North Dakota Master’s in Psychology Programs and Resources

Below is an affordability ranked list of schools in North Dakota that offer both terminal (master’s in psychology only) and non-terminal (master’s in psychology with doctorate) degree programs. There are currently eight higher education psychology degree programs offered by three universities in North Dakota. The programs include forensic psychology, school psychology, health/social psychology, visual and cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and general/experimental psychology. The “North Dakota Psychology Resources” section is under the college listings and catalogues sites with local information on psychology. The states that border North Dakota that offer psychology graduate degrees include Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana.

North Dakota Masters in Psychology

North Dakota Master’s in Psychology Programs

University of North Dakota The UND MA in Forensic Psychology Online prepares you to apply psychological theory, knowledge, skills and competencies to the civil and criminal justice systems. The UND MS in Forensic Psychology prepares you for a variety of psychology-related careers in the criminal justice and legal systems. Students will gain knowledge of advanced psychological concepts and theories as well as analytical, statistical and evaluation skills.
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North Dakota Doctorate in Psychology Programs

Minot State University (NASP) The MSU Education Specialist in School Psychology prepares students for certification as a School Psychologist. The curriculum stresses assessment skills, intervention techniques, and consultative strategies through numerous practicum opportunities. The program trains practitioners who are culturally competent service providers.
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North Dakota State University The NDSU PhD in Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience purpose is to prepare students for careers in academic or research settings. Students will attain foundational and in-depth knowledge in visual and cognitive neuroscience by completing core courses in these areas. We select students for our program who have the interest and desire to be engaged in intensive, cutting-edge research with faculty members in our department.
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North Dakota State University The NDSU PhD in Health/Social Psychology has objectives including: Foundation and Core courses in Health and Social psychology that provide in-depth training in these topics; Extensive training and courses in quantitative and research methods; Course experiences in breadth areas of experimental psychology; and more.
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University of North Dakota (APA) The UND PhD in Clinical Psychology prepares students to function as scientist-practitioners in a variety of employment settings. Emphasis is placed on integration of science and practice in addressing problems facing individuals, families, and communities. The program is augmented by the Department's Instructional Skills Training Track which was established to increase the emphasis on training graduate students to be effective instructors.
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University of North Dakota (APA) The UND PhD in Counseling Psychology is grounded in the scientist-practitioner training model with a multicultural and social justice emphasis. The program gives students a foundation for making a lifelong difference in their communities. More than learning the basics, our students prepare to pursue careers as practitioners, faculty members, consultants, researchers and agents of change.
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University of North Dakota The UND PhD in General/Experimental Psychology prepares you to advance scientific knowledge in this exciting field by designing, conducting and disseminating research. In addition to your general coursework, you can choose from the following areas of specialty: Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Applied Cognition, Health and Aging, Social Psychology, or Psychology and the Law (legal).
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North Dakota Psychology Licensing and Resources

North Dakota State Board of Psychologist Examiners The NDSBPE regulates the practice of psychology within the state of North Dakota by licensing and registering practitioners, auditing continuing education activities, and enforcing legal and ethical requirements for the delivery of psychological services.
North Dakota Psychologist License Lookup Psychologist License verification, search and consumer information in the state of North Dakota.
North Dakota Psychological Association Established in 1954, NDPA represents Psychologists, Examiners, Researchers, Graduate Students and Professionals in related fields and is the only organization in North Dakota protecting your professional interests. NDPA fosters awareness of mental health and psychological issues among consumers, the general public, health care providers, and government agencies.
North Dakota Association of School Psychologists NDASP empowers school psychologists by advancing professional standards and effective practices to promote healthy environments for all students and to improve student learning, behavior, and mental health.
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North Dakota Association for Behavior Analysis The NDABA was founded in 2012 at the first annual conference held in Grafton, North Dakota. Our association is place for people in the field of applied behavior analysis to network, collaborate, and support one another; in addition to growing the field in North Dakota.
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