Minnesota Master’s in Psychology Programs and Resources

The Minnesota colleges categorized below by affordability offer terminal (master’s in psychology only) and non-terminal (master’s in psychology with doctorate) degree programs. There are 9 schools providing 16 postgraduate psychology degree programs in Minnesota. The areas of study for the higher education psychology degrees include psychology, clinical psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, specialist in school psychology, counseling psychology, psychological science, educational psychology, school psychology, and specialist certificate in school psychology. See the “Minnesota Psychology Resources” section at the bottom of the page for a list of helpful websites that highlight Minnesota psychology information. States that border Minnesota that offer graduate psychology degree programs are Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Minnesota Masters in Psychology

Minnesota Master’s in Psychology Programs

Minnesota State University Mankato MSU Mankato offers a Master's in Clinical Psychology provides rigorous academic and applied training particularly suited to students who wish to pursue doctoral study. The Mankato Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology emphasizes research and consulting to prepare graduates for careers in management consulting, human resources, and market research.
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Minnesota State University Moorhead (NASP) The MSUM Master of Science and Specialist in School Psychology equips graduates with knowledge and skills in academic, mental health, and systems consultation, assessment and intervention. The MSUM program will earn you a MS Degree and a Specialist (PsyS) degree in School Psychology.
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Walden University The WU online MS in Psychology program provides a solid foundation in basic scientific methods and psychological principles. Specializations to choose from include: Applied Psychology, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology. Walden also offers a MA in Forensic Psychology. Career options include: project coordinator, family services worker, social service manager, intervention advocate, and more.
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Saint Cloud State University (ABAI) The SCSU MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology will prepare you to find solutions in the workplace. Learn to use psychological principles to understand behavior and improve the productivity and quality of work life of employees at any organizational level. Study psychological theories and techniques you can put to work in employee selection, training and evaluation.
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Capella University The CU Master of Science in General Psychology focuses on psychological principles, theories, critical thinking skills, and research methodologies. Students will gain deeper understanding of how psychology relates to business, policy, and professional practice. This degree program expands your knowledge of human behavior, and enhancing your critical thinking skills. Capella also offers a MS in Clinical Psychology.
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University of St Thomas The UST MA in Counseling Psychology provides students with 3 career paths: LPC/LPCC (Licensed Professional Counselor/Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, joint licensure as an LADC and LPC/C (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and LPC/C), or a a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).
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University of Minnesota Duluth The UMD Master of Arts in Psychological Science (MAPS) is a full-time program with three integrated tracks: Clinical-Counseling, Industrial-Organizational, and Experimental Psychology. The program prepares students with research-based knowledge and skills that are essential to successful careers in organizational, educational, clinical, and counseling settings.
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University of Minnesota UofM offers Master's Degrees Educational Psychology with the following concentrations: Counseling and Student personnel psychology, Learning and Cognition/Educational Technology, Social Psychological and Developmental Processes, and a Quantitative methods in education.
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Minnesota Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Minnesota State University Mankato (NASP) The MSU Mankato PhD in School Psychology offers individualized attention and hands-on experiences to prepare students to become certified school psychologists. The program has a strong focus on research, allowing students a wide range of professional options from practicing in K-12 schools or clinics, to teaching in university settings. The program is based on the scientist-practitioner model of training, in which research informs practice and practice informs research.
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Saint Mary's University of Minnesota (APA) The SMUMN PsyD in Counseling Psychology is student-centered and is attentive to the needs of the adult learner, preparing students for careers as licensed professional psychologists. The program emphasizes and integrates ethical practice, service to diverse and underserved communities, and evidence-based practices. There is a strong emphasis on individualized mentoring throughout the program.
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Minnesota State University Moorhead (NASP,CAEP) The MSUM MS/PsyS in School Psychology students will earn both degrees in just two years on campus and a final year of internship (typically paid). The Specialist degree (or its equivalent) is the standard for certification in most states.
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University of Minnesota (APA,PCSAS,APCS) The UofM PhD in Psychology students earn a Master's Degree on their way to their doctorate. Areas of specialization include: Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research Program (CSPR), Cognitive and Brain Science (CAB), Counseling Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O), Personality, Individual Differences and Behavior Genetics (PIB), Quantitative/Psychometric Methods (QPM), and Social Psychology.
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University of Minnesota (NASP) The UofM PhD in Educational Psychology has several program areas: Learning and Cognition/Educational Technology, Social Psychological and Developmental processes, Quantitative methods in education, and School Psychology.
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University of Minnesota (NASP) The UofM Master's and Specialist Certificate (SC) in School Psychology is designed for future practicing school psychologists. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be eligible to receive your state and national school psychologist credential to work with students, teachers, families, and other school staff to help help all students succeed, academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.
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Minnesota Psychology Licensing and Resources

Minnesota Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License Search in Minnesota
Minnesota Board of Psychology The MBP protects the public through licensure, regulation and education to promote access to safe, competent, and ethical psychological services.
Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health MACMH provides education and resources to professionals, families and youth throughout Minnesota and beyond. Our mission is to promote positive mental health for all infants, children, adolescents and their families. Our work is anchored in helping families navigate through the journey of raising a child with mental health challenges. We provide free resources, educational opportunities and family coaching services designed to help parents and caregivers support both their children’s mental health as well as their own.
Mental Health Minnesota Our mission is to enhance mental health, promote individual empowerment, and increase access to treatment and services for persons living with mental illness across Minnesota.
National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota NAMI Minnesota is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families. NAMI Minnesota works to promote the development of community mental health programs and services, change public attitudes about mental illnesses, improve access to services and increase opportunities for recovery.
Minnesota Psychological Association MPA's mission is to serve the science of psychology and its applications throughout Minnesota so the interests of public welfare and psychologists are mutually enhanced. MPA is the number one outlet for mental health professionals to maintain their continuing education credits through the Minnesota Board of Psychology. Not only do we host renowned national and international speakers to present informative and engaging material, we charge less than many other continuing education providers.
Minnesota Psychiatric Society The MPS represents 400+ Minnesota psychiatrists in training and in practice, in all subspecialties from child to geriatrics, and in practice settings from solo offices to hospitals, academia, integrated care, prisons, and more.
Minnesota Women in Psychology Promotes the professional development of women in psychological professions, informing members about ideas and issues that affect women, developing network and support group systems, and taking action in the best interest of Minnesota women.
Minnesota School Psychologists Association MSPA’s mission is to provide Minnesoate school psychologists with leadership, support, advocacy, and professional training to meet the needs of all MN children and youth. MSPA is an active participant in this collaboration between School Psychologists, School Social Workers, School Counselors, School Nurses, and School Chemical Dependency Specialists as they work to advocate for and promote student support services.
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Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work The purpose of MPPAW is to benefit its members through the sharing of ideas and information about psychology as applied to work and human resource management and to facilitate education and information exchange among scientists and practitioners in the applied behavioral and organizational sciences.
Minnesota Northland Association for Behavior Analysis The MNABA aims to support behavior analysts in the Northland by providing resources, networking opportunities, and promoting ethical and effective use of behavior analysis. It also organizes an annual ABA conference and offers continuing education for professionals.
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Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and Institute MPSI is a nonprofit educational organization, providing a variety of training and educational opportunities in the field of psychoanalysis for members, professionals as well as the interested general public. MPSI is comprised of two divisions – The Society, a member organization of clinicians and professionals interested in psychoanalytic principles, and The Institute, which provides psychoanalytic training.
Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists For psychologists, the association offers professional networking, education, conferences, student mentoring and scholarships, and public policy advocacy in Minnesota.
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