Washington Master’s in Psychology Programs and Resources

Below is an affordability ranked list of schools in Washington that offer terminal and non-terminal psychology degree programs. There are 12 colleges that provide 25 postgraduate psychology degree programs. The programs include study in the areas of psychology, counseling psychology, clinical psychology, experimental psychology, applied behavior analysis, educational psychology, applied child and adolescent psychology (prevention and treatment), industrial-organizational psychology, and school psychology. The section marked “Washington Psychology Resources” section at the bottom of the page highlights sites with helpful, local psychology information. The states that border Washington that offer graduate psychology programs are Idaho and Oregon.

Washington Masters in Psychology

Washington Master’s in Psychology Programs

Saint Martin's University The SMU Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology Program (MAC) prepares clinicians in the theoretical foundations and skills necessary for advanced positions in the professions of counseling and marriage and family therapy. The program strives to embody spirit, empathic care, intellect, and wisdom.
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Seattle School of Theology and Psychology The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology is rooted in the belief that we are created, known, wounded, and healed in the context of relationship. We are committed to a holistic pedagogy that integrates mind, body, and soul to equip therapists with the knowledge, hands-on skill, and personal awareness needed to bring healing and transformation.
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Antioch University Santa Barbara The AU MA in Psychology provides foundational practical and theoretical knowledge for a sustainable and successful career in the field of psychology. The AU MA in Clinical Psychology is offered with the following optional concentrations: Somatic Psychotherapy, Health Aging, and Latino Mental Health. The program emphasizes authentic relationships and an understanding of diverse identities and perspectives.
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Seattle University The SU Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) brings together research and reflection from the fields of clinical psychology, philosophy and the humanities. Students learn to work with common clinical diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The program’s extensive internship placement prepares students for success as psychotherapists in community settings, private practice, hospitals, and clinics.
$$#TD #547 #085
Western Washington University The WWU MS in Experimental Psychology provides an excellent foundation in psychology. Graduates will have a solid background in research design, quantitative methods, and expertise in a specific research area, as well as a strong foundation for entering a Ph.D. in Psychology program. The curriculum provides in-depth research experience within specific domains of psychology: cognitive, social, developmental, and neuroscience.
$$#TD #547 #101
Central Washington University The CWU Master's in Experimental Psychology prepares students for research positions in industry and other institutions as well as for doctoral programs. The program provides intensive student-initiated research training in a variety of areas of experimental psychology and one-on-one faculty mentoring of student research.
$$#TD #547 #101
Washington State University The WSU Master of Arts in Educational Psychology develops strong methodological skills and a deep understanding of learning theory to work on challenging educational problems. Recipients in this program are well prepared to continue doctoral level training if so desired. However, this degree also enables the recipient access to entry-level positions in this intriguing field that presents an ever-changing, challenging, and rewarding work environment.
$$$#TD #547 #097
Bastyr University The BU Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology is a regionally accredited, two-year graduate program leading to eligibility to become a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC). The program fosters a deep understanding of an integrative approach to individual and societal mental health. This prepares graduates to effectively address mind, body and spirit wellness in clients.
$$$#TD #547 #091
Eastern Washington University The EWU Master of Science in General/Experimental Psychology is intended to prepare students to advance to enter doctoral programs in psychology, research, and/or teaching in psychology. The experimental concentration provides additional foundational and courses that emphasize your specific research interests. This program does not lead to licensure at the MS level, but does prepare students for appropriate master's-level positions.
$$$#TD #547 #101
University of Washington The UW Master of Arts in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment program at the University of Washington will give you the specialized skills needed to provide mental health services to children and teens in a variety of settings. The faculty includes nationally recognized experts in child psychology.
$$$#TD #547
Seattle Pacific University The SPU Master's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology equips you with the best research and applied training available, preparing you to be a scholar-leader fully committed to changing the world of work. Graduates will become practitioners who apply knowledge and skills to manage change, use scientific methodologies, and improve organizations. They will become leaders who motivate and build teams, develop future leaders, and guide organizations.
$$$#TD #547 #106

Washington Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Northwest University (APA) The PsyD in Counseling Psychology enables students to qualify for professional licensure as a psychologist in Washington State. Graduates are equipped to be culturally competent therapists, diagnosticians, and evaluators. Using the practitioner-scholar model, this applied program trains students to be skilled practitioners who engage in evidence-based and theory-informed practice.
$$#NTD #547 #091
Antioch University Seattle (APA) The AU Seattle PhD in Clinical Psychology degree program emphasizes authentic relationships. Prepare for multiple roles in the expanding world of clinical psychology that includes not only therapy and assessment, but also supervision, management, applied research, administration, consultation, and public policy.
$$#NTD #547 #085
Seattle University (NASP) The SU Post-BA EdS in School Psychology are for those who have earned a Bachelors Degree and leads to the Educational Specialist Degree (EdS). The SU Post-MA EdS is for those who have earned a Master's Degree or other advanced degree
$$#NTD #547 #119
Central Washington University (NASP) The CWU EdS in School Psychology has a long history of providing excellent training to students seeking a career as a school psychologist in the public schools. We offer training to students seeking licensure to practice as a school psychologist in the public schools. Students may also pursue licensure in other states.
$$#NTD #547 #119
Washington State University (APA) The WSU PhD in Clinical Psychology is based on the scientist-practitioner model of training. The Program is designed to integrate theory, research, and clinical practice in the training of students. The goal of the program is to train highly competent clinical psychologists who will obtain high quality APA-accredited internships and, with graduation, make positive contributions to the field of clinical psychology.
$$$#NTD #547 #085
Eastern Washington University (NASP) The EWU EdS in School Psychology is designed for individuals who are pursuing careers in school psychology. The program includes online coursework with weekly synchronous requirements on weeknights and quarterly on-campus training requirements. We adhere to a scientist-practitioner model that prepares students for practice as a school psychologist.
$$$#NTD #547 #119
University of Washington (APA,NASP) The UW EdS or PhD in School Psychology prepares scientist-practitioners whose practice is grounded in scientific knowledge and focused on enhancing the socio-emotional and educational competence of school age children. We prepare school psychologists to place children's behavioral and mental health needs at the forefront of prevention and intervention services. We believe academic and social-emotional learning are equally important in the development of children and adolescents.
$$$#NTD #547 #119
University of Washington UW also offers a PhD in Psychology offers concentrations in: Animal Behavior, Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognition and Perception, Developmental Psychology, Social and Personality Psychology, and Quantitative Psychology. Students are offered a flexible program, designed to prepare them for careers at the cutting edge of research and scholarship.
$$$#NTD #547 #095 #116
University of Washington (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UW PhD in Clinical Psychology is designed to achieve an integration of academic, scientific, and professional training. Our program develops competent and creative clinical scientists who are capable of functioning successfully in academic, research, clinical, community, and global dissemination settings. Speciality tracks include: General Clinical track and Child Clinical track.
$$$#NTD #547 #085
Seattle Pacific University (APA) The SPU PhD in Clinical Psychology is committed to developing psychologists who will excel in a wide spectrum of disciplines. Our alumni serve as post-doctoral fellows, psychologists, behavioral medicine specialists, neuropsychologists, research professors, pediatric psychologists, faculty, and research scientists.
$$$#NTD #547 #085
Seattle Pacific University The SPU PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology equips you with the best research and applied training available, preparing you to be a scholar-leader fully committed to changing the world of work. Our program is built on a Christian faith perspective, and we welcome students from different faiths. We believe knowing who you are and what you believe is critical as an I-O psychologist
$$$#NTD #547 #106

Washington Psychology Licensing and Resources

Washington Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Washington
Washington State Examining Board of Psychology Psychologist Licensing in Washington state.
Cognitive Science Society The CSS mission is to promote Cognitive Science as a discipline, and to foster scientific interchange among researchers in various areas of study, including Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Education.
#547 #087 #115
National Alliance on Mental Illness Washington State The mission is to improve the quality of life of all affected by mental illness. We are dedicated to providing education, support and advocacy for persons with mental illness, their families and the wider community. NAMI Washington is the NAMI state organization in Washington and provides educational resources and events, statewide outreach, advocacy and affiliate organizational support.
Washington State Psychiatric Society WSPA is a professional, non-profit corporation serving psychiatrists in Washington State. It is organized for the purpose of supporting professionalism in the practice of psychiatry and promoting top quality mental health care.
Washington State Association of School Psychologists WSASP is a volunteer organization comprised of practicing school psychologists, trainers of school psychologists, graduate students and retired school psychologists working collaboratively across Washington state. We provide professional development, advocate for students and families, provide guidance for practice and assist school psychologists in promoting the educational and mental health needs for all students.
#547 #119
Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute SPSI trains mental health clinicians to provide psychoanalytic treatment, and trains researchers in the application of psychoanalytic theory to various social settings. SPSI’s ongoing mission is to reflect and contribute to the evolving face of Twenty-First Century psychoanalysis in the analytic classroom, in the community and in society.
Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses AAPPN is Washington state’s professional home for advanced practice psychiatric nurses. With more than 300 clinical and student members. From Bellingham to Richland, from Vancouver to Spokane Washington, AAPPN is the only organization specifically dedicated to the profession in our state. One way AAPPN serves members and the professional community is by conducting CE programs designed specifically for psychiatric ARNPs.
Washington State Psychological Association The WSPA represents the profession of psychology in the State of Washington. Our organization addresses the full breadth of psychological professions by including over 400 members from private practice, governmental service, and academia.
Washington Association for Behavior Analysis The mission of WABA is to build a cohesive group of individuals dedicated to promoting the ethical research, education, and practice of behavior analysis in Washington state.
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