Virginia Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs and Resources

Below is an affordability ranked list of schools in Virginia that offer terminal and non-terminal degree programs. There are 15 colleges that offer 41 postgraduate psychology degree programs. The programs include these areas of study: psychology, applied psychology, forensics, forensic and legal psychology, clinical-counseling, experimental psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, applied behavior analysis, school psychology, psychological sciences, experimental psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, social psychology, biological psychology, and human factors psychology. Local psychology resources are listed in the “Virginia Psychology Resources” section under the schools. Bordering states offering psychology programs are North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West VirginiaMaryland and (Washington D.C.).

Virginia Masters in Psychology

Virginia Master’s in Psychology Programs

Liberty University The Liberty MA in Applied Psychology Online provides students with foundational training in the study of psychology with the goal of glorifying God by understanding and optimizing human functioning. The industrial organization concentration will train you to apply knowledge of psychology to understand human thinking and behavior in organizational settings. Liberty also offers a developmental concentration and a MA in Forensic Psychology.
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Regent University The RU MS in Psychology Online will prepare you to use principles of psychology in industries including academic, science, healthcare and business. Explore the core areas of psychological science, ranging from cognitive neuroscience to the dynamics of human social interactions.
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Regent University The RU MS in General Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Online presents a scientific approach to the study of human behavior in the workplace. This specialized discipline will expand your understanding of employee conduct and attitudes and equip you to make a positive difference on productivity, hiring, morale and more.
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Divine Mercy University The DMU Online MS in Psychology is designed to be completed in two years of enrolled study. The online master's in psychology program provides professional competency in psychology while developing an integrative understanding of the human person in application to service delivery. DMU specializes in a Psychology curriculum that roots every course in a Catholic-Christian understanding of the human person.
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Marymount University The MU Master of Arts in Forensic and Legal Psychology program is interdisciplinary and combines study in criminal justice, law, and public policy, in addition to the many subfields of psychology. Topics include: origins of criminal behavior, problems with eyewitness testimony, evaluation of threats against public figures, personalities of political leaders, the origins of terrorism, evaluation and treatment of offenders, and the effectiveness of trial consultation.
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Radford University RU offers a MA or MS in Clinical-Counseling Psychology, a MA in Experimental Psychology, and a MA or MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Job opportunities for our graduates include working at community services boards, psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse facilities, women’s resource centers/domestic violence shelters, correctional facilities, university counseling settings, crisis stabilization facilities, and other settings.
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Virginia State University The VSU Master of Science in Psychology with concentrations in General Psychology and Clinical Psychology. The General Psychology concentration prepares students to become college teachers, and the Clinical Psychology concentration prepares students to work in the public mental health sector including mental health agencies, prisons, and hospitals.
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Shenandoah University The SU Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis is accommodating of professionals who are employed full- or part-time and is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, ethical standards necessary to practice competently in these settings and to prepare students to sit for the Behavior Analysis Certification Exam.
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Norfolk State University The NSU MS in CyberPsychology is the first program of its kind in the U.S. and prepares students to become social science researchers with an emphasis in cyberpsychology. This fully online program has been approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
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James Madison University (NASP) The JMU MA/EdS in School Psychology is designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of settings including schools, mental health clinics, rehabilitation agencies, and private practice settings. The JUM MA in Psychological Sciences fosters the development of students interested in improving their research skills and preparing for doctoral education.
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University of Virginia The UVA MA in Psychology with a Research Methods Concentration (RMC) is a suitable career track for students who may want to gain a strong background in research methods before they apply to other advanced degree programs in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, or Data Sciences.
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Old Dominion University The ODU Master's of Science in Experimental Psychology is appropriate for students wishing to develop research skills and knowledge of general psychology appropriate for pursuing study in a doctoral program in psychology or for those seeking the master's as a terminal degree. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong background in research methods and general psychology.
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College of William & Mary The WM Master of Science in Psychology students are interested in research careers, and the program is designed to prepare students for admission to Ph.D. programs in all research areas of psychology. Research areas include: behavioral neuroscience, social, cognitive, clinical, and developmental psychology. Our small class size allows close interaction among students and faculty and superior student training.
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George Mason University (NASP) The GMU MA in School Psychology with Graduate Certificate provide knowledge of diverse approaches to direct and indirect interventions. In addition to providing students with expertise in evaluation and intervention techniques for exceptional children, the program also emphasizes methods to improve the educational outcomes for all school children including school-wide prevention methods, pre-referral intervention, and consultative and counseling roles.
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George Mason University (HFES) The GMU MA in Psychology offers subdisciplines in: applied developmental psychology, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, human factors/applied cognition, and industrial/organizational psychology. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty mentors on research of interest if desired.
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Virginia Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Regent University (APA) The RU PsyD in Clinical Psychology, offered on campus, will equip you with clinical skills to assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. This terminal degree prepares you for state licensure as a clinical psychologist. Work closely with respected psychology faculty and clinical supervisors committed to developing you as a clinician and professional.
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Divine Mercy University (APA) The DMU PsyD in Clinical Psychology students are trained to address today’s mental health challenges by utilizing advanced psychotherapy skills, psychological testing, and a focus on specific pathologies and concepts within the field of psychology. Graduates are working in a variety of settings and positions: private practice, outpatient clinics, diocesan consultation, with the military, and as faculty at clinical psychology programs
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Radford University (APA) The RU PsyD in Counseling Psychology focuses on rural mental health and additional emphases on cultural diversity, social justice, and evidence-based practice in psychology. The program follows the practitioner-scholar model with an emphasis on clinical training and the application of research to practice.
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Radford University (NASP) The RU EdS in School Psychology includes classes in cognition, academics, neuropsychology, and early childhood. Students are well trained in state of the art practices such as RTI and neuropsychological assessment and intervention. We work with students that want to complete their third-year internship in their home state, increasing the likelihood that they will be offered a job there.
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Norfolk State University The NSU PhD in Clinical Psychology program provides balanced training in science and practice. Graduates are ethical clinical psychologists who are competent in individual and cultural diversity; capable of evaluating and conducting empirical research; and able to assume leadership positions in health service or academic settings.
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Virginia Commonwealth University (APA,APCS) The VCU PhD in Clinical Psychology follows the scientist-practitioner model and operates within a biopsychosocial perspective. Our cornerstone training guideline is that a scientifically embedded doctoral program needs to be based in the most up-to-date theory and empirical findings from basic and applied psychology. We offer concentrations in behavioral medicine and child/adolescent clinical psychology.
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Virginia Commonwealth University (APA) The VCU PhD in Counseling Psychology training model is a scientist-practitioner model. The program seeks to advance the field of counseling psychology through innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to science and service provision, while preserving the field’s core traditions. We offer generalist training and exposure to multiple theoretical models; however we also have a distinctive slant toward counseling health psychology.
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Virginia Commonwealth University The VCU PhD in Health Psychology provides students with the theoretical background and both basic and applied research skills needed to study the psychological, social, cultural, and behavioral bases of health and illness. The program is a research-oriented rather than clinical training program.
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Virginia Commonwealth University The VCU PhD in Developmental Psychology is dedicated to training developmental psychologists who will conduct research, teach, and apply developmental science in ways that are scientifically sound, ethical, and sensitive to the needs and diversity of a wide range of individuals, families, and communities.
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Virginia Commonwealth University The VCU PhD in Social Psychology is designed as a four to five-year, research-intensive doctoral program to prepare students for scholarly careers in academic and other research settings. A wide variety of courses are offered, with opportunities to customize a set of courses to best suit each student’s training goals.
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James Madison University (APA,NASP) The JMU Combined PhD in Clinical and School Psychology is an innovative, applied psychology program and leads to eligibility for licensure as a clinical psychologist and licensure/certification as a school psychologist. The program is designed to prepare students to be leaders in the provision of comprehensive psychological services for diverse people across the lifespan.
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The Virginia Tech PhD in Biological Psychology is dedicated to training today's students as individuals who shape the future of neuroscientific and biological research in psychology. Graduate students are encouraged to establish themselves as effective educators.
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The Virginia Tech PhD in Clinical Psychology mission is to advance clinical science. We seek to develop individuals who are committed to being productive leaders in careers in basic, applied, and translational research, and in evidence-based approaches to prevention, practice, dissemination, implementation, and evaluation.
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The Virginia Tech PhD in Developmental Science is dedicated to training today's students as future developmental scientists and scholars in psychology. Our faculty and current graduate students are engaged in research in a variety of areas. We investigate topics such as speech and language perception, communication, learning, memory, emotion, self-regulation, executive functioning, personality processes, family systems, and developmental psychopathology.
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The Virginia Tech PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology emphasizes the research process as the foundation of doctoral training. Our program provides students the opportunity to combine the technology of applied behavior analysis with I-O psychology.
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University of Virginia (APA,NASP,PCSAS,APCS) The UVA PhD in Clinical Psychology combines both clinical and school psychology training. The clinical-school track integrates core training in clinical psychology with specialized coursework and experiences relevant to school settings; this sequence leads to licensure/certification in both clinical and school psychology. The general clinical track provides core training in clinical and in school psychology, but does not require as much specific school-related training.
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University of Virginia The UVA PhD in Psychology offers additional degrees in: Cognitive Psychology, Community Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Social Psychology, and Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience. Each area of specialization may have distinct application and graduation requirements. You may also choose the quantitative psychology concentration add-on.
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The Virginia Consortium (APA) The consortium between Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk State University, and Old Dominion University offers a PhD in Clinical Psychology. The mission is to graduate practicing clinical psychologists who are prepared to pursue clinical and research careers. Our faculty believes that extensive exposure to theory, research, and practice is key in training clinical psychologists.
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Old Dominion University The ODU PhD in Health Psychology uses research and psychological principles to solve real-world health problems. It promotes the development and application of knowledge to improve systems, communication, decision making, community settings, and living environments. The majority of faculty members conducted research in areas related to Health, although their focus may include a developmental, cognitive, experimental, or quantitative perspective.
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Old Dominion University (HFES) The ODU PhD in Human Factors Psychology prepares students as scientists/ practitioners with expertise in areas of technology application such as military simulation, surface and air transportation, medical simulation and error analysis, and team processes. The program follows the scientist-practitioner model, emphasizing psychological theory and behavioral science.
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Old Dominion University The ODU PhD in Industrial/Organizational psychology follows the scientist-practitioner model, emphasizing psychological theory and behavioral science. Faculty members involved in the industrial/organizational psychology program have expertise in organizational change, team processes, performance appraisal, work-family issues, and the inclusion of women and minorities in the workplace.
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College of William & Mary (NASP) The WM EdS in School Psychology requires a minimum of sixty hours beyond the bachelor's degree. The program prepares students for certification as school psychologists.
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George Mason University (APA,APCS) The GMU PhD in Clinical Psychology goal is to train clinical psychologists who are capable of integrating research and applied clinical activities. We provide rigorous training in scientific methods and clinical activities, with an emphasis on those that are informed by empirical research.
$$$$#NTD #546 #085
George Mason University (HFES) The GMU PhD in Psychology goal is to train students in the principles and applications of psychology. Concentrations include: Applied Developmental Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Human Factors/Applied Cognition, and Industrial/ Organizational Psychology.
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Virginia Psychology Licensing and Resources

Virginia Board of Psychology Psychologist Licensing in the state of Virginia
American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry The AAGP is a membership association of nearly 2,000 geriatric psychiatrists and other health care professionals in the United States, Canada, and abroad, dedicated to the mental well-being of older adults. The AAGP is the only national association that has products, activities and publications, which focus exclusively on the challenges of geriatric psychiatry.
American Psychiatric Nurses Association The APNA has grown to be the largest professional membership organization committed to the specialty practice of psychiatric-mental health (PMH) nursing and wellness promotion, prevention of mental health problems, and the care and treatment of persons with psychiatric disorders.
Virginia Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Virginia
National Alliance on Mental Illness Virginia NAMI Virginia was created in 1984 to provide support, education, and advocacy for individuals and families in Virginia affected by mental illness. Our mission is to promote recovery and improve the quality of life of Virginians with serious mental illness through support, education, and advocacy.
Psychiatric Society of Virginia PSV is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association, with over 500 member psychiatrists that represents psychiatric physicians in Virginia. PSV focuses its efforts on advocacy of mental health issues, the advancement of psychiatry, and service to the community. Our vision is to achieve full access to the highest quality care for all Virginians in order to promote mental health and minimize psychiatric disability in the Commonwealth.
Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis The mission of the VABA is to promote and support the practice, research and dissemination of behavior analysis throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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Virginia Association for Psychological Science VAPS is dedicated to advancing psychology as a science, enhancing the teaching of psychology, and fostering high standards of ethics and training. We provide a professional home for psychological scientists in the state of Virginia and encourage their involvement by the exchange of experience and research through discussions, presentations and publications.
Virginia Psychoanalytic Society VPsaS welcomes graduate psychoanalysts and all other mental health practitioners who have an interest in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with adults, adolescents, and children.
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