Oregon from the dangers of unqualified and improper practice of psychology. The Board consists of nine members: six are licensed psychologists and three members are from the general public, not associated with the profession
#500 #103
Jung Society of Washington DC Provides the general public and the professional community with the insights and tools of analytical psychology and related disciplines. Through programs, classes, visiting speakers, online media, and partnerships with like-minded organizations, we strive to create a forum where the principles, insights, and tools of analytical psychology are accessible to both the general public and to professionals.
#500 #103
Jung Society of Utah A nonprofit organization that provides a platform for Jungian psychology and other related depth-psychological perspectives to the general public of the Salt Lake City, Utah region.
#500 #103
APA The Society for General Psychology Div. 1 of the APA promotes the creation of coherence among psychology’s diverse evidence based specialties, other scientific disciplines and the humanities. It encourages analysis of the merits and challenges of bridging concepts, methods, and theories. Members include students, researchers, scholars, practitioners and public interest psychologists.
#500 #103
Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science Division 3 of the APA represents the interests and concerns of psychologists whose principal area of study or research lies within the field of general experimental psychology. Our mission is to promote research and teaching in the general field of experimental psychology and its many subdisciplines and to support experimental psychology through research, advocacy, education and training, service, policy, leadership in APA governance and collaboration with APA's directorates.
#500 #087 #101 #103
Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology The NCSPP is committed to the study of psychoanalytic psychology and encouraging interest in the professional and general communities. Our more than 500 members form a community that spans the greater Bay Area and Northern California.
#500 #103
Manhattan Psychological Association Founded in 1992, the MPA is a Manhattan-based professional organization covering “all things psychological” and a regional affiliate of the New York State Psychological Association. We present programs, workshops and discussions that will add to our membership’s understanding of the latest scientific, research and practice issues in Psychology. The Association also educates and informs the general public about pertinent and emerging psychological issues and psychological health.
#500 #103
Colorado Psychology Internship Consortium CO-PIC aims to prepare and retain psychologists to provide high quality behavioral health care for people in the state and offers a one-year, full-time doctoral internship beginning and ending in July each year. The Consortium is comprised of five sites across Colorado: three sites in Eagle County and two sites in the Denver Metro Area. CO-PIC sites vary in regards to populations served and include: crisis response, trauma-focused care, integrated primary care, school-based, sports psychology, and first responders.
#500 #103 #085
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