Master’s in Applied Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Careers in applied psychology vary in many ways due to the broad availability of different concentrations of study and application. Overall, however, the basic applied psychology career uses the findings of experimental psychology research to apply real-world problem solving assistance to individuals or groups. The lines between major categories and specializations within applied psychology can often be indistinct because of the shared use of theories in application. A master’s degree program in applied psychology normally prepares students for employment in many distinguishable environments including clinical/counseling practice, health care, military, business, education, research, law and forensics. Consult the table below for an affordability-ranked list of colleges offering applied psychology graduate degree programs.  There is also a resource section pertaining to applied psychology.

Masters in Applied Psychology

Most Affordable Applied Psychology Master’s Programs

Liberty University The Liberty MA in Applied Psychology Online provides students with foundational training in the study of psychology with the goal of glorifying God by understanding and optimizing human functioning. The industrial organization concentration will train you to apply knowledge of psychology to understand human thinking and behavior in organizational settings. Liberty also offers a developmental concentration and a MA in Forensic Psychology.
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Walden University The WU online MS in Psychology program provides a solid foundation in basic scientific methods and psychological principles. Specializations to choose from include: Applied Psychology, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology. Walden also offers a MA in Forensic Psychology. Career options include: project coordinator, family services worker, social service manager, intervention advocate, and more.
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University of New Orleans The UNO Master of Science in Applied Psychology students will demonstrate competence in the empirical literature on the social, cognitive and affective basis of the science of psychology. The goal is to produce well-trained scientists who are capable of assisting clinical psychologists and working as a mental health professionals.
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Angelo State University The ASU MS in Counseling Psychology have the academic background required for licensure as licensed psychological associates or licensed professional counselors. The MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology emphasizes research and consulting skills and prepares students to work effectively in organizational settings. ASU also offers a MS in Applied Psychology and a MS in Experimental Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience emphasis.
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Stephen F. Austin State University The SFA Master's Degree in Psychology is designed to augment the credentials of individuals who are interested in applying for admission to doctoral programs in psychology. Electives to choose from include: Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Advanced Psychopathology, Advanced Developmental Psychology, Advanced Applied Psychology, Human Factors Engineering, and more.
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Tarleton State University The TSU MS in Applied Psychology was designed to prepare students to pursue doctoral level study or prepare students for entry into a variety of professions including: Teaching at the college/university level, Psychological Researcher, Research Project Manager, Human Resources, and more. Three degree options include: Thesis option, Applied Project option, and Teaching Track option.
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Lamar University The LU Master of Science in Applied Psychology prepares professionals for employment in business, industry, or community mental health agencies. Two degree tracks offer specialized study in either Industrial/Organizational Psychology or in Clinical Psychology. Both degrees provide a well-balanced blend of academics and practical experience.
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University of Wisconsin Stout The UW Stout Master of Science in Applied Psychology will give you the applied research and data analysis skills to prepare you for a wide-range of careers in business, education, non-profits, and other areas. Three concentrations include: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Evaluation Research, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.
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Fairfield University The FU Master of Arts in Applied Psychology - Industrial/Organizational Psychology offers a solid education in the theories, philosophies, and practices of this dynamic and growing field. The program is designed to educate students to apply psychological principles and techniques in the work environment, to increase individual and organizational productivity.
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Portland State University The PSU Master's in Applied Psychology creates understanding and solutions to enhance lives and address societal problems. Core courses include Applied Social/Community Psychology, Applied Developmental Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Along with our research, our work with students reflects our commitment to realizing human and organizational possibilities to their fullest.
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San Diego State University The SDSU MA in Psychology is a research-oriented program designed to prepare students so they are competitive for Ph.D. programs. Students take classes in one of the following areas: Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Physical and/or Mental Health, and Social Psychology. SDSU also offers a MS Program in Applied Psychology with tracks in: Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Quantitative Methods.
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California State University Chico The CSU Chico Master's Programs in Psychology provide both an MA and an MS which contain different emphases. The MA in Psychology includes options in Psychological Science and Applied Psychology. The MS in Psychology meets the course content requirements for California Marriage and Family Therapists licensure eligibility.
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Hunter College CUNY The Master's Program in General Psychology at Hunter exposes students to the various aspects of psychology, but may focus their courses, independent study and thesis research in one of the three content areas: Evaluative and Applied Psychology, Social, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, and Biopsychology and Comparative Psychology.
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University of South Florida The USFSP M.A. in Psychological Sciences provides study of biological, social, developmental and cognitive bases of health and human behavior, with concentrated emphasis on how adjustment in these realms serves as the platform for later health and chronic disease outcomes. Electives include: experimental and applied psychology, data analysis, infant-family mental health, ethics and cultural competence, and more.
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Clemson University (HFES) The CU Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology is offered with a concentration in either human factors psychology or industrial and organizational psychology. Both of these programs are designed to provide the student with the requisite theoretical foundations, skills in quantitative techniques and research design, and practical problem-solving skills necessary for either entering the workforce or continuing with his/her scholastic career.
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University of Baltimore The UB MS in Applied Psychology offers two concentrations: The Counseling Psychology concentration prepares students for careers in psychology, by providing a stepping stone to doctoral study in clinical or counseling psychology or to a career as a licensed clinical professional counselor. The Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology concentration prepares students for careers as practitioners and researchers.
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Francis Marion University (BACB,MPCAC) FMU offers a MS in Applied Psychology (MSAP) Clinical/Counseling option which is designed to provide training in clinical/counseling psychology leading to employment in human service agencies, hospitals, or similar settings. The MS in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (MSAP/ABA) option which is designed to provide training in Applied Behavior Analysis leading to employment in human service agencies, school districts, and private industry.
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Rider University (BACB) The RU MA in Applied Psychology: Applied Behavior Analyst is designed to fill the critical need for highly trained behavior analysts. Students learn how to apply behavioral principles to solve performance problems, build new behaviors and strengthen existing appropriate behaviors. Prepares students for certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with careers working with children.
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Shippensburg University The SU MS in Applied Psychology is a broad-based, general degree with ample opportunities to engage in research with faculty. Tracks include a General Psychology/Comprehensive track, a Research Track, and a Applied Track. SU has energetic psychology faculty with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.
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University of Tennessee Knoxville The UTK Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology incorporates the following areas of research: Biological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Industrial & Applied Psychology and Social & Personality Psychology. Experimental graduate students will acquire breadth of knowledge of these areas, but are expected to identify a particular area and conduct research primarily in that area.
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Adler University Adler offers a MA in Counseling Forensic Psychology, an MA in Counseling Sport and Health Psychology, an online MA in Applied Psychology, an online MA in Military Psychology, and an online MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Adler University continues the pioneering work of the first community psychologist Alfred Adler by graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities, and advancing social justice.
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Claremont Graduate University CGU offers a MA in Psychology with the following concentrations: Applied Cognitive Psychology: User Experience, Applied Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Evaluation, Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation, Positive Health Psychology, and Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation. Also offered is a dual degree MA in Applied Psychology/Master in Public Health.
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Rutgers University The RU Master's in Applied Psychology offers instruction in foundation knowledge of the scientific basis of psychology and education and training in applied areas of psychology. The program embraces the mission of the school by offering instruction that has an emphasis on civic and global citizenship, social justice and cultural diversity.
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University of Southern California The USC Master's in Applied Psychology is an innovative free-standing master's degree program. This program is unique in that it teaches students psychological principles and research methods at the intersection of theory, research and practice in business settings. Students learn to identify key theories and apply them to a variety of challenges facing contemporary organizations, their employees and consumers. The program is available as campus or online.
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Most Affordable Applied Psychology Doctorate Programs

Western Kentucky University The WKU PsyD in Applied Psychology focuses on evidence-based practice, and training supervisors, using a cognitive-behavioral orientation. This program has both a School Psychology specialization and a Clinical Psychology specialization. The program follows a practitioner/scholar model of training, also known as the Vail model.
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Portland State University The PSU PhD in Applied Psychology areas of emphasis include: Applied Developmental Psychology; Applied Social Psychology; Community Psychology; Applied Quantitative Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
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Brooklyn College CUNY The BC PhD in Psychology has many training areas specializing in different aspects of psychology. Each training area is composed of faculty from across the CUNY campuses and includes: Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology; Basic and Applied Social Psychology; Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience; Cognition, Language, and Development; Developmental Psychology and Health Psychology and Clinical Science.
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Francis Marion University (NASP,MPCAC) The MS in Applied Psychology plus Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) program involves training in diagnostics, assessment, intervention, consultation, and research. Courses offer a blend of classroom activities and experiential training designed to acquaint students with both theory and practical applications of psychological knowledge.
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University of Massachusetts Lowell The Umass Lowell PhD in Applied Psychology and Prevention Science is designed to train students and current practitioners who seek advanced education in the application of psychological theories and methods to address real-world problems, as well as to promote optimal quality of life outcomes. Three areas of study include: Applied Cognitive Psychology, Community and Applied Social Psychology and Applied Developmental Psychology.
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Virginia Commonwealth University (APA,APCS) The VCU PhD in Clinical Psychology follows the scientist-practitioner model and operates within a biopsychosocial perspective. Our cornerstone training guideline is that a scientifically embedded doctoral program needs to be based in the most up-to-date theory and empirical findings from basic and applied psychology. We offer concentrations in behavioral medicine and child/adolescent clinical psychology.
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James Madison University (APA,NASP) The JMU Combined PhD in Clinical and School Psychology is an innovative, applied psychology program and leads to eligibility for licensure as a clinical psychologist and licensure/certification as a school psychologist. The program is designed to prepare students to be leaders in the provision of comprehensive psychological services for diverse people across the lifespan.
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Southern Illinois University Carbondale (APA) The SIU Carbondale Department of Psychology offers four main specializations within the Doctor in Psychology Program: Applied Psychology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Clinical Psychology, and Counseling Psychology.
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Applied Psychology Associations and Resources

Elsevier Journals in Psychology Publishes journals covering Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology and Social Psychology and Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience.
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International Association of Applied Psychology The IAAP is the oldest international association of psychologists. Founded in 1920, it now has more than 3.000 members from more than 80 countries.
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Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology Div. 21 of the APA is at the forefront of a growing field with immense potential for rewarding career opportunities, from classrooms to laboratories and from private firms to government agencies. Applied experimental and engineering psychology is the application of psychological principles, knowledge, and research to improve the ability of humans to operate more effectively in a technological society.
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Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work The purpose of MPPAW is to benefit its members through the sharing of ideas and information about psychology as applied to work and human resource management and to facilitate education and information exchange among scientists and practitioners in the applied behavioral and organizational sciences.
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Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology A quarterly peer-reviewed journal that emphasizes the publication of original research offering new knowledge to the fields of applied psychology, social psychology, work and organizational psychology, and personality psychology.
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New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology METRO is dedicated to serving the needs of applied psychologists and related professions in the greater New York area. The key to our success is involvement of a wide range of people, from new students at one of many local Industrial Organizational Psychology programs to seasoned veterans with years of wisdom.
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Kansas City Applied Psychology Society KCAPS is the Kansas City, Missouri local I-O group of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). The group started in 2008 with about 100 members with an interest in applied psychology and I-O principles.
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