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We envision using this open forum to accomplish multiple goals. We want to serve the existing psychological community. More specifically, we are focused on helping those interested in getting an advanced degree in psychology by sharing important news, providing answers to questions (or at least providing resources to help answer questions), and contributing to existing conversations that our audience share with us.

Though our main goal is to serve those seeking advanced degrees in psychology, we also want to help those already involved in the field of psychology (e.g., teachers, professors, researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, consultants, volunteers, etc.). We welcome your ideas and thoughts to help make this website a valuable resource for those in the psychological field. We hope, and believe, this may help foster personal and professional growth and improve your knowledge of psychology in general and provide the information needed when selecting the right master’s in psychology program for you.

I have the privilege of being in charge of the blog posts and podcasts. Think of me as your host while we explore topics and issues related to searching for, and studying in, a master’s program in psychology. I am a communication specialist, business professional, and an educator at heart. I grew up with a psychologist and English teacher (my mom 🙂 ) and my daughter is very interested in the psychological field as well. I considered becoming a psychologist but, instead, I focused my advanced studies on interpersonal communication. I taught various courses in communication at multiple colleges and universities while conducting research in interpersonal communication and public speaking. I then moved into the business world. You can read more about my personal connection to psychology and education on our podcast host interview page. is designed to help you find the higher education psychology program that works best for your personal and professional career goals. We provide you with a variety of ways to search, and research, all of the colleges in the United States. You can search the most affordable programs by state or subject. We also provide additional information on the many different types or branches of psychology and our lists are also ranked by affordability to help you refine your search.

Our hope is to use our website, blog posts, and podcasts to provide you with the information, resources, and insight that will help you select the right program for you as well as uncover topics relevant to continuing education in psychology.

Please check in regularly as we share important news, provide answers to questions (or present our own questions to ponder), and contribute to conversations shared by our audience. You can also follow us on social media.

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